Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Soni thanks Pritam

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone asking Soni what happened. Soni says I went in the party…. She cries. They ask what happened there. Pritam says nothing happened there, she was returning in an auto, that man was misbehaving, maybe he was drunk, no need to worry, I reached on time. Kabir and Angad get angry. Pritam says I made him run away. Angad says Soni is safe. Guneet says its good that Pritam reached there on time. Nimmo thanks Pritam and says you saved us once again. Amrita asks why did you come, you could have called Angad. Soni says I got bored there and came home. Dada ji asks Amrita to take Soni. Angad thanks Pritam. Pritam goes. Guneet says I didn’t want to send Soni. Dada ji says leave it, she came back safely. Pritam gets a call. He asks did you leave, did you get Biko. Monty says police caught him. Nitin asks where did you go. Pritam says forget it, I will call. He says the game got spoiled because of Soni, no, because of me, I lost those guys and that peddler, what was the need to save that girl, this way I can’t do anything, focus.

Soni sees the news of the police raid. She recalls Pritam. She says if Pritam didn’t save me, then I would have become a part of this news, Guneet would have come to rescue me. Amrita comes and says Biji and Nimmo are in tension, I explained them, why are you so lost, did anything happen in the party. Soni says no. She asks Amrita to sleep. Its morning, Kabir asks Angad to get a job for him. Angad and Amrita scold Kabir. Angad says I won’t let you work in my office, Reema won’t tolerate you. Guneet says Kabir will sit at the shop, get ready. Kabir says no. Nimmo scolds him. Everyone asks Kabir to go and sit at the shop. Dada ji says Kabir is very talented. Guneet says you know he is useless. Dada ji says he can loot a bank. Angad laughs. Dada ji also scolds Kabir. Amrita asks Kabir to join the job. Guneet says come with me to the shop, join the job if you get it.

Krishnakant waits for Naveen. Naveen comes and says I was skipping breakfast for my diet. Meera says stay happy, everyone likes it. Krishnakant reads the news of rave party. Naveen worries. He asks what’s rave party. Divya asks don’t you come. Naveen says no. Meera says your friend is caught. Naveen argues. He asks do you think I m a drug addict. He angrily leaves. Krishnakant says I will see him. Meera says maybe he got upset, we will talk to him later. Divya asks was he at the party last night, he was so scared when he came home. Meera says she is right, we should find out where he went last night. Krishnakant worries.

Pritam washes his clothes. He recalls his talk with Vishaka. Pritam says Rahul is in trauma, our separation will hurt him, I will do as you say. Vishaka says case has reached the court. He says you remember what the doctor said, we have to save Rahul from tension. She says I will snatch him from you, because you love him, you have one weakness, Rahul, I will take revenge on you. He asks do you want to target him for your ego. She says I want to snatch your happiness. He says I will see you in court. She says court supports women, you will lose everything, Vishaka will win. FB ends. Pritam says I lost everything, I won’t lose my Rahul. He gets angry on the clothes. Soni comes and asks what are you doing, clothes will get torn, I came to say thanks, you saved me, family would be hurt. He says forget it now. Amrita hears them.

Pritam says you were not among them, forget it. Soni says thanks, you are really good. Pritam says I won’t say anyone, you also don’t say, your family will get worried, stay away from such friends, else you and your good family will get defamed. Soni returns the jacket. Amrita looks on. Pritam sees Amrita downstairs. He says what did I do now, why did she stare at me. Soni smiles and recalls Pritam’s words. She thinks of the problem and cries. Amrita comes and asks her to tell the truth. She says you were talking to Pritam, tell me the matter, I won’t tell anyone, I feel tensed. Soni tells everything. She asks Amrita not to tell anyone. Amrita worries. She says Pritam handled everything, else…. She hugs Soni. Soni says I went to say thanks to him. Amrita says don’t tell anyone, I m sure Pritam won’t tell anyone.

Pritam hammers a nail. He gets hurt. Amrita does the aid to his hand. She asks him not to do any work in anger, it will be his own loss.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I really enjoy this soapie. Love the way the Sakujas are real people. Laugh through their pain. I couldn’t stop laughing when the ladies stole the alcohol and Amrita called the whole family drunkards. So much happiness and love. As for Dadaji and his jokes!!! Pritam is really hot. Loved how he walked in with his black t shirt in yesterday episode. Good to see the characters develop.
    its so different. Not the saas bhau hatered. It shows love, real people and their challenges.

