Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai …Loved you intensely…AdiYa FS Part 5(Last chapter)

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Thanks a lot to my dear friends for te support.This SS is ending here.Plz give a detailed comment on the last part.Plz do write ur favourite character,favourite scene,favourite jodi n why u liked them.

The credit for the edits goes to the real editors

Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai ….Loved you intensely…Part 5
Wassim:Tell me..who do you choose?Your Abbu or your so called lover?

Zoya:I love both you and Aditya equally.
Noor:I am also impartial in love.

Zoya:But we are choosing you as a life is more important than any kind of pain.
Noor:Yes Abbu.We are willing to sacrifice our love for you.
Wassim smiled emotionally and hugged them.
Zoya:But Abbu..we have a request.Please let us meet our love for one last time.
Wassim was shocked.
Noor:Trust us Abbu.We will keep our word.We just want to see our love for the last time.
Wassim nodded yes.
Zoya and Noor smiled tearfully:Thank you Abbu.

Zoya and Noor met Aditya and Arjun.
Aditya:I was so happy when you called and told me that you want to meet me.I am so happy to see you again.
Zoya:I am sorry Aditya.This will be our last meeting.
Aditya was shocked:What do you mean?

Abhi Abhi Bhule Bhi Na The Tumhe, Khyal Banke Phir Tum Aa Gaye,
Ehsaas Jo The Dil Mein Kahin Anhkahe, Lafzon Pe Phir Wo Yuin Aaa Gaye…

Zoya:We are shifting to Delhi.Abbu took promise from us that we won’t keep any touch with you guys.
Aditya was shocked:How can you Zoya?We love each other.How can you just break all ties with me?

Shashoon Ke Sarzamin Par Barshaat La Gaye,
Ek Jhhapki Mein Tere Shau Khawab aa Gaye…

Zoya cried:Yes I love and I will love you till eternity.But I can’t stay with you.Because right now more important is my father’s life.I can’t lose my father at any cost.He has suffered a lot in his life.And is it necessary to live together to love each other?
Aditya was shattered.
Aditya:You are right.It is not necessary to live together and see each other to love someone.So even if you leave me I will always love you.

Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse… Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…

Zoya wept:All the best Aditya.I am sure that you will do wonders in your career too.
Aditya smiled emotionally:All the best to you too Zoya.

Maanti Hoon Khuda Tujhi Ko, Tu Hi To Hai Rehbar Mera,
Ab Se Khalipan Mein Bhi Tu, Pass Mere Khada…

Aditya and Zoya could not control themselves.They burst into tears and embraced each other.
They wiped each others tears.

Tu Hai Nahi Yaha, Ye Na Yakeen Hua,
Kaise Karoon Ye Khud Se Bayaan,
Bikhri Hoon Har Jagah, Main Rait ke Tarah,
Na Mere Dard Ki Hau Dawa…

Zoya:Give me farewell with a smile.
Aditya smiled tearfully.
Adi:You too bid me good bye with a smile.
Zoya smiled tearfully.

Shashoon Ke Sarzamin Par Barshaat La Gaye, Ek Jhhapki Mein Tere Shau Khawab aa Gaye…

They waved good-bye at each other.

Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse… Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse..

Arjun was shocked to hear from Noor that they are leaving and have come here only to break up with them.
Arjun:What are you saying Noor?

Arjun cupped her face:Noor…you can’t leave me and go like this.
Noor wept:Sorry Arjun.

Toot Ke Bikhra Padda Hoon, Shans lena Bhi Hai Saza,
Jeene Mein Abb Kya rakha Hai, Marr Raha Shau Dafa…

Noor:I have to leave you.We can’t be together.

Arjun was frustrated:I will not accept defeat.I will get you back for sure.
Noor:Please stop it Arjun.Nothing like that will happen.

Arjun:Why not?We love each other.If there is love I will bring you back to my life for sure.

Noor:Please don’t keep hopes for yourself and for me.It will only break us more.

Kaisi Ye Sazishein, Roothi Hai Ranzishein, Leeti Hai Karwatein ZIndagi…

Arjun and Noor shared a painful eye lock.

