7 years later (DevAkshi an OS) By Rithika

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Hi guys Rithika here
I’m back with an OS ‘7 years later’. This OS will be continued from where Dev snatches the award from Sona and Dev both r going to their hotel

Sona and Dev reach their hotel
Sona : Excuse me can I have the key for the Emerald suite
Receptionist : Sure ma’am, here u go
Dev : And where do I go
Receptionist : To the coral suite just opposite to the emerald suite
Dev : Thanks

They both enter the same lift and share an eye lock. Soon they reach their floor Dev knocked on his door while for Sona the key wasn’t working so she ringed the bell. After sometime Soha opened the door and hugged Sona while Dev was shocked seeing that

Dev : (mind) Who is that???
Soha : Muma u came. Tell me u won the award na…
Sona : Yes muma won the award
Soha : Then where is it
Sona : In the car. I’ll show in the morning okay now it’s late come we’ll sleep ok

Soha nodded and went inside while Sona went to Dev

Sona : Happy right? Because of u I lied to my daughter…that’s enough or u want to do anything else??
Dev : First can u tell me who is that girl
Sona : Y ??
Dev : Can u just tell ??
Sona : No I don’t want to is that enough to answer ur question

She said and left from there leaving Dev confused

Dev : Who is that girl ??

Next day Sona checked out from that hotel and left for home while Dev the whole night thought about Soha. Next day Sona and Soha were walking from the market; Soha was walking slow as she was tired while Sona was speeding up. Soha almost reached home when she banged into Dev

Dev : Arey ur fine right
Soha : Ya uncle
Dev : (mind)Arey she’s that same girl who was calling Sonakshi muma I have to ask her who is she because Sonakshi won’t tell
Dev : Beta who r u and what’s ur muma’s name
Soha : I’m Suhana Bose and my muma’s name is Sonakshi Bose
Dev : (mind) Means is she my daughter? I’ll ask her
Dev : What’s ur daddy’s name
Soha : Muma told me once…what was it…haan yaad aa gaya his name was Dev Dixit
Dev : (mind) Yes means she is my daughter
Dev : Where is he
Soha : Muma told he left us 7 years back and he used to wear all boring colors like blue, grey and white

Dev saw his cloths

Dev : Are these boring to u
Soha : Arey uncle these aren’t boring I’m toh talking about my daddy na
Dev : Haan go ahead
Soha : What else shall I say muma only told this much
Dev : Ur house is there na

He pointed towards her house

Soha : Haan how u know
Dev : No who actually ur muma was my ma’s doctor
Soha : Oh!! I’ll tell her anyway uncle u didn’t tell ur name
Dev : My name is Dev
Soha : Oh I’ll tell muma now bye

She said and left

Sona : Soha y u took so much time haan
Soha : Woh actually muma while I came home na I met one uncle he thought I was lost
Sona : Then
Soha : Then he started asking me about u and daddy
Sona : So
Soha : He told me he knows u also when I told ur name
Sona : So what was his name
Soha : Dev, he said that u were his mother’s doctor

Sona was shocked as Soha told about her to her own father

Sona : Soha actually he is ur father
Soha : (happy) Really muma

Sona nodded

Soha : Oh that’s y when I told my daddy used to wear boring colors he looked at his clothes and asked me whether they r boring

Suddenly Soha ran out

Sona : Arey Soha where r u going haan
Soha : To meet daddy
Sona : What???

