Pyaar bhi aur dard bhi episode 1

A lady wearing skin tight jeans and an off shoulder kurti paired with a peach scarf was standing near the hills. Alongside a song was lingering in her mind..

Ae zindagi qatra hoon main
Ya main hoon dariya tumhara
Ae zindagi zarra hoon main
Ya main hoon saara zamaana
Ik baar aankhen milaa ke bata de
Kyaa naam hai mera…

Chaand hoon main yaa chaand ka tukda
Ya main hoon daag tumhara

Ae zindagi qatra hoon main
Ya main hoon dariya tumhara
Ae zindagi zarra hoon main
Ya main hoon saara zamaana

Suddenly she was interrupted by a young girl aged 5 who asked her to come over. She said- jaan di aaj aapne Hume ek story sunaani the na. Haan Chalo jaldi se Baki sab ko lao..

Pinky, Daisy, Mishti, Samrat jaldi aao… Jaan didi aaj wo special wali story sunaaengi..

Samrat – wow. Tum logon ko pata hai as per hjman nature listening and naarting stories  rejuvenates your inner self.

Daisy- Samrat! Tum aur tumhare facts ufff.

Mishti- ok guys … Now hurry up


Everyone comes to Neelanjana and sits near her to listen to the story…

Neelanjana- Ok. So aaj hum angel aur prince ki kahani sunenge. Choose your language- English or Hindi?

Pinky- Jaan Didi Kya faida aapne sunaani to English me hi he. What’s the point in asking.

Neelanjana- wo to hai… Toh shuru karein..

So once upon a time a king and a queen had a daughter. She was beautiful and charming like a fairy so they named her Angel. She had all the luxuries but wanted a true soul mate to lend fulfillment to her life whom she found in her affinity Neel. Neel was a ferocious warrior always standing by the right.

One day when angel went to the flower area she was attacked by a mighty horse. She was in a state of utter astonishment and didn’t know what to do. Suddenly a lightning struck that area and her knight in shining armor came to rescue. He pulled her by her waist and took her to the palace safely. Late at night both of them realised that they had lost to one another and finally confessed their love to one another. Neil being a defiant warrior fought the obstacles and paved way for their sweet and happy marriage and eventually a jovial family..

Neelanjana- so kaise the story?

Mishti- Jaan di iss story ki angel to bilkul aapke jaise the ekdum perfect.

Neelanjana smiles and thinks aur prince Neel jaisa..

Suddenly some one knoxks at the door. Neelanjana goes to open the door and is shocked to see someone

Precap- a guy comes over to the door and a girl comes and embraces him and says I love you. The guy says I know right

Hi guys so here is the first episode. I welcome your appreciation and criticism. One question guess the guy here? Hope u all like as the story progresses. Do drop your reviews

Have a productive day ahead!?

  1. Avneil

    PS – ignore my spelling errors. Will try to proof read next time

  2. Do drop your comments so that I am apprised of my shortcomings..

    1. Avneil

      I am extremely sorry that no one likes my ff…. It may seem overreacting but receiving no response I am intending to finish this in my next post
      Sorry to have bored you guys all through.

  3. 8B4756

    The episode was awesome and I guess that the guy is Neil,and don’t get upset your plot is nice and eventually you will receive more comments ,Happy writing ??.

    1. Avneil

      Well the guy is not Neil. Thanks for elevating my spirits. Feels nice to have friends like you Shia

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