Zaroori Tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 25

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Hey everyone this is the 25th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.
Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.    
No uglar only Anu mumma kissy ta………
What you all wanna prove by showing me this clip? ” Aarohi yelled turning of the monitor”
Us, or what you wanna prove that innocent by doing all this huh? ” Dev asked “
“Innocent !!” May i know the name of that person who’s still marked innocent in this world or in your good books? ” Aarohi asked rising her brow”
Dev was about to rant of Aarohi when Shivaay told the hold of calming the storm in Dev
Maa i know you are hurt. We can understand and your anger your pain is totally justifiable. But Maa after seeing this clip of your Anu i got to know who Anu is.
A child of  year loves to sweets. Even they get scold from elders but they never stop eating sweets though elder use to say them…
Don’t eat much sweets your teeth will get black…. cavity, gums will get weak and so on but kids never listen to any of this advice.
But i don’t believe that years back an elder from front was making a child to have sugar but a child refuse to have them.
Who worries about teeth at that age? When not properly learn to pronounce words.
 A child fears that if she will eat uglar ( sugar) then her teeth will get broken and then she won’t be able to eat….   ” Aloo puri”
Seriously !! Is it that Anu “innocent” still so innocent after growing as “Anika”
Who is still innocent that today on breakfast after not seeing Aloo puri in bowl she saliently eat oats with smile because she knew…..
Ke kya ho gaya aaj maa ney mujh apne pas nahe baithaya .
 Woh mere samne toh hai
( it doesn’t matter that today my mother didn’t let me sit beside her. She’s infront of me that’s enough)
Kya hua jo meri maa ney mere liya apne hatho se Aloo puri nahe bani.
( it doesn’t matter that today mother didn’t cook Aloo puri for me)
Par un ke hatho ne use chua hai jisi mein woh he savvd ghul gaya to meri Aloo puri mein ghul jata hai.
( but she touched that oats and it too have same taste of Aloo puri )
Shivaay you tell me where was your wife for last week ?” She
Canada !!
Canada for business meeting or again living with my memories in Pune Resort.
“What” All said shockingly “
 Again another room filled my pictures and in mid of bed lying your beloved wife, your daughter and your daughter in law living with my memories.
She was in pune and we all thought she’s in Canada but in actual she was in Pune and before i could confront  her she herself spoke
“Mein aaj he Canada se wapis ayi hoon”
( I just return from Canada)
Mad girl  don’t she knows that she can’t lie but still open her mouth to lie.
But still you all are blaming me.
Kisi ney sach he kaha hai jab beta bada ho jaye to us ke aagaye Maa ke anso pani aur panti ke anso khoon ban jaate hai. 
( someone said correct when son get married then infront of him mother tears became water and wife became blood)
Aur Dev aur ap Maa ji ap dono ko apne khoon ka dard to nazar aa gaya. Par humare woh anso nahe, joh khoon ban kar aaj tak humari ankho se bhatey hai . 
Woh kisi ko nazar nahe aye? 
( And you both Dev and Mother you both  felt your blood pain. But not my tears, that today also like blood ozing from my eyes. None can gaze them?)
Humein use Anika kaha to use ko chot lagi Dev aur Aarohi us ko dard bhi na ho….
i called her Anika and she got hurt Devand what about Aarohi, don’t she get hurt?)
MAA !!! Yeh shabd kehne ko toh bohat chota sa hai, par ek auart ko pura yeh he karta hai. 
( Mother !! This word seem to be very small but it completes a woman)
Par hum toh aaj  tha aadhore he rahe. Bharso baad lauth kar aye thy ,is umeed par ab tak saasein ley rahy thy. Ke jab apne dil se mile ko toh hum jeevan paye gay. 
( But i’m still incomplete. I came back after ages, breathing till know with the hope that when i’ll meet my heart i’ll get life)
Par humein kya pata tha? ke hum to phele se he us ke liya maar chuke hai jis mein humara pura jeevan tha.
( but what i know? That i’m already dead for her in whom my whole world my life exist)
Oh!! I see why you did all this. Just because Anu didn’t call you ” Maa” you took revenge from here. ” Dev said clutching her “
Finally Princess Aarohi began walking on her ancestors path.
“Revenge for insulted “
Please all standing here give Princess of Jhodpur huge around of applause  that she won. 
You won your Highness please in your success throw a party and in that party please i request you.
Hire Anu oppss sorry Anika as a plan and than as an employee insult her as much you and give peace to your heart.
Dev stop it now. She is a mother ” Devi ji said”
What stop it Maa. Just like us Anu didn’t call her Maa this women didn’t cook my child favourite Aloo puri ” Dev cries”
Raat ko bhi bina kuch khaye so gayi thi aur subha bhi us ko kya khaane ko mila oats, jin ki taraf us ney kabhi dekha bhi nahe.
( At night too she slept without having dinner and in breakfast too what she got to eat oats, that oats with whom she never give a gaze)
Aareey Aarohi agar woh tumhein Maa nahe kehti to kya woh tumhein pyaar nahe karti?
( what if Aarohi she’s not calling you mother that means she don’t loves you?)
Kya lafaz se he izhar karna he tumhare liya us ke mohabbat ka saboot ho gaya?
( what just expressing with words is only proof for you of her love?)
Woh pagal to aaj bhi sirf tumhari he puja karti hai. Aur tum kehti ho ke woh tumhari kuch nahe lagti?
Jis ki duniya he tum ho.
( that mad today also worships you. And to say that she’s nothing for you ?
From whom you are her entire world)
Dev uncle stop crying ” Shivaay pacify him”
Shivaay you tell her how careless Anu is because she has forget in her anger  that now whole day she will run here and there in search of job and will forget to eat anything and again will fall in trouble.
She’s heir of Rajput Empire but this lady in her anger made her begger.
Don’t forget Aarohi if you are Princess of Jhodpur than i’m also Dev Singh Rajput.
But don’t force me to again became Devil Singh Rajput. ” He warns her and like storm marches out”
Dev listen to me ” Devi ji runs behind him”
Dadi ji , badi maa and mom please you all go i need to talk to maa in alone ” Shivaay request them”
All trio nods and left them alone.
Shivaay i don’t need to talk about your wife please you too leave. I’ve to appoint new staff and i’ve take their interview. ” Aarohi said”
After few hours 
@ Shivika room
“Anika tumhein kyun samjh nahe aa raha ke tum jo nahe chahati ho woh tumhare is, is behaviour se phir bhi ho raha hai “
( Anika why you are not understanding that what you don’t want to happen , it’s still happening because of your this behaviour )

