Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari lost

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sweety tells Sandhya that Mauli and Kunal were extremely happy together. Nandini casted an evil eye over them. Sandhya watches Mauli, Mishti and Ishaan enjoy during the festival. Sweety tells Sandhya that Mauli was extremely close to Radhika and Dida. Sandhya tells Sweety that she made Mauli leave all relations from Kunal and his family; and Mauli accepted her condition for Ishaan’s sake. Sweety was in a disbelief as she has witnessed their love. Sandhya says Mauli couldn’t have got anyone better than Ishaan. Sweety also wish that Nandini’s shadow must cast no effects over Mauli and Ishaan’s life. Sandhya decides to make sure not to let Mauli’s past overshadow Ishaan’s life, she will protect them from any evil eye.
Pari had reached the venue of Lori alone. Sandhya and Sweet watch her as she calls Mauli. Sandhya comes to Pari and asks why she came over, and if she came her alone? Pari says she came here all alone, she tells Sandhya that she and Mishti have same fathers and Mauli and her Buddy were married. She wants to ask Mauli why they can’t be together again. Sandhya tells Pari that it was because of Nandini that Mauli and Kunal separated from each other. Pari requests them not to call any bad names to her mama. Sweety comes there and tells Pari that Mauli helped her Mummy, but her mummy snatched Mauli aunty’s husband. Pari cries insisting that her mama isn’t evil. Sandhya tells Pari to go away from here. She must understand Mauli suffered a lot because of her mother, she must walk away from Mauli and Mishti. She goes to bring someone to drop Pari back. Pari runs inside.
At home, Kunal calls Pramilla for tea. Radhika says Pramilla went with Pari downstairs. Dida tells Kunal that Mishti came to take her luggage with Ishaan. Its Lori function at their place. Pramilla runs upstairs in a state of panic that Pari is no more downstairs. They all look into the house. Kunal asks Radhika if Mishti and Pari had a fight. Radhika says they left really happily.
Mauli was in the kitchen. Sweety came to her and was happy that they are now relatives. Mauli tells Sweety that she never thought her life would take such upside down turning. She has forgotten her past completely. Both notice Kunal was calling Mauli, but Mauli cuts the call twice. Sweety says Mauli was really committed to Kunal, but a few people are difficult to forget. She appreciates Mauli’s decision to move on in life. Though she was a divorcee and had a daughter as well, still she got Ishaan. She is aware Mauli won’t be able to love Ishaan the way she loved Kunal, but at least she must try to love him. Mauli tells Sweety that her decision to marry Ishaan isn’t a compromise, she has been with him for last three years and really wants to give her full to Ishaan. She leaves the kitchen with breakfast. Ishaan stood behind the kitchen door and was cheers.
Mishti notices Kunal’s call. Kunal asks Mauli not to cut the call, if she knows something about Pari? Mishti says it’s not Mauli, she is Mishti. Kunal asks Mishti what she spoke to Pari when she came over. Mishti says she told Pari that she and Pari have the same father. Kunal asks Mishti why she told her. After the call, Kunal runs outside to look for Pari. Radika shouts at Pramilla for being irresponsible. Dida says she always wished they tell Pari about the truth.
Pari walked alone on the road side, depressed about her the accusations over her mother.

PRECAP: Mishti prays for Pari to be safe, while help her Papa find her. It was now morning. Kunal looked around for Pari but she was nowhere to be found.

Update Credit to: Sona

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