You are still the one (Swasan os) by Aashi

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You are still the one!

Hey guys, this is me aashi again, presenting you a swasan OS!


Swara: It’s over Sanskaar
Sanskaar: I’m really sorry! I don’t how did it happened! I haven’t done it!
Swara: So you think kavitha is telling a lie?
What will she get by it! Stop making a fool of me sanskaar
Sanskaar: (cupping her face) Dont you trust me Swara, what will I get by cheating on you! I love you!
Swara: This thing won’t work now, you have broken my trust, there’s nothing more to hear!
Sanskaar: One day you will realise it, I don’t when but a day will came and you will surely come back to me! I love you Swara! Take your time. I know you will come back!

Ragini: What the heck? You broke up with him.
Swara(uninterested ) : Yes
Ragini: How can you trust kavitha? Haven’t Sanskaar told you about his relation with Kavitha! She ditched him and now is back of him.
Swara: But Ragini those proof!,they are enough to prove him guilty.

After a heated argument between them! Swara left for her. Standing infront of the Realistic painting drawn by Sanskaar, she wept while saying why did you do this!, I had loved you with all my heart, but not to suffer by this pain.

Sanskaar Maheshwari: A ambitious man, who loved to paint, he was a struggling painter by profession . The portrait he made of him and his love was his masterpiece. Loved swara unconditionally

Ragini Gadodia: Best friend of Swara. They were soul sister, residing with Swara in a small flat at Shillong

Swara Bose: A teacher, a orphan, Sanskaar and Ragini were her life, but due to some misunderstandings she broked up with Sanskaar.

Few days later

Ragini and Sanskaar tried their best to explain Swara, but it was of no use!
With no outcome sanskaar was shattered, then he decided to visit his parents who were living in Darjeeling .

In November, a cold unseen stranger whom doctors called pneumonia stalked the city of Shillong , touching everyone with it’s icy fingers.

Swara, she smote she lay scarcely , making ripples on the bed, looking out of the window

One day the doctor visited and told she has less chance of survival . Your little lady had made up her mind that she isn’t going to well and doesn’t she wants to live for anything.

RAgini was disappointed she tried a lot to cheer Swara, showed her dreams to be fulfilled but Swar had shown no sign of improvement.

One night while Ragini was checking the test papers, she heard a low sound.

She went near Swara, she was wide awake counting backwards
And the sixth goes down

Ragini looked out, thinking what was there to count,

What is it dear, she asked.

Five and swara replied, Look at that ivy tree, few days there were hundred of leaves and it was a headache to count, but now there are just few, four Swara almost whispered.

” With the last leaf falling I will also go, didn’t doctor told you I have less time now.”

What rubbish are you saying, she closed the window pane, and said please be strong you know doctor said you have much chance of survival.

Then the doorbell rang, Swara please sleep, and be a good girl dont think about those leaves and she covered her with quilt.

When she opened there was Sanskaar, he cane after a week, when he came to know about Swara health.

Ragini told him about silly wish of leaving this world, he was disheartened. He didn’t thought that he will see Swara in this condition.

Swara was sleeping when Sanskaar cane to her room. He pecked her forehead. Her body was niveous cold. She was as fragile and weak. A lone tear escaped his eye and he went.

Next day

As soon as Swara woke up she demanded of opening the window lid. She saw that the last leaf was still there after the beating rain and fierce gust of wind. She looked at it for much time, she was engrossed in her own thoughts.

The day wore away, but the last leaf was still there.

Swara called Ragini and told
” I have been a bad girl, Something had made that last leaf stay to tell me how wicked I was. You may bring me soup now, and my medicine. I want to live.”

That afternoon when doctor visited , he told she had a very speedy recovery, with nutrition and simple care she will won.

Next day, when swara health was next to perfect, Ragini came with broth and started saying,

You know Sanskaar had an acute attack of pneumonia. He was found all wet with his paintbrush and a ladder by the janitor. And yesterday evening he died,

Swara was shocked, her eyes became moist
Don’t you think that the last leaf never moved from it’s place, that night sanskaar had painted it for you that you can live forever by risking his own life, do you still think that he will cheat on you? Do you still trust that kavitha words?

Swara broke down and then the went to Sanskaar’s funeral, a tears escaped from her eyes. She regretted for not trusting him. That evening she sat near the window feeling his painting.
She called Ragini and said” dont you think this painting is better than the one hanged on wall, it’s better than his previous masterpiece. From now this is his masterpiece, and she kissed that painting remembering all those precious moments with him.

Hope you all liked it and yes it was inspired by the O Henry’s short story” The last leaf”

Shoot your comments ?

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  1. This is based on a English story last leaf right??

    1. Aashi

      Yes dear

  2. Sorry I didn’t read the last note

    1. Aashi

      No.problem ?

  3. Simin

    I have read this story in my school life
    i didnt thought anyone will convert it into swasan os

    1. Aashi

      Even I didn’t know I would do that. It just happened in extempore

  4. Kakali

    Aashi,,, Superb dear… Loved it sooooo much.. !! U r same like me… fond of emotional n sad endings..
    I have read the story “Last Leaf” by O.Henry(m not sure).it’s inspired from that one rit?.. well it’s a tremendous one.. totally heart flattering… !!
    Great work dear… !! u r sooo shiningggg… keep it up… !!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much!!,<3

  5. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…..

  6. Praju


  7. this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo emotional and amazing

  8. Heart touching

  9. I just read that story in school on friday.

    1. Aashi

      I had read 2 yrs back..but was in love with this story! It was so beautiful… And it was our luck that we got this story in our board exams

  10. I heated in my childhood. It is a very inspirational story. Thank u giving this on our swasan

    1. Aashi

      Thank you ?

  11. Whats the need to separate two soul ashi we can’t make a person survive in real life we could only wish. To full fill this we can done it thru only story. So came back soon with happy walli os of our SWASAN

    1. Aashi

      Yeah sure I will try to write a happy wala os

  12. Tamil


    1. Aashi

      Thank you

  13. G.Chandu

    Amazing…!! I don’t know about story…but it’s somewhat like lootera movie ending…!! Loved it buddy…!!

  14. Adishu

    you know what this story of O’henry is in my coarse of English literature…. n I really like that story but not this one…. how could you kill him….

    1. Aashi

      Aww..pakka un next story I wont kill him. A happy wala ending

  15. Raina

    it is the english story ‘LAST LEAF’. i am very happy that you tried it on swasan! it was a sad ending, but still the idea is very nice!

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much!?

  16. Simi

    Loved it

    1. Aashi

      Thank you ?

  17. SWASAN


    1. Aashi

      Thank you

  18. Vyshu10

    nyc…O’Henry is a good writer…..even the movie lootera had the similar storyline

    1. Aashi

      Thanks! I haven’t watched lootera so I don’t know… But yes O Henry’s stories are fabulous

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