The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 16

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Hi x

Episode begins.

( Everyone is sitting at the dining table. Krishna and Kaira enter. There is one seat next to Sayaam and one seat next to Yuvani on the opposite side. Kaira looks at Krishna. Krishna rolls her eyes and sits next to Sayaam. Sayaam smiles. )

Suhani: Krishna, what do you want to eat?

( Sayaam serves Krishna food. )

Krishna: Thank you but I can do it myself.

( Sayaam looks upset. Everyone eat. Krishna starts choking on her food. )

Suhani: Krishna!

( Both Suhani and Sayaam offer her water. Krishna takes it from Suhani. Suhani mouths sorry to Sayaam. )

Suhani: Are you ok?

Krishna: Yes.

( Krishna leaves. )

( Kaira is on the terrace. Sayaam comes there. )

Sayaam: Oh sorry i didnt realise anyone would be here. I can leave if you want to be alone.

Kaira: Its okay.

( There is an awkward moment of silence. )

Kaira: Look, Sayaam I need to tell you something. After all that has happened, i havent been able to tell you….

Sayaam: Say it.

Kaira: Im moving to Australia.

( Sayaam is stunned. )

Sayaam: What?!

Kaira: Yes Sayaam. Its been my dream since childhood to work abroad. And finally I have the opportunity….i cant let this go…..

Sayaam: Wow……im happy for you….yeah. But are you sure you arent just doing this because of Krishna?

( Kaira holds his hand to reassure him. )

Kaira: No im not. Yes I am a little bit upset. But its okay. I will move forward. By fulfilling my dreams. You and Krishna belong together. And I cant get in the way of that anymore.

( Kaira smiles. Sayaam hugs her. )

Sayaam: I will miss having my best friend around!

( Kaira cries. )

Kaira: So will I….

( Kaira comes out to the hall with her bags. She cries and hugs everyone. She hugs Yuvani and Suhani. )

Kaira: Thank you. You have all done so much for me. Im so grateful I can call you all my family!

( Everyone smile and cry. Kaira goes to Krishna. )

Kaira: Krishna, I have never had the chance to get to know you properly. But I have one request. Will you allow me to love Sayaam?

( Krishna is shocked. )

Kaira: Sayaam is my best friend. And i love him. But his heart lies with you. And you only.

( Sayaam smiles. )

Kaira: But please. Allow me to have a small part of him in my heart. I love him.

( Krishna nods and faintly smiles. Kaira hugs her. Krishna is taken aback but hugs her back politley. )

( Kaira looks around at everyone one last time. She hugs Priya and waves and leaves. )

( Its evening. Krishna is on the terrace. She thinks about Kaira saying she loves Sayaam. She talks to herself. )

Krishna: Why do I feel so upset? She’s gone. But why do I feel like me and Sayaam cant be the same again?….

( Priya comes there. )

Priya: Mami, what are you doing here alone?

Krishna: Nothing Priya, just thinking.

Priya: About mamu?

( Krishna is stunned. Priya makes Krishna sit down. )

Priya: Mami, do you know, mamu used to cry every night for you. I would watch him sadly…..and then mumma would go to him and they would cry together…..

( Krishna is shocked and upset at this. )

Priya: But its okay because you are here now! And mamu is happy…..

( Priya kisses Krishna on the cheek and leaves. Krishna thinks: He loves me. He always has…. )

( Krishna smiles. )

( Its night. Krishna enters the bedroom. She sees Sayaam trying to bandage a cut on his hand himself. He is struggling. She goes over and sits next to him. She does the first aid for him. Sayaam stares at her. )

Krishna: Its done….

Sayaam: Thanks.

( Sayaam gets up and leaves. Krishna is upset. )

Krishna: Oh god. Now he’s angry with me. He should be. Krishna you dont deserve someone like Sayaam….Sayaam has always been there for me. And me? Im not a good wife….

( Krishna goes out to the hall looking for Sayaam. Its dark. )

Krishna: Hello? Is anyone there?

( Krishna walks forwards. She looks down and realises she is walking on rose petals. She keeps walking until she is in front of Sayaam. The lights turn on. Sayaam hands Krishna a rose. Krishna smiles and recalls the first time he gave her a rose. )

Sayaam: Krishna, please, just listen to me. Im sorry.

( Sayaam holds his ears. Krishna smiles at this. )

Sayaam: You should be angry. Im bad. Im very bad. Krishna you are the only person who ever understands me. You feel pain when im in pain, you’re happy when I am, you are everything to me. I haven’t been good to you. Im sorry. I love you Krishna. And today I will let you shout at me, be angry at me, say whatever you want! Just please, give me another chance. To prove you are mine. And mine only…..

( Sayaam bows down his head but Krishna holds his face. She cries. They put their heads together and hold eachothers faces and cry. )

Krishna: Sayaam….I love you….I love you…. a lot. And ive hurt you….and im sorry….

( Sayaam stops her. He hugs her. She hugs him back and they stay hugging for a while. Krishna realises the family have been watching, smiling, and breaks away, embarrassed. )

Sayaam: I have one more thing.

( Krishna looks on confused. )

Episode ends.

Precap: Sayaam kisses Krishna’s hand. Everyone smile at them.

Thanks for the feedback on my episodes everyone. Really appreciate it!

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  1. U r just fab.and thank u so much to reuinte kariyam .as always its excellent.i have to say this. that u r a very good writer.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you so much! Im glad you enjoy it x

  2. Short epi why next upload

    1. Fanficwriter518

      It was a bit short today, will upload the next one soon

  3. Woooooowwwwww❤❤?

  4. loved it

  5. Another mind blowing episode.i hope to see the same romatic sayyam in the serial too.i wish you were the cv of ssel.though we are eagerly waiting for kriyam scenes they dont give much to are an excellent writer.please upload the next episode soon.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! I really appreciate your thoughts and i am so glad you enjoy it xx will upload the next episode soon

  6. Amazing as always….keep writing …. U have a good skill… Thanks for updating ff everyday…i’m really enjoying ur ff…god bless u …

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks im really happy you like and enjoy reading it xx

  7. Thanks. For getting my kriyam’s sweet scenes back.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! xx

  8. What a cute moment…thanks for reuniting them…..I loved it…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! Im glad you enjoyed t xx

  9. Aarti32

    Aww..So cute..N thank God Kaira is gone..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Haha thanks for reading x

  10. So emotional when priya speaks to krishna about sayyam.
    Kriyam moments are just romantic.Sayyam holding his ears and saying sorry and their hugging romance
    More than the original Ssel..i wait eagerly fpr ur Ff.
    Superb keep up the good work

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Ah im so happy you enjoy reading my fanfic and I hope I can continue to entertain you x

  11. So good

  12. krishna ?Sayyam

    Wow very nice

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