Abb Kis Modd Pe Aake Ruka Hoon Main, Na Koi Modd Hai Na Koi Pata…

Noor:Bye Arjun.

Shashoon Ke Sarzamin Par Barshaat La Gaye,
Ek Jhhapki Mein Tere Shau Khawab aa Gaye…

Noor turned to walk away.Suddenly Arjun held her hand.

Arjun:Please don’t go Noor.

She looked at him.

Noor removed his hand off her and left tearfully.

Bepanah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse… Bepanah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…

Zoya and Noor got inside the car shedding tears.Aditya and Arjun cried loudly.

Hai Alag Ye Baat Phir Bhi, Tu Mera Na Kabhi Hua,
Phir Bhi Maine Tujhko Apne, Dil Mein Di Hai Jagah….
Tu Mera Na Hua, Ab Ye Yakeen Hua,
Kya Thi meri Khata Tu Bata,
Jaun Kahan Main Abb Manzill Ka Na Pata,
Thehra Hoon Iss Kadar Tujh Mein Haan…
Shashoon Ke Sarzami Par Barshaat La Gaye,
Ek Jhhapki Mein Tere Shau Khawab aa Gaye…

After 6 months…

Wassim and Roshnaq called their daughters.
Roshnaq:We have called you both to inform a happy news.

Zoya:What is that?
Wassim:We have fixed your marriage.

They were shocked.
Wassim:You don’t want to know about the boys we have selected?
Zoya:No need Abbu.Without knowing about them itself its yes from me.
Noor:Yes from me too.

Wassim and Roshnaq were surprised.
Wassim:Are you sure that you both don’t want to see even their photographs?
Zoya:No Abbu.The boy does’nt matter to us.All matters is you have chosen the boy for us.Right Noor?

Noor:Yes.We trust your selection.We know that your selection will be the best.
Wassim smiled:But still you can take your decision.
Zoya:We already told you our decision Abbu.
Roshnaq:Then next week we shall conduct the engagement.
Zoya and Noor gave a pale smile and went to their room.
They both cried without any limit.

Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyar Hai Tumse… Bepnah..Bepanaah … Pyar Hai Tumse…(Bepannah).

Noor:Why aapi…why this is happening with us?
Zoya:I don’t know.Not everyone is blessed to have a life with the person they love.We may be in that category.

Noor:We are so unlucky.
Zoya:But when we see happiness on Abbu’s face we feel so nice.Right?
Noor:Yes Aapi…that is why we are able to relieve ourselves from pain.
Zoya hugged Noor.

The sisters became each other’s solace.

Wassim and Roshnaq watched it painfully without their knowledge.

Engagement party…

Zoya and Noor were brought to the party hall.
Wassim:Hi everyone.This party is to inform everyone about my daughters’ engagement.Today my beloved daughters will get engaged.I would love to invite my daughter’s men who will be their fiance in the next few moments.

He invited the boys and their family.
Zoya and Noor were least interested in seeing the boys.
Roshnaq:Atleast now look who are you both getting engaged to.

Zoya and Noor looked at the boys who were standing before them smiling.They could not believe their eyes.They were Aditya and Arjun.
Zoya and Noor looked at Wassim and Roshnaq in disbelief.
Wassim smiled:Your eyes are not cheating you.You both are getting engaged to Aditya and Arjun only..the boys you both love.
Zoya and Noor smiled emotionally:But how?
Wassim:As I told you before I stood against this relationship only because I thought it can cause bloodshed in our family again like before.I thought Hoodas will also hate my daughters like what happened to Bani.But quite some days back Mr.Harshwardhan Hooda and Mrs.Anjana Hooda came to meet me.I realized that they are not like Bani’s in laws.I realized that Hooda family is so nice that my daughters will be happy with them.I realized that they were not against this relationship or my daughters like Bani’s in laws.So I did’nt have any reason to reject their proposal.So I decided to get my daughters married to the person they love.
Anjana:Our children’s happiness is more important for us.
Harshwardhan:Yes…love is universal.We have no right to stand against love and as parents it’s our duty to unite our children with the person they love.

