Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Milind and Nupur at Rashi’s party

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur staying hungry and feeding the total food to Chiku. She just drinks water. Milind leaves the food and asks the family to eat. He goes. Kamini says we are just having food to show normalcy to the kids, we are also worried for Milind. Aai asks what shall I do for him, I want him to be happy. Kamini says Nupur will try to trap her, we should find a girl for Milind, we should get a choti bahu who doesn’t try to dominate elders like Nupur. Nupur gets Rohan’s call. Rohan says organizers will be glad if you perform in their event, they can’t afford a famous performer like you. Nupur says its okay, I will take less money. Chiku hear them. Rohan says sorry, you were away from the stage for long. Nupur says thanks you tried. Chiku gets flowers for Nupur. Nupur says its beautiful. Chiku says we got a good event, we have to go and perform dance, we have to dance as one team, not your Kathak, my Dhinchak dance, we will end this money issue.

Chiku gets Nupur to meet Pintia. She says he gave me a good issue. Pintia asks them to have bhajiya. Chiku eats and says its good. Nupur says thanks, I don’t want. Pintia says its a girl’s birthday party, its a rich family, they want a classy dance. Nupur says no, you are mistaken, I m a classical dancer. He says I respect you, but classical isn’t liked by people, they want Dhamaal. Chiku says money should be solid. He says it will be good money. He writes it on a paper. Nupur says 50000. She says if they are rich and classy, they would appreciate classical dance. Chiku says we will dance on good songs, we will work hard and have good food. Nupur thinks I m glad that Chiku remembers my words. She smiles. Pintia says then we will meet tomorrow. Chiku asks Nupur to read the name of the family.

Nupur says Rashi Panchwani. Milind says you all go in Rashi’s party, I have meetings. Aai says its a birthday party. Kamini says maybe they want to work with us, you should come Milind, it will be good for our company, you are the company’s new face. Subodh says absolutely. Kamini says Milind will get a change. Shashi nods. Milind says if dad wants me to go, then I will surely go. Milind goes. Aai thanks Lord and prays for Milind. Subodh asks who is Mandira. Kamini says once Milind gets into a new relation, Nupur and Payal will be away. Kamini thanks Rashi on the call. Rashi says Mandira is my sister, I hope this plan works, Milind’s divorce is sure to happen, right. Kamini says yes, don’t take tension, we will meet tomorrow.

Nupur and Chiku leave in a taxi. Milind and family come to meet Rashi’s family. Kamini introduces Mandira to Milind. Kamini says you sould meet Milind, not read about him, you both should keep meeting. Milind and Mandira have a talk. Aai asks what are we doing. Kamini says let them talk, they look good together, if they like each other, then we can’t get a better girl than Mandira. Aai says it will be good for Milind and our family if this relation gets fixed, he will get rid of Nupur. Nupur and Chiku get ready. Chiku asks her not to worry. She says we will dance as one team, we will not compete, it will be fun. Nupur hugs her. Chiku says I want to dance well, when will they start. Nupur says its good to start on time, I didn’t tell anyone at home that we have come here, main door will get locked soon. Chiku asks her not to worry. She goes to get water. Pintia asks Chiku to go for the performance. Mandira compliments Milind. He thanks her. Rashi’s husband says its Rashi’s birthday today, I have arranged a special performance for her, this one is for Rashi, please enjoy. Nupur and Chiku come on the stage and dance. Milind and family get shocked seeing Nupur. Nupur sees them and worries. Chiku holds Nupur.

Chiku and Nupur dance. Milind gets angry and drinks. Kamini goes to tell Rashi. The men ask Nupur to dance and complete the show. Milind angrily beats up the guy. Nupur cries.

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