Mere behaviour se, kya ho raha hai? Jo main nahe chahati” She shurgs”
( what’s happening because of my behaviour? That i don’t want to)
Anika tum na chahate hua bhi Maa ko hurt kar rahe ho. Aur na sirf maa ko khud ko dekho tum khud kis kadar andar he andar chur ho rahe ho.
( Anika you don’t to hurt mother but still you are hurting her not only her but you, yourself are breaking into piece )
Bas kar de jiye Shivaay bas. Ap kyun har bar woh he raag mujhe sunaye aa jate hai jo mein suna he nahe chahati.
( stop it Shivaay just stop it now. Why you sing the same tune that i don’t want to hear)
Anika mein koi gaayak nahe hoon aur na tum maada ho. Joh mein har roj tumhari waha wahi ke kiya aa jata hoon.
( Anika i’m not any singer nor you are any outlooker. That i daily come to attain your praises )
Aur tumhein mujh nahe khud ke dil ki awaz ko suna hai.
( And you don’t have to listen me but this time you have to listen your heart)
Jo cheek cheek kar tumse yeh he kehti hai……
( that’s screaming and shouting and saying onl……….)
Anika meri dharkane mujhe lauta do. Khol do woh darawaz jaha tumhein mujh zanjeero may jakar kar rakha hai…
( Anika just give my heartbeats back. Open that door were you have tried me chains)
Utaar phekho yeh Anika makhota jisi ke peeche Anu hai
( just throw this Anika marks behind which is Anu)
Khol do un labo ki seeliya jine tum ney barzo se see raha hai.
( open the stitches of these lips that you have stitched  from ages)
Jo sirf ek he lafz ayyato ko padna chahte hai
( That just like verse what to recite )
Maaa Anu ki Maa sirf Anu ki Maa aur kisi ki Maa nahe.
( Mother is only of Anu’s she’s only mine not of anyone else)
Thank you !!! She shuts the closet door on his face and locks herself inside it .
@ Kitchen 
Shivaay are you sure Anika bhabhi will know eat this ?
“Om asked”
I know Om she’s very stubborn but if she’s stubborn than……
SSO is tadibaaz bagda billa too
” Rudra took words of Shivaay”
Shut up Rudy !!! ” Shivaay said throwing vegetable on him”
Today i won’t ” Rudra said catching it on time”
Good catch Rudy boy and exactly today you for the first time you said correct tadibaaz billa ” Om praise him showing thumps up”
Om you too ” Shivaay said placing his hands on sides”
Omru chuckles and share a warm hug with him. Shivaay too reciprocates the hug.
After such a long time we are here. Right Obros ” Rudra said extending his hand”
Yes!! ” Om said placing his hand on him”
After all we are Obro’s ” Shivaay said keeping his hand on their’s”
So Mission Anu and Maa begins? ” All spoke in union stepping in”
Yes !!! ” Shivaay said”
All one by one kept hands on hands.
All for one ” Dev said “
One for All ” Shivaay said gazing all”
What’s today menu Obros? ” Gauri asked”
Aloo puri ” Shivomru said in union”
Everyone smiles and soon senior left them all.
And for me omkara ji ? ” Gauri asked sweetly “
Some kisses and poetry oh yeah yeah ” Rudra said rocking around them”
Gauri blushes and slips from their to safe herself from naughty Rudy.
Shut up Rudy ” Om said pouring flour on his head”
Rudra glare him and smacks Om face in flour
Rudraaaaaa !!!!! ” Om shouts “
Rudra nahe face pack Om
 ” Shivaay chuckles”
I’m going ” Om said stomp his foot”
Rudra sings
Zindagi Mil Ke Bitayenge
Haale Dil Gaa Ke Sunaayenge
Om turns and burst into laughter seeing Shivaay head covered with noddles 
Shivaay spread his arms and sings
Hum Tho Saat Rang Hai