Roshnaq:You are right Harshji.
Zoya and Noor hugged their parents weeping:Thank you so much.
Wassim and Roshnaq caressed them.
Zoya and Noor went near Aditya and Arjun.
Arjun:See..I told you that I won’t accept defeat and I will get you back.But you did’nt believe it.But see..I did what I said.
Noor smiled:You are too brilliant Arjun.
Arjun:Yes I am when it comes to my love Noor.

They both smiled.
Aditya:Our love is not easy to break Zoya.We are meant for each other.

Zoya:You are right Aditya.Our bond will never break.We will always be with each other.

Aditya nodded holding her hand.

Aditya-Zoya and Arjun-Noor exchanged rings.

The music was played…
Aditya-Zoya,Arjun-Noor.Wassim-Roshnaq and Harshwardhan-Anjana danced…

Ishq Hai…
( Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam )… (2)
Ghayal Kar De Mujhe Yaar Tere Paayal Ke Jhankar
Hey Soni Sone Teri Soni Har Adaa Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….
Ho Teri Mastaani Anjaani Bataon Ko Mera Salaam
Rangon Mein Doobi Doobi Raaton Ko Mera Slaaam
Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main
Soney Soney Aisse Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Ho Teri Hathhawitch Mehandi Ka Rang Khila Hain
Tujhe Sapano Da Changa Mehboob Mila Hain
Meri Banno Pyaari Pyaari Sari Duniya Se Nyaari
Ise Doli Mein Tu Leja Doliyaan, Doliyaan…
Teri Meri Nazar Jo Mili Pehli Baar
Ho Gaya Ho Gaya Tujhse Pyaar
Dil Hai Kya Dil Hai Kya Jaan Bhi Tujhpe Nisaar
Maine Tujhe Kiya Aitbaar
Ho Main Bhi Toh Tujhpe Mar Gayi
Deewanapan Kya Kar Gayi
Meri Har Dhakan Betaab Hai
Palkon Vich Tera Khwaab Hai

Ho Jaan Se Bhi Pyaari Pyaari Jaaniya Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq, ( Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq )… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Main Tere Ishq Mein Do Jahan Vaar Doon
Mere Vaade Pe Kar Le Yakeen
Keh Rahe Hai Zameen Keh Raha Aasman
Tere Jaissa Dooja Nahin
Ho Aisse Jaadoon Na Daal Ve
Naa Aaon Tere Naal Ve
Jhooti Tereefein Chodh De
Ab Dil Mere Dil Se Jod De
Ho Jo Abhi Hai Dil Se Nikli Uss Dua Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)

( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Rab Se Hai Iltija Maaf Kar De Mujhe
Main Toh Teri Ibaadat Karoon
Aye Meri Soniye Na Khabar Hai Tujhe
Tujhase Kitni Mohobbat Karoon
Tere Bin Sab Kuch Benoor Hai
Meri Maang Mein Tere Sindoor Hai
Sanson Mein Yehi Paigaam Hai
Mera Sab Kuch Tere Naam Hai
Ho Dhadkanon Mein Rehnewaali Soniye Ko Salaam
Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam
Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main
Soney Soney Teri Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (3) Ishq Hai….

The End

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  2. It’s superb favorite Jodi is both adiya and arnoor.i liked their engagement scene both the brothers and sisters engaged at the same time.having something like that in life is memorable and so beautiful.And happy because wasim changed his mind and agreed for their marriage.adiya separation scene was so emotional.good that zoya and noor respect and love their parents so much..the pics are beautiful.and also the songs was superb.the full SS was interesting.please continue writing.i like reading ur ffs ..stay blessed..take care dear

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much

  3. Anuva

    It’s too good… i loved it… my favourite is zoya and Noor accept Wasim’s decision without know who is groom… awesome SS…super sissy…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you.what about your favourite Jodi and favourite character n why?

      1. Anuva

        My favourite jodi is both Adiya n Arnoor… Because Arjun and Noor helps Adi to attract Zoya… They are cute couple… Arjun has so much belief in his love… i like Adiya always… they are perfect couple… both behave matured… I love both

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