A Zillionth Time With You is not Enough! (Swasan OS)

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Swara pov:
I was obsessed with him….he was cute…no boys aren’t cute…he was classy….he was smart…..the way his hands move through his hairs making their way..I was flat on him! ?
Shh don’t tell anyone I used to sniff his hair secretly they smelt like strawberries..! He was classy….. I found him at my school…nobody knows his name in my connection he was a quite reserved type….he was handsome but quite mysterious.
After 1 year of joining the school he left..where I don’t know?…
Two years have passed but still no whereabouts of his!!
I thought it was my teenage infatuation but not he was my love!
Pov ends.

He : Hi
She: Hey!
He: You’re Swara Gadodia I’m right!
Swara: Yes’s and you??
He: I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari your physiatrist.
SwarA: I really need your help!
Sanskaar: Tell me your problem?
Swara: I…i see some ugly creatures at night..they wander around me asking me some sort of help… They are creepy and blood is shedding from their body… In my one nightmare I went with that old lady for help and she took me to a ghostly place….a city of ghost….. I really don’t know what it is but I’m afraid of it.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Sumi: Swara….swara kaise Ho tum!!….aree you fine na beta…..swara aankhen khole….swara..
Doctor: Mrs Gadodia we’re trying our best…rest is god wish!!…..

Two days later:
Swara: Sanskaar see what they had done to me??
Sanskaar: A fractured leg and few straches on your head with a small bruise in your arm!
He chuckled while saying this!
Swara: Does this look funny to you??….i mean why me?? Mom had stopped to listen me as If I’m not here anymore!
Sanskaar: Swara this isn’t funny
.i really don’t what kind of disorders is this…..you can find a merely presence of some creepy and horrified figures where we can’t find any……i will just check my books again….hope we could find a solution for it!
Swara pov:
The day he came to me and introduced me me as his Physiatrist I had gone gaga over him. He was the one whom I adored in my school days. He told his name Sanskaar Maheshwari……after marriage my name would be Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari….too big….
He was gaily person… His scintillating eyes were same as before….. He was single….quite mysterious… I really don’t know from where did he appears??
He came to help me??…..I feel I had a disorder which leads me to visualise some horrified objects which nobody can see?
But that accident had changed everything…I felt some paranomal activity going on around me……
Pov ends
Sanskaar pov:
Swara Gadodia…she was my school love…. I loved her….. And I know she loved me too! She used to sniff my hairs.. I had a feeling of jubilation on founding her again…but then she told me about her problem….. She told me after the incident that some paranomal activities were going around….. I chuckled on that…
Paranomal activities like seriously….she can find out the truth then……I said that Swara listen were are human and these ghosts and all they do not exist but if they then at the periphery of world.
She was stunned by my answer and I don’t know why but I had to find a solution for this!….not because she was my patient but yes she was my love and I had a vow to protect her!
Pov ends.
Swara: Are you out of your brain!! How can you think I will do this….she was the reason of my Accident.
Sanskaar: Swara I had talked to a priest. He said to help the lady who comes to you at night might be it could be a solution to it!
Swara: Are you nuts mr Sanskaar…I mean how can you believe on that priest.
Sanskaar: See swara, as you’re saying about paranormal activities so its better to consult a priest. Look swara, I’m always with you by your side, always there to help you, to pamper you, to take care of you, don’t you trust me??
Swara: Sanskaar I trust you, but I’m scared! ?
Sanskaar: Scared? For what?
Swara: What if that old lady tried to hurt me again?
Sanskaar: Just give it a chance….everything will be fine!
Swara pov:
I let a sigh and went out of the room. I just need sometime. He is saying to talk to that old lady who comes at night to me? Was this correct? I really don’t know but I trust sanskaar. He was not my physiatrist but was my friend. Infact day by day our proximity was increasing! ?… I wish this time we could be together forever.. His eyes are still breath taking. His presence makes me breathless but still we are on platonic terms! Wish we could be more! I want to yell infront of whole world that I love him?.

