Love Has No Eyes (Shot 1)

Hi guys! I am new here. This is first os about Raglak.
I love this pair very much. So I thought to write an os on them. Please forgive me if there is any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Laksh Maheshwari: a young dashing handsome cute serial actor who wants to become a super star (he has no family and relations and brought up in a orphan home).
Ragini Gaddodia: a young shy cute girl who loves her family lot but has some under estimating feeling due to her complexity (the reason will be revealed afterwards).
Swara Gaddodia: younger sister of Ragini who loves her sister than her family, a charming beautiful cute girl who does not hesitate to talk to others like Ragini.
Sharmistha Gaddodia: a cute friendly mother of Swara and Ragini and caring wife of Shekhar.
Shekhar Gaddodia: a very good father of Swara and Ragini and loving husband of Sharmistha and runs a middle class family.
Here the story starts with…
Ragini was readying to meet her 13th groom. Swara was helping Ragini over the dressings. Sharmistha and Shekhar were busy in preparations. Ragini was not interested in this. Because she knows what was going to happen.

Ragini’s POV:
For past 1 year a boy with his family were coming and seeing me then after filling their stomach they would say,” we will inform u soon” or else” we don’t like her” or else” I am sorry” or else” shall we make Swara as our bahu”(because Swara was more beautiful than Ragini and her charmness attracts everybody. So that Ragini had some under estimate feelings on herself).
Just Swara jerked her. Ragini came to the reality.
Swara: what happened di? Don’t worry about the past. They were unlucky because they had rejected u. If I was a boy belonging and not ur bro then I would fall on ur feet to marry me.
Ragini started to laugh hearing this and thought u r the only person who could make laugh, I love u so much Swara.
Swara: di ok bye. I am going to Nithya’s house for some important work. Ok.
Ragini: I know y u r going. Bye.
Swara: (smiles) all the best.

After Swara went to her friend’s which was nearby, the groom and his family came. Ragini came out of her room and as usual she takes everyone’s blessings. And the groom’s family liked Ragini and said to them. But Ragini had some guilt feelings of not telling them about her sister. She was about to say it but her parents changed the topic and talk about their engagement.
On the engagement day, Swara went to her friend’s house saying some excuses to Ragini. It was about 1 hour after Ragini’s engagement the groom said that he was going cancel this marriage for not telling the truth that Ragini had a sister. Actually they had enquired about Ragini and her family nearby and after a deep search, they found the truth and they had waited for 1 hour to confess about it by themselves. But they didn’t. So they called off the engagement, even though they liked Ragini.

Everyone was broken down except Ragini as she knows what will be the consequences of hiding a truth. But she could not see her family like that. So she surprised them by bringing a cake made by her.

Ragini: ma, pa & Swara I know u was upset. I don’t want my family to feel guilt for giving birth to me. I want u all to be happy. I love u all so much. I am not feeling bad for what happened today. I am used to it. Please I request u all to be happy & don’t worry about the past. Hai naa Swara? I know that I am not such a beauty that anyone would fall in love at first sight. I am waiting for a person who must see my heart and love me only by heart and not by beauty. I am waiting for my prince charm. I will wait for him throughout my life. But please don’t be sad on seeing me. Ok past is past. I am daily thanking god for giving me such a beautiful loving and caring family who could not see or tolerate my sobs and sadness. And at the same time I also want my family to get away from their sobs and sadness. So come on let’s cut and have this cake as soon as possible because I am so hungry. by saying this she shows her puppy face.
Swara becomes emotional on seeing her di so strong by heart but having some under estimate feelings on her mind. She ran and hugged her tightly. Then all the 4 had a family hug and cut the cake happily and took their photos.
What happens next? Will Ragini be able to meet her prince charm? Then who will be he? Wait for just 2 to 4 more shots.
Please help me to improve by giving ur precious comments. Thank u. have a nice day

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