Wild Rain (Sukor Os) (Udaan)

Sukor os….Wild rain !

Hey guyss this is my first os on sukor.I had read a short story on fb and presenting to you people as sukor os…. .
“Enough is enough Chakor!! Why cant you get it this??”
“But Suraj how can you leave me for that girl Ritika….cant you understand my love….please dont leave me for Samar sake…”
“Dont try to take my son name in between of these fights.. He will understand with time and this tym I’m not going to fall from my decision by Samar name”
“please Suraj 10 years of marriage isn’t a joke. You have a child..why are you leaving me……please don’t leave!”,Chakor Said while crying miserably.
Chakor and Suraj were childhood sweetheart….love marriage…..both had a beautiful life with their son named Samar.
But everything does not exist forever for instance Suraj love for Chakor.
One year back he found himself falling for ritika and indeed wanted to tie a knot with her but he needed to divorce Chakor.
Past few months they both had heated argument turning their relationship from bad to worse to worst… But who know the upcoming month for Suraj was going to worsen his life.

Chakor pov-
The day my Suraj told me he wanted to divorce me I was shattered..how could he?
How can he love someone else?
How can he leave Samar and me? I had to save my Suraj from that b***c clutches..i had too…but things weren’t going fair as they had to…ritika was far ahead from me…infact they had made love last month but still he is mine only mine I loved him and will always….but today argument made me realised things aren’t easy…he wants to leave me. I cant force him to be with me.
After the argument I ran into the washroom having a hot bath and understanding the situation precisely…..
Yes, I had came to an decision one month. Yes for my son I had to do this m. I had to do this for my Samar.
I went out. As usual he was drinking alcohol… I came made a glass for him and said”, Suraj I’m ready to divorce you.
I could see his gleaming face.. Bullshit…but I continued saying but after a month. In this one month we have to behave like a typical husband and wife. I want to make few memories before leaving..pleade will you all night in this one month will carry me in bridal style in our bedroom and we three will enjoy and have our dinner all together!.
(guys I wont be giving chakor pov now only Suraj pov)
suraj pov
When she said she will divorce me…i was amused finally she got some brains. But one month what the f**k! Fine only one month I will agree with all her shitty conditions…then divorce and my life with Ritika!

Suraj POV!
The agreement started first day at afternoon she went somewhere I didn’t even bother to ask her n why should I?
That night me, Samar ,Chakor had dinner together…that was the peaceful night till yet..now it was a task to take Chakor in her arms! Yaa I was uncomfortable but those conditions oh yeah! I picked her in my arms…last tym when I carried her she was quite heavy but today she had lost some
Samar was quite amused with it..he was perplexed..elated. He was not unaware of the fights which took place in our house and he should be shocked with it…and he is!
I carried her gently place her in bed…she was smiling from ear to ear….her natural smile!
Days started going….i was enjoying with my family yes my family.
We started to have fun visit places…watch movies.play cards….me and Samar late night cute fights. What does a man really wants a dotted wife a charming son
But I’m a naive person my Mind reminded me of the promise I kept with Ritika to take seven vows. Yes I’m stupid.
First I was uncomfortable for carrying swara but after five days I wanted to do this.she was being lighter day by day…i could notice her fading..but never had gathered courage to ask her the reasons.
22 days passed yes i started falling for Chakor.. I loved her yes I do.how can I cheat her. I should be dammed for it. I decided that next day I will tell the truth to ritika. And will propose chakor that she will never forget. I buyed a dress for her and kept a note from our evening date. I love chakor and will love her till eternity

Next Day
I went to ritika’s house
Me: Hey.
She: Hey, early morning..wow this bouquet and chocolates what for.. Umm let me guess ohhoo a perfect date.
Me’ritika listen
She: Aree yrr quite shhhh…i am getting ready now nothing more.
Me: Ritika,sorry I cannot marry you.. I love chakor damm it…ya this is truth. I’m sorry.
Before I could say anything I felt a tight hand on my face.. Yes I deserved that..her angry face.
She: You bastard! Go to hell! Get loss……..
She was abusing me calling me off….i didn’t even listened to her…i ran from there to chakor..to my chakor.
As i reached him i could see everyone sobbing..why?? What happened…i could see Samar crying mercilessly. And then i figured out the dead body… No it’s not truth she’s chakor.. I was blank….how can she leave me..i cried while shouting CHAKOR..I LOVE YOU..PLEASE FORGIVE ME…PLEASE…
We performed rituals….that scene crying voices still follow is still echoing in my ears…chakor was my silhouette who would never leave me.
Two days after my death i found a letter from chakor..in which she gave her medical report’s…what she was suffering from cancer. How couldn’t i know….while my inner self was cursing me…she made this agreement for Samar that he may not think that his parents were going to divorce.that he should love his father
I could never get a pious sole like her… I pecked on her photo and promised to my loquacious chakor to love her always and to take care of my child Samar…SAMAR THE SYMBOL OF OUR LOVE!! I LOVE CHAKOR!!
the star above me twinkle ..i smiled by looking at it…it reminds me of chakor..this twinkle signified she had forgiven me and is happy for me and Samar.
Hey guys this was my first attempt for sukor hope you like it!.

By love,

  1. o dear hume rula di tumne,i couldn’t control my tears.

    1. Aashi

      Glad you find it too emotional ?

  2. it is an amazing one and I literally cried at d end

  3. I had read this story on Facebook. Did you read it in power of positivity?. But it was good to read it again. Nice try. I loved it. It was emotional.

    1. Aashi

      I didn’t remember where I had written but was in love with it. Thank you so much ?

  4. Tigress

    Lovely. ???I would like to see more of your posts on Sukor. ????????????

    1. Aashi

      Yeah sure I will try to write ! Tysm?

  5. NYC but chakor shouldn’t die sukor 4rever?????

    1. Aashi

      Yeah sukor forever ?

  6. This was emotional one but I loved it. Keep writing dear.

  7. it ‘s awesome and so emotional

  8. Awesome…. ?no words to describe…. but how can chakor die…?how can she leave her suraj…? after all sukor is forever…they won’t separate at any cost….because they are made for each other…

    1. Aashi

      Yepp.Sukor forever! Tysm!?

    2. Can you write more ff on sukor??Because your ff lingers in my mind like it really happened…so can u write something which is not tragic like this on sukor??

    3. Aashi

      About ff I will see but I will write more OS on sukor!!!

  9. It’s awesome .great work.keep writing.

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much!?

  10. superb super. …love it da but plus try it again using happy-go-lucky end please. …..

    1. Aashi

      Thank you..?

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