    1. Well said,
      All other shows of star plus are remakes of some bengali show or the other. They have the same stretchy saas bahu story line.
      But this show is realistic. Its story is relatable.

  2. Actually this show is really good, something satisfying 😌. But I read somewhere that due to the slow pace in the storyline this show is getting very less trp😏 and is under scanner of star plus. This is so disappointing😓. Indian audience just wanted to watch saas bahu crap😶.

    1. – Yes today the trps decreased by 0.1 from 1.1 to 1.0 yet I do not feel it is because of the slow pace of the story. The slow pace is used for a reason by the CVs. They are developing each character and their stories with the slow pace.
      – As a matter of fact I dreaded this dip in trps coming last week itself and also mentioned it in my comment of 9th October written updates of tellyupdates.
      – That very day I had mentioned to cut the crap of Kabir-Meera cringe nok-jhoks and office scenes because I had this gut feeling this Kabir-Meera track is going to affect the trps yet I really had wished it did not. The earlier 2 weeks had lesser Kabir-Meera scenes because of Pritam’s suitcase and baby shower drama and the trp was 1.1 for 2 weeks consecutively.
      – There are many in twitter who are saying that they don’t want to watch this serial because of Kabir-Meera yet I never felt they were saying it for real because I too hate Kabir-Meera yet I only skip their scenes not really boycott the serial.
      – Having said that I genuinely feel that the CVs must realize this Kabir-Meera track is affecting the serial in a negative way. I really wish they don’t go ahead with this track because as of now the time to do something to save this serial so that it runs atleast for it’s deserved time is really less. Star Plus is in the process of launching 3 new shows and I really wish zmga runs atleast as long as it’s storyline is shown to its fullest. Once the storyline is done let it go off air yet it should not be rushed and off-aired too soon abruptly.
      – I also have a feeling that the trps of the coming week can positively increase to at the most1.3 because this week all the episodes were awesome especially the Pritam moments, the family moments were also good and the AmRitam moments also were cute.
      – Someone in twitter said “Pritam pyaare hai sabke pyaare” I feel it is true. I mean I have never seen so much of love for a ML’s character ever in twitter. It is always the FL which the majority always loves yet in zmga it’s unbelievable that the majority loves the ML. Imo, it’s because his character is wonderfully written “emotional from inside, really tough from outside most important of all really strong to face any kind of loud beration”.
      – This week we saw a lot of Pritam’s killer moments revealing his both personal and professional side. Also, there were no cringe Meera-Kabir scenes except for one phone conversation.
      – Imo, Pritam’s magic along with the balanced family moments will surely reflect in the trps of the coming week so if not 1.3 the trps will increase atleast to 1.1 or 1.2. I’m only assuming it and really wish it comes true.
      – Finally, whatever is the outcome of our show zmga we must take it cheerfully. Let’s stay positive and do not show any hatred to any new show which takes it place. I mean today also I saw some saakk fans saying “zmga made saakk sink so it will surely sink”. I mean why so much hatred for something when it is not at fault? Atleast we should not do the same thing.

    2. I totally agree. Let’s stay positive and wish for the trp to increase🤞. Even I am a saakk fan but some fans are soo toxic that are unnecessarily blaming zmga for saakk going off air like seriously!