Soha went out and saw Dev near her house and she ran towards him

Soha : Daddy!!!!!! (screams)

She scream and Dev looked at her happily. She ran towards him and hugged him

Dev : Arey aap. Lagta hai muma ne mere bare mein bata diya na
Soha : Yes
Dev : Aw meri bachi.
Soha : Sorry daddy
Dev : Y
Soha : I called u uncle na
Dev : It’s ok

Saying this he kissed her forehead

Dev : Ur muma is still angry with me na

Soha nodes in yes

Dev : Hmm…come with me, I’ll take u home
Soha : Ok

Soon Dev takes her home

Soha : Muma

Soha gets down from Dev’s lap and hugs Sona

Sona : Hi Ms. Suhana Bose. U came
Soha : Haan with daddy
Dev : Hi(smiles)

Sona gives him an angry look and turns her head away from him

Soha : Muma, daddy ko maph karo na…please!!
Dev : Haan please!!
Sona : (little angry)Shut up Dev!!! I told u before itself that I’ll never forgive u. Soha I told u na I won’t forgive ur daddy. Didn’t I..
Soha : But muma daddy ki baat toh suno
Dev : Haan please listen….please ur Obhodro is requesting u na
Soha : (confused) Daddy what’s Obhodro ????
Dev : The pet name that ur muma kept for me
Soha : Does it have a meaning
Dev : Yes
Soha : What ?
Dev : A rude person

Hearing this Soha bursts out laughing while Dev and Sona look at her confusedly

Sona : Soha y r u laughing haan
Dev : Itna bhi accha joke mein ne nahi bola that ur laughing
Soha : Muma toh told me that u r nice and she kept a pet name as rude person
Sona : Haan because when I first met ur father he was a rudie itself samjhi
Dev : Ya but I changed na .But please listen na please!!!!
Sona : Fine tell only for Soha I’m agreeing
Dev’s POV
Actually ma made me divorce u because she wanted a wealthy daughter in law from whom she can inherit crores of rupees
Sona : What???? Ma can’t do this
No she didn’t mami pressurized her.
Sona : How
That I still don’t know I divorced u just for the sake of ma and her happiness(holds her hand) Please trust me I have only had pain staying away from u. Trust me please. These 7 years I gathered a lot of proof against mami. I’ve talked to ma even she is sad with our Divorce. Trust me please

Dev’s POV ends

Sona : (mind) I don’t know y Dev but the trust which I had 7 years back I still have now
Sona : I trust u..

Saying this she hugs him even he hugs her back. He felt as if he was in heaven. After 7 long years he got a glance of his love and of her being in his embrace was the best feeling he ever had.

Soha : Muma everything is solved now..
Sona : Yes
Dev : No..not now
Sona : Now what..had a change of heart again
Dev : No no not like that. I have to give the proof to the police after mami is arrested then everything will be alright. For now u both come with me

Dev carries Soha and holds Sona’s hand and takes to the Dixit mansion with police

Ishwari : Arey Dev beta police…over here??
Dev : Haan ma. And see who I bought

He shows Soha to Ishwari

Ishwari : Dev beta who is she
Dev : Ma yeh teri poti hai

Ishwari gets overwhelmed seeing Soha and hugs here

Soha : Dadi!!!!!

Ishwari goes towards Sona and hugs her too.

Police : We r here to arrest Radha ji
GKB : Y??
Police : On the charges of separating a husband and wife for money (to be honest I don’t know whether there r such charges :p)

They arrest GKB and leave.

Ishwari : Sorry beta..
Sona : Ma it’s fine Dev told me everything

Ishwari again hugs Sona. Soon DevAkshi get married again. One day

Sona : Haan baba
Bejoy : Beta can u give the phone to Soha
Sona : Haan baba one minute Dev is playing with her
Bejoy : (angry) What that man?? Shona I told u not to..
Sona : Arey baba relax (tells everything)
Bejoy : (happy) Very good beta I’m happy for u.
Sona : Toh baba can u shift again to Delhi. Please baba
Bejoy : Ok

Everything becomes alright after 7 years. Bose family shifts back to Delhi. Bejoy and Asha forgive Elena and DevAkshi live a happy life with Soha and Ishwari


How was it. Please give ur views sorry if I wasted ur time
And ya I’m just typing my ff’s I’m almost going to finish typing My secret admire so u can expect that in sometime too

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