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~ Solving problems ~

She was standing at college square, college lane, Kolkata, with a guitar and a handwritten notice” Let’s sing together”.

She started playing on her own. Then a drunk arrived and another old lady, and they started singing with her. Soon a small crowd was singing, and another small crowd provided the audience, applauding at the end of each song.

Scene 1:

Sanskaar: I love you
Swara….i want to grow old with you…i wanna have kids with you! Will you marry me??…..will you become my Mrs ?
Swara(overwhelmed): Yes, sanskaar I will marry you! I love you sanskaar!
I love you!……

Scene 2:
Dp: No sanskaar! I’m not ready for this alliance!….. What will society think about us?….she is Bengali….no forget her!
Sanskaar: But dad I love her! How can I forget her dad!….please dad……
Dp: Don’t you understand it! We will be removed from society. Do you want to blacken our faces?

Scene 3:

Having no other option our love birds took a huge a step……
Dp: Ap where is the Charles and company file?
Ap: Ji, it’s in the room!
Dp: Acha come with me to the room…i want to discuss about Sanskaar alliance with kavitha.
Ap: Haan ok ji!
After dp and ap went towards their room!!!!

Sujatha: Yeh chore, ye kya Kr Diya tune!…. Kis mushkil ghari Mei tum iss bengalin chodi se mil gyii….hayee satyanash Ho gyaa!!…. Bhaisa, jiji……..hey bhagwan ye kya ho gya!

Whole house came running down and were shocked to see the view!!

Swara n Sanskaar were standing over there with a fresh garlands around their neck……
Swara maang was filled with vermilion!

Dp: Sanskaar ye kya bachpana hai!… can you do this!! I said you to forget this girl.
Sanskaar: Bade papa she is not a this girl…she is my wife Swara!….
Rp: Sanskaar.. How can you do this??…what will people think about us?..dont you thought about your family respect before taking this huge step…
Dp: Let it be ram….what he has done cannot be changed…but he cannot be forgiven for his mistake…
Swara: Papa we are ready to bear any punishment but please don’t seperate us!! Please papa….
Dp: Enough….sanskaar we cannot accept this girl as our daughter in law….you have to select one between us….either your family or her!
Scene 4:

Swara: Sanskaar dont be depressed..everything will be fine. They just need sometime to accept…i know your family cant live without you. You are their pride..!!!

After that our love burds were also not accepted by swara family which left the shattered!!….
They left the house and started living on their own!!
But life is just so unpredictable!……. There was much more to come in swara life….

Scene 5:

Sanskaar: Is this true??
Swara: Yes, sanskaar I can’t believe we are going to be parents!…..sanskaar I’m so happy….
Sanskaar: This was one of the best surprise Mrs Maheshwari.
Swara: Sanskaar it’s symbol of our love!,
I hope this child brings happiness in all of our lives!….. Bade papa will accept our baby nah??
Sanskaar: Why not swara? After all he is his grandchild. N I bet sure baba will accept us!
Swara: I love you sanskaar!
Sanskaar: Love you too ?

Scene 6:

Swara: No sanskaar, it cant be true. Doctor is lying. Our child….(cannot complete the sentence)
Sanskaar: Yes swara, you had a miscarriage…we lost our baby..swara we lost it!!…..
Swara( broken)….sans…sanskaar….say this is a lie… baby…
Sanskaar(shattered) holded swara in her embrace….shh swara!!……

This incident crippled our swasan…they were not less than a merely body without a soul!
They were shattered.
They were broken.
They were dead!….

Life combines tragedy with splendour, through the sea of darkness, hope is the light that brings us comfort, faith and reassurance.
But swasan hope their child was dead!!

Time passed……swara n sanskaar started to live again… Crumbling all their sorrows….they started to live in the path of hope!!

Scene 7:
One day…while swasan were walking in the streets and talking…….Mishap….
Lady: Anybody please save my child!

Sanskaar started running towards him…..yess he saved him but lost himself in the pool of blood!….he met with an accident.
Swara: Doctor please save him!….
Doctor: Mrs Maheshwari first you need to fulfil all the formalities and pay 4 laksh rupees then only we can save him…
Swara: Doctor save him first…I will arrange the money however.
Doctor: Sorry ma’am we can’t break our norms!

Scene 8:

Swara: Bade papa…please save him..he is your son….papa he is on the verge on leaving….please bade papa
Dp:,ap take this girl out of my sight! She and her husband are a black sheep!….they are a threat to society. They are a Tambo to us!

Yes’s bade papa refused to help them….
Swara lost her hope…..
Then the monitor screen at the hospital displayed the straight lines…..swara lost sanskaar……this time forever……

Just because they want to marry each other and were of different cast…they were considered evils…evils to what….to the so called cast system which divided people from us!….which seperates us…..they were considered threat. we’re they???

Flashback ends

‘Why do you do this?’ I asked her, between songs.
‘So as not to be alone,’ she said ‘ My life is very lonely, as it is for nearly all old people.’
If only everyone solved their problems like that.

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.
She walked away while chanting this small poem again n again!

Here it’s the end of my OS…Hope you all liked it….
Inspired by Paulo Coelho short story ‘ The Old Lady in Copacatana”….!!!
Criticism and appreciation are equally welcomed….but please don’t be so harsh!
Shoot your comments! ?

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  1. SRSL

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    Wohooo more great story.. !! loved it dear…it’s sooo nice.. continue writing… God bless u…
    Thnk u…. 🙂

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      Thank you your words are actually inspiring me ?



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    its toooooo beautiful, i am speechless. haha…. i found your information too cute, and i would love to be your friend. wow! your birthday is on 9th november? mine is on 23rd november. same month….

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      Thanks bae!! Yeah sure I would love to be…November Scorpio ♏ ❤

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  15. i had read this story before only

    and it always broke my heart
    this is so emotional and heart touching
    and even a reality of our society

    so good that u are posting this again ad now i can comment as i was not on tu previously

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