Rivanya(Naagin),Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 7)

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Scene 1
At Kapoor Mansion
Rithik’s parents visit Shivanya’s parents the next day after all three i.e. Shivanya, Ishaani and Shesha had left for work. They begin to discuss the engagement date which they agree would be on the same day as Sudha and Mihir’s wedding anniversary and later they leave. Later we see Priya enter the house mandir and begins to thank God for getting Shivanya settled and prays that Shesha and Ishaani also find their lifepartners just like Shivanya.

Scene 2
At the Clinic
Ishaani approaches the receptionist
Ishaani: Hi Pooja ( Receptionist)! Good morning!
Pooja: Good morning Ishaani, what brings you here so early.
Ishaani: Remember Mrs. Raheja and her Son the one who was complaining that day
Pooja: Him?! Who can forget him? What about it?
Ishaani: I was wondering if I could get their contact details..
Pooja: Why did something happen?
And then Ishaani tells her everything
Pooja: Ok just a minute

Pooja checks the appointments register and then takes a pen and sticky note to write down the contact details which she then hands over to Ishaani. Ishaani takes her cell phone and dials the number from the sticky note however the call doesn’t connect.
Ishaani: The number isnt connecting, by any chance do you have their address?
Pooja: Yeah it should be in the registration file, But I’ll have to get it from the admin department which could take a while
Ishaani: It’s ok take your time

And then Pooja goes to the registration department while Ishaani is waiting for her at the reception. A while later Pooja comes back with the file and shows it to Ishaani who then takes down the address details quickly
Ishaani: Thank you so much Pooja
Pooja: Don’t mention it, Now I better go and keep this back. See you!
Ishaani: See you too!
As Ishaani was going to leave for the Raheja mansion she receives a call on her phone
Ishaani: Hello

Caller: Hello Ishaani, it’s me Sneha
Ishaani: Yes, Sneha tell me
Sneha: Sorry Ishaani, but can you cover my hours at the camp
Ishaani: Why what happened?
Sneha: I am not feeling well today so I want to rest for the day
Ishaani: Ok! you take care and get well soon
Sneha: Thanks a ton!
And then she disconnects the call feeling disappointed as now she was stalled from getting the motorist’s details again.

Scene 3
At the Raheja Mansion
Sudha was about to go upstairs when the doorbell rings, she heads to open the doors and as she does she gets surprised on seeing Nishtha, Mahesh and Divya at the doorstep.
Mahesh: Hi Bhabhi!
And then Nishtha enters the house and gives Sudha a hug
Sudha: Hi! weren’t you’ll going to come tomorrow?
Nishtha: Yes Bhabhi, but then we thought of giving you’ll a surprise
Sudha: You’re right about it being a surprise
Divya: Hi Aunty! I missed you a lot!
Sudha: Hi Divya! I missed you too, look at how big you’ve grown
Divya: Where’s Ragini?
Sudha: She is in her room you can go see her

Divya: Ofcourse Aunty, It’ll be a surprise for sure
And then Divya goes upstairs and meets Ragini who gets really happy on seeing her while downstairs, Mihir just comes into the living room surprised to his brother and sister in law and then they settle down and start chatting.
Sudha: By the way where is Vikram? I though he had some work here
Nishtha: Yeah as soon we checked out of the immigration he decided to begin his work
Sudha: So soon?
Nishtha: You know him, like Rithik he too is very serious about his work and is probably heading to his new workplace

Sudha: Workplace? Are you saying he has a job here?
Nishtha: Yes he has been transferred here to manage our Indian news station
Sudha: Oh wow! That’s great so that means he’ll be here for quite sometime since he has moved his base here
Mahesh: That’s right! We have been lagging behind lately ratings wise, so he wanted to work on it
Mihir: But where is he now?
Mahesh: I’ll just call him and ask
Makes a call through his cellphone which connects and on the other end we see a guy standing in a place called Marine Drive in Mumbai with his back facing us and him facing the sea
Mahesh: Hello Vikram where are you Son?

(Camera focussed on the lower part of the face from the side hiding the forehead)
BGM: Intro of Bakhuda tumhi ho starts playing
Vikram: Dad I’m at Marine Drive
Mahesh: What are you doing there? I thought you were going straight to work first
(Camera focussed on the lower part of the face from the side hiding the forehead)
Vikram: Yes Dad, I was going but as soon as I saw this place I thought of spending sometime here
Mahesh: Ok Son, take your time and enjoy the scene
Vikram: Thanks dad!
Later he turns and we get a good view of his face and he seen recording scenes and clicking pictures of the place
BGM Ends with tu hi din raaton main…

Shesha is seen waiting for her new assistant near Marine Drive and tries to contact him who tells her he’ll be there in a while with his camera. She waits and gets fed up and then later notices Vikram. She goes and approaches him and pats him on the back to which he turns and faces her.
Shesha: What do you think you’re doing Sir?? ( Says in a sarcastic tone )
Vikram: Me? I’m just recording the scenes and taking pics with my new camera of this beautiful place
Shesha: I can see that but we’re getting late! And don’t tell me this is the camera you intend to use for the operation

Vikram: Operation? ( asks confused)
Shesha: Yes our sting operation, You know forget it we’ve already wasted a lot of time because of you so let’s just leave
Shesha drags Vikram away by hand to her bike and then hands him a micro spy camera which she pins to his jacket and then takes his camera and puts in the scooter storage space.
Shesha: Get on Fast!
Vikram: BBut..
Shesha: What but? just get on fast

And then Vikram without getting chance to explain and clarify himself simply obeys her and gets on
Scene 4 ( Final Scene )
Ishaani was on duty in the health check up and awareness camp. She takes a short break and goes near a food stall to get some snack which was near a construction site, the same place that Ranveer was supervising. As she was about to go back to the camp she notices Ranveer at the construction site.

Precap : Ragini and Sanskar first meet

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