RadhaKrishn 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam Provokes Rishis To Curse Krishna

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Radha makes food arrangements for rishis when Krishna enters and disturbs them. Radha scolds him that she is spoiling his arrangement. He says what is the need for this. She says he will not understand this as he breaks pot and eats butter. Krishna says there is an unique pleasure in that. She tries to leave, but he stops her. Sam disguised as a woman again serves fruits to rishis. Rishis ask about Radha. Sam says she is busy and walks away. Rishis see rotten fruits and get angry on Krishna. Krishna enters and handles situation. He returns to Radha and informs that he saved her from humiliation as someone served rotten fruits to rishis.

Sam returns to Shukracharya and boasts how he fooled Rishis and provoked them against Radha Krishna. Shukracharya praises him. Sam says he is enjoying this drama and will provoke Rishis more to curse Radha Krishna. Shukracharya smirks thinking he has a different plan.

Dwarka citizens make pooja arrangements. Balram praises them. Citizens say Krishna takes care of their needs and keeps them happy, so they are happy to help him and are waiting for Rishi Durvasa and other rishis to attend pooja and bless them. Balram walks to Krishna who is resting and asks him to attend sabha. Krishna says let him rest. Balram says he is worried about Durvasa’s anger. Krishna says Durvasa gets angry with a reason and whatever happens next is written in fate and cannot be changed.

Radha heads towards sabha to meet rishis and seek their blessings. Krishna thinks of playing prank with Radha and throws flower on her, but it hits a Gopi. Radha sensing his presence even she plays prank on him. Their romantic nok jhok starts. Sam notices rishis not attending sabha and visits them to know the reason. Durvasa says they want to punish a woman who tricked them in jungle first and then today by serving them rotten fruits. Sam promises to find and punish that woman and takes responsibility of their protection. They agree and accompany him to sabha. Sam gets ready as woman. Laxmana opposes his idea. Sam says he is doing all this to gain his goal, he will take over Krishna at any cost.

Precap: Sam insults rishis in sabha and reveals his identity. Durvasa curses him to bear a child like a woman.

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