Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 8)

Ishaani: notices Ranveer at the construction site and goes to him and taps on his shoulder .
Ranveer: turns around finds Ishaani their and asks her what she needs and how he can help her now
Ishaani: tells Ranveer that case has not been registered till now against that motorist
Ranveer: what till now case has not been registered against that motorist
Ishaani: yes that why i need proof against that motorist and only you have it and i need your help
Ranveer: ok i will help you in this
Ishaani: thank you
Ranveer: goes to architect and tells him that he has go police station for some important work and you look after
Architect: ok sir i will look after
Ranveer: thank you

Both Ranveer and Ishaani leaves for police station and reaches police station
At Police Station
Inspector: what brings you here madam and how we can help you
Ishaani: i have bring proof against that motorist
Ranveer: shows proof against that motorist so case can be registered against him .
Inspector :finally register the case against motorist
Ishaani: finally gets relief that case has been registered against motorist with help of ranveer
Both Ishaani and Ranveer leaves police station and ranveer drops ishaani at camp and goes to construction site .

At Raheja Mansion
In Ragini room
Ragini : goes to bathroom gets fresh and comes back after getting fresh and wears tank top and denim jeans and comes downstairs and have breakfast with Ritik bhaiya and ask her bhaiya can he drop to college today
Ritik: why not my little sister i can drop to your college
Both Ritik and Ragini leaves . first Ritik drops Ragini at college and leaves for office

At College
Ragini: enters at premise of college with file and books and not looking here and there and collides with a boy and boy is none other then sanskar and due to collide file falls down and books also
Sanskar: holds on ragini from waist so she does not fall and haves a eyelock with her and in background music is playing (dekha aapko hazaro dafa) and after couple of min both comes to senses and helps her in picking up file and books
Ragini: without looking at sanskar even once straight goes to class
Sanskar: goes back to his class

In class
Professer: Ragini your project
Ragini: here is it sir
Professer: well done Ragini
Ragini: thank you sir
After college gets over
Ragini: calls her maa and tells her to send a car to pick her up
Sudha: ok beta i send a car and goes to driver and tells bring Ragini back from college
Driver: ok madam and leaves to bring Ragini from college
Ragini: waits for car
Driver : reaches Ragini’s college and picks her up and drops her home

At Raheja Mansion
Ragini: returns back home from college and straight goes to her room and changes to normal house clothes and comes downstairs and asks maa give her food she is hungry
Sudha: ok just wait for min i make something for you
Ragini: ok maa
Sudha: makes parathas for ragini to eat and gives her to eat
Ragini: eating and after finishes she washes her hands and goes to her room and spends some time with divya .

At other side
Shesha: takes Vikram where sting operation has to happen and puts camera secretly where nobody can see it and tells vikram that he must go inside and get that done
Vikram: ok .goes inside and makes sting operation successful and comes out and takes out secret camera and gives back to shesha and leaves
Shesha: runs to Vikram and says thank you for helping her out
Vikram: your welcome and leaves that place and takes a taxi and tell driver to take Raheja mansion
Driver: ok

Back at Raheja Mansion
Driver: sir your house has come
Vikram: thank you and gives money and driver leaves and goes inside house and meets everyone who were in living room except Ragini and Divya
In living room
Mihir :sees Vikram and calls him
Vikram: comes to her uncle and touches her feet
Sudha: calls Vikram for hug
Vikram: hugs her aunt
finally meets her dad and maa
Vikram: where is Ritik and Ranveer bhaiya
Mihir : both will be in Office right now
Vikram: ok and i should go to my room now and leaves to her room

At Office
Ritik: phones rings it’s Shivanya call and he pick it up and says hii
Shivanya: Ritik i want to spend some time with you in alone before our engagement
Ritik: ok we can spend time what do you want to do tell me
Shivanya: i want to watch a movie with you in alone and last at beach .
Ritik: ok done
Shivanya: thank you and says ” i love you” to Ritik and disconnects the call.
Ritik : says ” i love you ” to Shivanya and disconnects the call.
In Austria
Dadi: calls Raghav to his room
Raghav : what happened dadi why did you called
Dadi: tells Raghav that he must take Naina to date tomorrow
Raghav : ok dadi

Precap : Ritik and Shivanya beach and movie date and Raghav and Naina date and Ritik and Ragini goes shopping for dress of Shivanya and her for engagement and Shivanya also goes for shopping for dress of Ritik ,Ishaani and Shesha for engagement.

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