Omru bumps on him. Shivaay hugs them tightly and ruffle their hairs
Yeh Jahan Rangeen Banayenge
Shivaay broke the hugs and clean himself and omru too did the same 
Six days and six nights Anika get ready to became Maa Anu again 
” Shivaay pov flicking his hairs” 
Shivomru begin cooking and shaking legs
Sargam Hum Se Bane
Nagme Hum Se Jawan
Ghume Aasman
@ Dinning table
Why she’s not coming for dinner? ” Anika pov rolling her eyes while gulping water. “
All are here where’s Aarohi?
 “Dadi ji asked”
Maa ji Aarohi said she’s not hungry ” Dev replies with mischief smile”
Anika chokes hearing that
All smiles widely as the know reason behind this chokes
Anika what happened ” Shivaay asked rubbing her back with smirk”
Anika nods negatively
Anu drink carefully ” Dev said “
What carefully dad it’s third glass di gulp ” Gauri said “
Yes, dad even i was counting and if di will fill her tummy with water then who will eat dinner
” Bhavya said keeping jug away from her”
Anika beta have your dinner. Shivaay with so much love cooked for you ” Devi ji said”
Yes Anika have it i’ve cooked your favourite Aloo puri
” Shivaay smirks”
Oh oh !! Shivaay bhaiya how can Anika bhabhi eat when Maa is not hear ” Rudra said”
It’s not like that ” Anika said “
Then eat na Anika di ” Gayu said  extending bowl to her with broad smile”
Anika smiles and grasp bowl from them and intentional made it fall on her while plating
Opps sorry you guys continue i’m coming after cleaning it ” Anika said in a flow and runs “
All laughs at her back.
@ Devohi room
Why you are not coming for dinner? ” Anika asked irritatedly”
I’m busy right know . I’ll have  later Anika” Aarohi replied clearing cwardrobe”
Hearing Anika from Aarohi mouth she digs nail in her palm in anger
I know why you are not joining all for dinner. Just because i’m present there na ” Anika said stepping close to her”
Who you are, that for you i’m gonna skip my dinner. Huh?
” She asked shutting wardrobe door”
I know i’m nothing nor i want to be something. But i know that you skipped first two meal to and know again making excuses. I know you don’t want to see my face that’s why you are not coming out from your room.
Please go and have your dinner i promise I’ll not come infront of you again ” Anika said gazing floor”
You…..before Aarohi could complete Anika runs from there
Mission Anu’s Maa Day one
Take this
What’s this ?
Fare in english and kiraaya hindi. 
Mein koi driver hoon huh?
Kyaaaa ?????
Thanks for your support 
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  1. Aniriya

    Hi nati
    Khidkithod update tareef karu kya uski jisne tumhe banaya. This was the most adorable and emotional update.
    And it is getting interesting and exciting day by day.
    Keep smiling love you loads

  2. Exactly i agree with Aniriya words tareef karu kya uski jisne tumhe banaya. What a talent you have yaar ???. Such a perfection. Lovely dear you.

    And now six days…… SSO did his signature move so now definitely Aarohi will get her Anu back. I’m so excited for that day when Anu will say Maa.

    Update the next soon and till then keep smiling and writing.

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing update.. Woohoo SSO is on a mission anu.. I am excited???????.. Will be eagerly waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you?

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is exciting

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