Yuvani os my love to the end epic- 1

Yuvraj- good morning to myself yuvraj birla and he smiles and starts to *cough* god what has happen to me. He gets out of his bed and goes to washroom and comes out running oo god today is bhai’s birthday how can I forgot  and he run out side to wish him when he saw sharad wishing him

Surabh – u forgot about my birthday na yuvraj

Yuvraj – sorry bhai

Surabh- see u r friend wished me but u didn’t

Yuvraj – sorry na bhai happyyysst birthday bhai love u a lot bhai

Surabh- thanks chotto

Yuvraj – and sharad u remembered bhai’s birthday then why didn’t u tell me ?

Sharad- because I knew u will forget he laughs and yuvi runs behind him but hen get breathless

Sharad pratima and surabh get teens and makes him sit then he start to cough

Pratima whats wrong with him u have to go to doctor today

Surabh- I will take him ma don’t worry

Sharad- I will come with u yuvi go and change okk

Yuvraj- okk *sad*

They went to hospital and doctor told to do some test they went to the blood test lab there where many people before yuvraj

Sharad- yuvraj , bhai u both wait here I will bring some water for u

Yuvraj- okk

The screen shifts to a girl who is closing her eyes in fear

Nurse- mam it’s over, u can open ur eyes  she opens the eyes and smiles at the nurce

Girl- thanks

Nurse- what is ur name??

Girl- suhani….suhani shirvastiv

Nurse- thank you suhani u r so brave even in this condition u r smiling

Suhani- u have to be brave when u know…., u know what I mean .

Nurse- yaa all the best u can do it J

She comes out of the room when she collapse with some one

Suhani- sharad u ? h r u?

Shared – what a present surprise to meet u suhani from doremon to a Barbie girl ha I am fine and now double fine nice too met u after 20 years yaar he hugs her

Suhani- yaa shared by the way what are u doing in the hospital

Sharad- yuv is not well god knows what has happen to him

Suhani- yuvraj…?

Yuvraj gets up and look hear and there and find know one and closes his eyes again

Sharad – yaa we are still bff u know bff goals

Suhani- yaa 🙂 but is he fine

Sharad – yaa, ask him only na how can I fell if he is fine or not and he laugh

Suhani – u can never change

Sharad – come

Suhani’s pov-  shall I go or not shall I meet him or run away from her suhani may be this is last chance god has given me I will not loss it I need to see him he is my power maybe because of him I can fight my problem I will meet u yuvraj 🙂 end of pov

They went to yuvi, yuvraj has kept his eyes closed, he opened and sawed  suhani then he again closed it and think how can suhani be hear and he closes his eyes again sharad shakes him up he gets up and sees sharad and suhani there she was there it was not his dream she was so pretty he thought

Yuvraj- hey

Suhani- hii h r u now?

Yuvraj- fine what about u?

Suhani- me too

He came to her and hugged her

Suhani’s pov – nooo nooo yuvi don’t do it or I will melt again and will again love u like I did before and if this time u hurt me I will have no time to forgive u .But I can’t stop myself I hugged him back

end of pov

yuvraj’s pov – I actually need it suhnai after 20 years I got u thanks for coming back in my life again sorry for hurting u but I won’t do it again

end of pov

they broke the hug

suhani- don’t worry yuvraj everything will be fine

yuvraj- how do u know?

Suhani- I just know she smiled he did too

Yuvraj- y are u hear?

Suhani- Nor..Normal checkup

Yuvraj- okk “why do I fell something is up”

Suhani- so test is over

Sharad – no next number is his

Nurse- mr birla please come in

Yuvraj- bhaiya please come with me na

Surabh – u know yuvi I can’t handle it take sharad with you

Sharad- no I can’t please take suhani with u go suhani go

Yuvraj- suhani

Suhani- okk come

They go inside and yuvi sits in chair suhani

Suhani- don’t worry yuvi everything will be fine she takes his hand in her

Nurse comes with injection

Yuvraj- nooo.. I can’t do it please suhani lets go I am fine

Suhani- u r so darpock yuvi u can’t do any thing

Yuvraj- I am not okk

Suhani sings nurse she nod with smile

Suhani- acha when we had went to Punjab for picnic u have told to enter a old house why didn’t u went yuvraj start to explain and nurse takes the blood

Nurce- done

Yuvraj looks at her then at his hand and then at his suhani

Suhani- it’s over she smiles he smiles back they when out

Surabh – done darpock

Yuvraj- yaa “then he got what he said” bhai u r also barpock okk

Surabh- yaa yaa

Suhani- we will get the reports tomorrow byee now I have to leave

Surabh- suhani today is my birthday so I want u to come

Yuvraj –yaa suhani please

Suhani – okk I wll try and happy birthday surabh bhai

Surabh- thanks suhani but don’t try u have to come and stay back toady

Suhani – stay back no bhai

Shard- suhani its cool na I will to stay and god know when the next time we will me we will do lot’s of masti, please!! Please!!

Suhani- okk I will come 🙂 she leaved

Yuvraj smiled happily

Sharad- bhaiya someone is so happy

Surabh laugh yuvraj gets shy

Sharad – let’s go

Yuvraj’s pov – it was eight clock gusts has started to arrive and there she was in pretty red dress she still knows my favorite color

End of pov

Yuvraj- hii suhani

Suhani- hii yuvraj nice house it’s so big and so beautiful

Yuvraj- yaa not much as u beautiful:)

She smiles shyly  – thanks

Yuvraj – come I will meet u with my mom dadi and bhabhi

He takes her to pratima and dadi suhani takes their blessing and she becomes god friend of rags too yuvi was too happy to see it

Yuvraj – suhani come I will show u my room

Suhani- okk  by the way I want to meet birthday boy where he is ?

Yuvraj – come I will take u he took her to surabh and she wished him and gived him gift he thanked her for coming they had some brother sister moments and yuvi and suhani left to his room

Yuvraji- so this is my room did u like it miss interior designer

Suhani- yaaa it’s beautiful Mr Business man

She when to a group photo- and this is priceless memories you, me, bhavana, sharad . somya, Krishna, aman, menka, anuj, over group and she smiles he smiled back

Suhani- by the way where is u r gf somya

Yuvraj- no suhani she is not my gf any more I did a big mistake that day by choosing her she ran away with Krishna when she got to know I am not that rich and I could not have completed her demands and after the time past I got to know she was not the one who was in my mind I didn’t love her I loved..

Pratima- children come for cake cutting come

Yuvraj- okk maa come suhani

Suhani’s pov

we came out and surabh cut the cake and feed every one till then yuvi came to suhani too feed the cake  i eat it fully it was embracing  but I can’t let anyone eat my  tasted but still he liked his finger I was scared of that thing but he did

What do u thing suhani is scared of ?? And how was there group in clg let see 🙂

Hey guys this is the new os I am trying it will be of few epic hope u like it and pyaar tuna kya kiya and sweet spice love story will come up in this week only I will do the best for it and really sorry for so late it’s my 12th and my full day goes in class and clg so please understand me thank you so much guys for u r support love love 🙂

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