Same night:
Swara pov:
On Sanskaar wish I waited for that old lady but she didn’t came that night. It was indeed good. Her horrifying looks..specifically the blood dripping from her torn elbow was miserable. I am hell scared to talk to her. What if she attacks me again?
Then sanskaar came, he gave a bright smile to me. I felt my gaze on his lips. What’s happening all around. Just to avoid my inner fantasise I swirled, but something next came unexpected! He caught my wrist, I turned to him, those scintillating eyes and I found his lips on mine!
I responded
We responded
Our first ever kiss.❤
I could feel butterflies in my belly. He was the one who could make me feel that. His touch sends me shivers to me.
We broked it! He looked into my eyes. I was crimson red.. His gaze was turning deep….more deeper. He kisses my eyes…then my cheeks. He came near my ear and whispered I LOVE YOU ?!
This was enough to break and I found myself kissing. It was becoming wild. It was telling how much I had loved him from these many years!…?

Sanskaar pov:

After my confession she kissed me!
I was on cloud nine. Even heaven can’t give this much pleasure than what her kiss gave me! I wanted to feel it in my school days but unfortunately I left her after one year. I know she had a crush on me and I had also decided to propose her. But my bad luck I left her! I know what’s going on is wrong. I would be punished but I cant control myself!
After that kissed she yelled that she loved me!….this was enough…I was overwhelmed, I was blissful!
It was a lifetime capturing moment.
We sat there holding each other in our embrace. Her head was on my chest and my hand slid to her waist. Her curvy figure had attracted me at the core.
Swara: Sanskaar
Me: Hmm
Swara: What if that old lady had seen us kissing?
I was shocked on her question!
Me: Oh..I didn’t thought of that. . If she tried to kill then what?
She: Never say this again, you know you’re my life. Please never leave me alone!
I don’t know what to answer her. I even didn’t know the answer of it!
Me: Ofcourse swara, I will be always by your side.
We talked like this for few hours and slept in each other embrace!

Next night
Swara was peacefully sleeping in her bed!
Shh…..swara…..I need your help swara….wake up my daughter …swara!!
Swara (waked up due to unclear voices)
Uhhh whose this sanskaar is this you?.
That lady: No swara….I’m not sanskaar.. Just look at me once…don’t you recognize me?
Swara: Who are you? What do you want?
Lady: I’m your nani swara! Don’t you know me?
Swara was trying to make sure whether see was her nani or not?
Swara(exclaimed): Dida…app….but app aise ye kya beta?
Dida: Beta. I know you haven’t met me ever as I was against your mother marriage!….she ran away from the house to marry your father….. I want to meet her beta! Will you help me?
Swara: Yaa dida why not?
Dida left by giving few lingering kisses on her forehead and checks to tell Ho much she had loved her granddaughter!…

Next day:
Swara: Mom, I want to talk to you?
Sumi: What is this shoru cant you let me drive?
Swara: Mom it’s important!
Sumi: Ah this traffic jam!…..what had happened?
Swara: A boy was crossing the road and a bike crashed with him resulting to his death!…
Sumi: How can you know Swara?
Swara: Mom.. I can see that who is asking me help to save his mother?
Sumi: What?
Swara: Mom if you don’t believe come and check it?

When they both went infront….to sumi shock what swara told was a true! A lady who is craving for help. She was in the pool of blood!…
Swara: Mom help her….
Sumi: Yeahh….lets take her to the hospital..

Outside operation theatre ?

Swara:, mom come with me!
Sumi: Yeah beta!
Swara: Mom you never told me about dida mom? Why mom?
Sumi: Swara I told you she was dead before my marriage!
Swara: You’re lying mom!….dida opposed your marriage. She was not happy with it!
You both had a fight and you left the house for father. Did you ever turn back to see about the lady who was your mother. How much had she missed you?.
Don’t you think after my birth dida would have accepted you?
Sumi: Swara, stop it..from where did you get to know all these?
Swara: Mom dida told me!… She missed you! She was craving to hold me for once!…mom just talk to her once… Her soul would live in peace mom….please mom
Sumi: How can you talk to maa swara? You know she is dead.. I admit that I had hidden the truth from you but how can you talk to a dead person just spill the beans swara? How you came to know this?
Sumi: Tell me swara how do you come to know this?
Swara: Mom I’m telling you, dida only came and told me!
Sumi: Swara! Don’t manipulate the things!