  3. – I’m enjoying almost all the episodes and waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Tomorrow we are going to get a really hilarious moment of the “the case of missing underwear”. Poor Pritam I really feel sorry for him. He becomes a laughing stock of the Sakhuja family every other day. I wonder if he is an ACP because if he is then this will be one of those unforgettable memories which will remain in his life.
    – Agreed that the nonsense love triangles are ruling trp charts rn, yet imo, such cliché ITV concepts will not work in zmga because we are already seeing the affects of such clichés introduced in the show. Also, imo Vishaka is already a strong challenger for Amrita and Karan a strong challenger for Pritam if he ever happens to come back. Imo, Vishaka was madly in love with Pritam and vice-versa which is why she became a psychopath now. So why actually introduce Soni too in the scene and that too for what reason? I don’t feel it will really help with the trps and the storyline will only get spoilt.
    – Although I’m getting double meaning vibes from Soni’s smile at Pritam today, it could be that she is really grateful towards him for saving both her and her family from getting defamed and I feel she should be really grateful after having shouting at Pritam yesterday. The smile could also mean that Soni is attracted to Pritam. I really don’t want it be the second one. Let Soni be happy towards Pritam yet it should be only as gratefulness towards a elder brother and not in the form of love angle. Agreed that Soni was crushing over Pritam’s looks when she first met yet I did not see that to be a possible indication of a love story there. I mean I felt it more of a hormonal behavior of a teenage girl. Imo, which teenager doesn’t crush over a good looking man? I have to admit I have several times as a teenager. So I really don’t wish for a Soni-Pritam angle. Also, I feel Soni is a acting more as a medium over here. I mean Amrita always has the thing to misjudge Pritam yet thanks to Soni, Amrita’s misunderstanding was cleared and she also felt grateful towards Pritam. Imo, Soni will act as a medium for AmRitam’s love story.
    – Soni-Monty? I don’t know I would likely prefer Nitin-Soni more because Nitin has a more mature face than Monty. Imo, Monty looks a bit “small” for Soni. Also, I have a feeling that the CVs might take a track of Naveen-Soni and if Naveen turns good then I really don’t mind Naveen-Soni pair. I was feeling I was the only one thinking about Naveen-Soni pairing but today I saw others too talking about it in twitter. After seeing the “rave party” episodes I strongly feel there is going to be a track of Naveen-Soni. What will the pair be called “Nani?”
    – I liked Sehgals family moment today. It was nice to see a better Naveen today at first although he became rude in the middle. Imo, Meera shouldn’t have stopped KK. Agreed she was thinking as an elder sister yet spoilt brats like Naveen should be given a good scolding not left haywire.
    – I loved Pritam solo moments today. The way he said he is getting emotionally attached to Sakhujas. He has started considering them as his OWN. Pritam is such a sweetheart man. I wish the Sakhujas too do that because yeah they laugh at him and call him for tea and parties yet the way they insult him often doesn’t show they too accepted Pritam as their family member completely. Also that washing scene of Pritam was again awesome with a flashback from the past. Vishaka-Pritam really looked like a couple.
    – Now, I really want to know what actually happened to Rahul that made Vishaka a psychopath like this? Imo, Vishaka madly loved Pritam which is why it has turned into hatred like this now. I am really curious to know what actually happened between them. Also, I want to see some good moments of Vishaka-Pritam like we saw of Karan-Amrita. Pritam-Vishaka were also undoubtedly truly in love, which is why Vishaka is now accusing Pritam for giving her pain. I would love to see a few scenes of the good moments between Vishaka-Pritam and not just their fight scenes yet not a lot because with Karan-Amrita, many people were complaining of too many flashback scenes. I mean a few flashback scenes of good scenes of Vishaka-Pritam in 2-3 episodes will be alright.
    – I liked the Kabir scene too. Agreed that his parents are harsh to him yet if we think in the position of parents, they aren’t wrong either. I mean I too stood in the same place of Kabir in my family because I have the exact same character. My parents too always put me down by constantly comparing me with my sibling but at the end of the day I understood that they really love me and they just want to see me well-settled. I feel the same applies with Kabir. Normally, I don’t really like Kabir joking around in really serious situations yet today I liked his joke. Mom says the “nikammas” sit in the shop so dad you too are a nikamma, haha. That was a good one.
    – Hmmm…Kabir seems to be curious about Reema, I like it. His curiosity is making me curious. Anybody knows who is cast as Reema? I did not see any news about new entry after Akansha.
    – Amrita is seriously one crack. She just wants something to pounce on Pritam. The way she looked at Pritam today, if Soni didn’t have told her the truth, she would have given Pritam another big scolding. Poor Pritam, I really felt sorry for him when he said “what did I do now?”
    – In the precap, I feel Pritam’s anger is justified, he literally became a laughing stock in front of the whole of Sakhujas all because hi underwear got misplaced with their clothes, he will be obviously get angry.
    – Also I did not really like Amrita giving advice to Pritam. Yes her advice was absolutely correct yet imo, among Amritam it is Amrita who needs advice from Pritam. Amrita should learn from Pritam how not to pounce on people based on some misunderstanding, how to stay strong and composed even in extreme pain and how to control your emotions.
    – I really wish Amrita genuinely apologizes to Pritam at least once for always having misjudged him and vented out her frustrations using him like her toy. I know it is next to impossible in ITV because as far I know in ITV the FLs don’t apologize yet I want that Amrita does it atleast for those really harsh words she told Pritam during the baby shower.

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