So guys I am Vanshree Helllo to evryone reading this ff it is based on on going track but the change is that when pinky is blamimg shivaay is not there there is no shewtlana rumi sisters(As I can’t handle the track) enough of my talks lets go to story

Anika:aunty I don’t know from where did the glass
Pinky:oh my mata u dont knows so who knows i knew that u dont shivaay heir to come from tia why I r u behind my tia daughter
Anika :No aunty ji why would i be behind the child who is not yet born.
Pinky:ohh sumone see the drama she is doing first she tried to kill my child two times then showing pity if u have little shame or dignity leave this house
Anika: aunty ji

Pinky :this girl will not go like this i will throw her out of the house
Saying this she drags anika out of the house and the glass which falls from bowl get stuck in anika’s feet but she doesn’t shouted in pain she was numb seeing pinkys harsh nature from behind sahil came and made anika stand up and told anika
Sahil: did we sill no stay here where no one respects u or care for u this is all because of me becuase of me u married sso so alll this is happening i m not ur real brother than also u r doing so much for me
Anika :sahil don’t talk like this aur i will give u tight slap on ur and will never make aloo puri and leaves to her room with sahil her blood made her prints till the way to her room
Pinky :pata hi yeh bhai behen ka drama kab khtam hoga abhi ja ke dekhti hu and she was about leave when she saw anika holding sahil hand in one hand and her bag in in one hand came down and said to pinky
Anika:aunty agar apko yahi lagta hai toh theek main yah ase abhi issi waqt chali jaati hu r yeh bata ke jaa rah hu ki main ab wapass nhi aungi (if u think so then i will go but will never cum back)

Dadi:anika putttar plzz ruk jao humara kya pinky toh kuch bhi bolti rehti hai(plzz stay we can’t live without u)
Jhanvi:haa anika plzz(yes anika plzz)
Saumya:anika did plzz ruk jao naa hum baad se jab solve karlenge(anika plzz dont go we will solve the problem later on)
Priyanka:haa anika plzz(yes anika plzz)
Rudra came running and tried to snatch anika’s bag
Rudra :anika bhabhi plzz stay dont g who will make shivaay bhaiya understand plzz bhabhi
Tears rolled down from anika ‘s cheek but she controlled herself and said ap sabko meri kasam no will stop and went out with sahil .sahil looked back at the oberois standing there sad and weeping.
And at last anika went out of sight
Pinky :at last the problems went out .
Dadi:pinky you don’t what u have done u will regret later on .and saying this she left
Jhanvi:pinky i didn’t this from u and went from there

Nad slowly evryone went to their respectiva room in the evening when shivaay came he was dumbstruck seeing the silence in the house and went to his room and by mistake his eyes caught the red blood on the floor and she checked it to make sure what was it and was shocked seeing it was blood and he saw anika things misssing from room he quickly searched the whole OM and didn’t find Anika and at last he went in the hall and shouted anika everyone came in the hall he asked evryone where was anika no one answered at last pinky said i made her leave the house to set u free from her shivaay was more shocked hearing this from his mom and he was numb when rudra came and told the whole matter and said in crying tone bhaiya plzz bring ababhi home i will do whatever i will not drink protein shake plzzz bhaiya shivaay said and said that i will call her and he called her putting phone on speaker and it rings two times and anika didn’t picked up and third tim eit told swithched off pinky in the corner felt a little guilty she thought she did wrong then seeing tia it vanished shivaay :mom why did u made her leave everyone knows anika can never do this.
Pinky:u know her more than me u have more trust in her than me.

Shivaay:no mom I dint said i didn’t said that i said anika is very caring and couldn”t do anything like this u can ask she saved her baby life hurting herself hurting herself shivaay to tia am i saying right tia thought anika told him and said
Tia:no Shivaay baby anika fooled U saying that
Shivaay :shut up tia don’t talk about her like this with anger and rage in his eyes.
Pinky:oh my ata ab tum meri daughters in law shut up kahe gaa do u know what r u saying do u have any proof
Shivaay :mom u are asking ur son proof then fine i will show u
Screen freezes onn shivaays rahge face and tia’s tensed face

Precap: tia to be revealed .pinky ask shivaay to bring anika home will shivay be able to find anika.


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