After two minutes!
Sumi: Swara….swara are you listening or not!
Swara: Mom!….dida is just standing beside you!…..she is caressing your hair! Can you feel it?
Sumi: Swara….what are you!…..
She started to feel some movements!
Sumi: Swara what is this? Is maa really by my side?
Swara: Yes’s mom, she is saying the day when you had your dance competition and dida couldn’t make up to see, she lied to you. She was standing at the corner cheering for you! Praising you! You always asked how did she got some candid clicks of yours…she made a excuse but in reality they were the photos click by the her! She was against your marriage as nanu betrayed her….she was overprotective for you!
Swara pov:

As I started to prove about dida existence I could feel mom’s eyes welled with tears!……nanu’s part was enough to break her down. Unlike me she had always craved for father’s love!….. Being an illegitimate child was not easy. Dida was called inauspicious. My mother was not accepted by society but dad changed her life. He made her to believe in love and the proof is me! ?
But my father died!….like every mother, she also became protected for me!
Finally my mother believed me. I could sense she was happy.
Happy was a less word for this feeling. It was out of the box!… I was happy that I could meet my dida. I just want to inform about these to Sanskaar!
Sanskaar pov:

Tring tring….
My phone ranged !….who is calling me at this time.
I literally started to bad mouth about the caller….oh shit she is swara!
I instantly picked her call…
She: Hey babe!
She chirped!….I could feel her happiness knew no bounds!.,,,
Me: Hi dear!..
She: You know I’m just happy today. The old lady about whom I told you was none other than my dida!…
Pov ends

Swara pov:

He: Oh! I told you swara talk to that lady your problem would be solved….that priest was absolutely correct darling!
Me: I don’t know about anything right now! But the thing I came to know is I can see dead people!… My dida, the old boy who came today to ask help for his mother!
He: What are you mad? Dead people you mean ghosts? Are you serious. Swara I seriously don’t know about what you’re talking about?.. Science do not believe on this! Ghost and all stuff are just superstitious!….
Me: Sanskaar why cant you believe on this!
He poked his voice while I was giving him a tirade for not believing on me!
He: Babe…c’mon why are we fighting for it. Tonight I’m gonna visit at your place!
I could sense the naughtiness on his voice!

Pov ends
Next day:

Swara: Sanskaar, now I am not afraid of these dead people.

Sanskaar: Is that so?

Swara: Yes, I love to help them! Today we had saved a girl, a man was punished for his deeds….i met my dida.

Sanskaar: Hmmm…

Swara: Dont you think it’s right time for us to marry?

Sanskaar pov:

When she asked me for marrying . My world turned upside down. How can a human marry ghost?…but I dont want to tell her the truth!
I replied:
Yaa, I think it’s the correct time to meet sumi aunty and tell her about our relation!

She: Ohh….thank you sanskaar, you know I was hell scared to ask you for this!….

Me: Swara, come with me!

She: Where?

Me: Just a surprise for you!

I took her to a place near the beach…we sat down at the sky and were seeing starts while they were blushing!

Me: You know swara! Every night I come over here, just to gaze stars and decide when will I go above, how will you see me?

She: Sanskaar what nonsense? Why will you go above? You are meant to be live…how can you leave me alone.

Poor girl she doesn’t now that her boyfriend is dead!….
I had disappeared from school because I was dead!.
I had met with the accident, my sister, mom, dad we all died at the spot!
God had given me second chance to find my love but I had to leave because my vow to protect her is now completed.
That night we sat and gazed star till eternity.

She had decided that tomorrow I will meet her with my family and ask her hand for marriage. It’s time to leave Swara. This thought was killing me inside and was impossible to be executed but everything has an end!…..
It’s time for the goodbye!

Pov ends!

Next morning

Swara pov:

As we had planned, today was a big day in my life… Finally Sanskaar was going to ask my hand… Yesterday after returning home I had told mom about her relationship but as usual she was not wearing her ear device. After my and mom accident she had become partially deaf and due to which she cant hear me!…
Thanks to dida who on that day had pushed us from road otherwise we both would now lifeless. And silly me I was cursing her for saving me.

I was impatiently waiting for Sanskaar, he is one hour and in the heat of anger, I went to his home.

@ Sanskaar house

The door was left open, it was making freaking cracking foung…like it was not used for ages!…. What the hell! That day his house was totally neat and properly arranged but today what’s this?

I went inside and saw a family photo broken at the floor. And then my eyes felt on the four photos with garlands around it. Then the realization struck me! With all the agony I shouted
Sanskaar…….why did you do this!

All the love stories aren’t completed!…

Sanskaar pov-

I felt hurted, I wanted to console her, wanted to meet her last time.

When she shouted Sanskaar, I was sad for her!
What must she felt that she had fallen in love with a dead person!….


Rahul: Sanky bro, a good news for you!!?
Me: Good news?

Rahul: Yaa idiot, that Swara likes you!….yaa I had heard her saying about you to her friend !
I exclaimed: What? Are you serious? I mean how can she fall in love with a nerd like me?

He: That I don’t know, but idiot I think you should propose, since two years you’re behind her, and finally!!…. Oh my god look you are blushing….love n all?…

Flashback ends

After knowing that swara loves me, I was on cloud nine, seventh sky….happiness knew no bounds, she was my childhood crush and now my love!…..

That day!
I was sitting on my bench studying…no..i wasn’t studying…i was lost in the dreams of swara!

I had thought to propose her! Imagine my whole life with her! And I took a vow to love her always and protect her!

It was raining cats and dogs!
We were returning from the sky lounge and then the accident took place! We all died at the spot!…. I could see mom, dad, uttara and me were lying lifeless down the road and one thing was only revolving around me was Swara!

I wanted to find her, but we souls can’t live at this world. I had to go, but destiny had stored something else for me!!!

I wandered from place to place just to find swara!… My senior ghost were making fun of me, how foolish I was to think that I can find my long lost love…

Two years later:

I found her!
Few ghost like me, who wanted to go back for some or the other reasons were discussing about her!

And then I came to know swara can see and interact with dead people.

I found her! I found swara!!….. I just wanted to meet her and then I came to know she is afraid of us! Us, dead people, I wanted to remove her fear! I wanted to confess my love to her!

And my beautiful journey started!
I met her!
Confessed her!
Kissed her!
Protected her!
Helped her!

And then the time came!
I read her diary, it made me feel precious .
I pecked her forehead and went.
Staying over there and seeing swara for more time would weaken me!
It’s time for the goodbye!

Swara pov:

Then the realization struck me.
He was a ghost. I had fallen in love with a ghost.
He had helped to overcome my fears. He had came to tell me how much he loved.

How silly I was, the story of a boy who died in an accident, that was his story.
That night he spilled all the beans and i couldn’t understand the truth.

He was the one for me!
I wanted to meet him for once. I wanted to feel his love. I could feel his presence around me since the day I came to know he was dead.

Those moments, our kisses, confession were heavenly . Some love stories aren’t met to be completed . Sometimes showing love with serenity is enough!

Sometimes someone comes in your life who changes everything . Raises the standards, makes you laugh and makes you feel like you .
Their is something about him that you can’t put in words and even though I’m not with him , I don’t want to let him go.

Sanskaar Maheshwari, my love. He explained me what true love is, it cant even reside in the periphery of the fake people who claim to find love.
It’s just wonderful feeling which ever exist , though he is not with me but resides with Me in my heart ♥ . Forever ever

I kept my pen down and closed my diary. I was just staring at rainfall.

The cold breeze touched my face. I was shivering with cold and then someone kissed my forehead, providing me warmth.

Then I whispered” SANSKAAR, is that you?”

And star above twinkled and it appears to be blushing on my gaze.

So how was it! I hope not a disaster! Shoot your comments!?

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    continue writing.. we would like to read ur further works.. !! carry on.. !!
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      the story is very heart touching and brought tears in my eyes

    2. Aashi

      Thank you so much.. Yepp I had written it at the time of July! But didn’t got response so had posted it again… Glad that you liked it!❤

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