Dil se dil ka Rishta (C 2) Pt 2

Let’s begin….

*oh i forgot to introduce you all..when i was sitting in the bus stand a guy was flirting through sign ..Tommy. He is my cousin…har jagah koi na koi kaand kar ke hi aajata hai..darti pe bhoj suna hai…na na weight wala nahi but ek number ka kameena..saala chor kutta…usne pehla kaand church pe kiya tha..when materon R.father’s 77th birthday..it was his last visit to the particular church*

Tommy is shown reading the Bible behind the father..suddenly he coughs and moves

*Now you would think where is this thomas moving*

He moves to the room and opens wardrobe and takes out the wine and drinks

*No no..i was not talking about this..this is normal to the guy’s like tommy but the thing was something else*

Tommy again moves back to position and stands with other guy’s of his age that’s behind the Father

Everyone were kissing R.father’s hand something shined..
Tommy sees a gold ring in R.father’s ring…

When his time of kissing comes..while kissing he slowly stole the ring and escaped

*Hai na ek number ka kameena insaan after 3 year’s of the incident everyone of our family convinced his parents to take him back and finally he was taken back..
Same day i went to him to know about hero?*

There few worker’s were standing

Tommy: don’t worry tell my name wherever you go..ok…

Ragini smiled impressed

Tommy sees ragini:arey..Ragini you here..bacchi kaisi ho
Ragini:i am fine brother

Tommy gets the call

Tommy:it is a small issue..why are you feared when i am with you don’t worry
He disconnects the call

Ragini:brother..i wanted to ask about the guy..whom you got scared at the bus stand…

Tommy:who Sanskar?

Ragini with a small smile:Sanskar

Tommy:i am not scared…but he is a dangerous goon..you know he hits the innocent people

(Sanskar with group of his members and hitting few guys black and blue)

Tommy:u know he hit a police officer

(Sanskar is shown hitting a police)

Tommy:why did you ask about him?

Tommy:stay away from him..ok?we innocent people should just choose one thing that’s a long distance from him

Ragini nods…

*Then i went to Myrah di..the girl who was in the bus stand*

Myrah stiching a dress:who told you sanskar is a goon?i myself called him that day because of tommy’s disturbance..u know how tommy is?

Myrah gives Ragini’s dress

Myrah:by the way why you asked about sanskar?

Ragini:no simply…
Myrah smiles…

Ragini goes in her bike…

*Then i moved to to sunny to inquire about hero ahaan Sanskaar.. sunny a mechanic who is incomplete without me..ahaan not that..see yourself”

Sunny:sanskar is a rebel..none need to be scared when he is with us…maar tho maar..respect tho respect..a hero

Ragini smiles:hmm

Sunny who checking the bike:engine oil should be changed..it would cost hundre…i mean thousand hundred rupees

Ragini:this much?

Sunny immediately:it has that much..and you should give

Ragini annoyed:ok… will give

Sunny himself:oh god please don’t make this kid to go anywhere leaving this place..

Ragini gives him

Later Ragini was taking book in shekar’s cabin..

A man:and about community
Shekar:yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai..sanskar hai na…no one needs to be tensed when sanskar is here

Ragini smiles dreamily taking the books

Ragini and sami were sitting together

When they saw diksha and yardley coming
Diksha:you are so nice yardley
Yardley:thanks for the complement..and even you too..

They passes by..sami was looking at diksha and yardley being bored
While Ragini was in hero’s thoughts?

*Except me everyone knew about hero…and here it is proved too*

Sami:it is our sanskar bhaiyya right
Ragini shockingly turns to sami:hrin?even you know?
Sami:he is Kung Fu master right..my cousin’s goes to kung fu academy
Ragini:which academy?
Sami:2 pastries and one milkshake..i will take you
Ragini nods

Later trio sami Ragini and diksha goes to the academy after the school…

Sanskar sees them

Sami:i came to show her……
Ragini stamps her foot…

Sami smiles: actually came to see the my brother’s

Sami looks at her counsin brother’s who were sleeping snoring

Sanskar:why are you sending them?first the people in your house should be corrected…you always give them chinese food to eat…give them a roti and green gram curry

Ragini herself:green gram curry

Sanskar:then will see about Kung Fu..now go back to home

Sami murmurs:escape..
Trio goes from there

Ragini comes home while singing: machli jhal ki rani hai..jeevan uska paani hai

Shekar was talking in the phone and janki was cutting the veggies

Ragini was about to go but turns:Mumma..how to prepare green gram curry

Listening this..phone in the Shekar’s hand falls down and veggies falls down from janki..due to shock

Ragini enters the kitchen

*That day was the first i got to know which ingredients of green gram curry were placed in which kitchen stand*

While shekar and janki were admiring their daughter standing at the door..who was cooking for the first time in the kitchen..

After preparing it..

Ragini strictly: don’t touch..iwoild come after freshing

Janki nods

Later..both shekar and janki tastes the food..it was burnt salty and spicy

Ragini gets annoyed

Shekhar:when you cook …you should have one thing in mind..a human can taste your dish…


Shekar:you should have a strong aim a goal to achieve something.. Then only you would reach there..

Ragini herself: aim!

Later Ragini goes to grace’s house..
She was talking with her when bell rings

Grace goes and opens the door: Sanskar

Ragini gets excited listening his name so she slowly peeps and sees him

Later he goes after talking to grace

Grace comes

Ragini: aunty..you know sanskar

Grace: who will not know him..and most importantly…he such a matured boy…at his young age he lost his father..his mother took all the responsibility..for which sanskar is feeling guilty that his mom’s dream’s were left incomplete…his mom Radha is my college friend..her dream was to become a poet..when her busband died.. Every responsibilities came on her shoulders and sanskar.. I don’t have enough words to praise him

Ragini looks at her interestingly to know about him

Grace:nowadays when guy’s of his age are becoming doctors and engineers he became a farmer..

Ragini:he is such a nice person?

Grace:if my daughter who is in dubail..was was little elder i mean appropriate age of getting married i eould have got her married to sanskar

Ravini looks at her shocked

Grace laughs: i was kidding..i didn’t knew how to praise him.. that’s why..!

Ragini smiles

Grace: even our thomas and sanskar were friend’s in college

Ragini Shocked: what? But he didn’t tell me about this…

Grace looks at her

Ragini:i will be back…

She goes

*So then i directly went to Tommy’s newly opened cyber cafe*

Tommy:Ragini how is my cyber

Ragini looks around and a guy kissing a girl

Rag shocked: haww this is immoral trafficking

Tommy: nothing like that..poor kids..they get some privacy here only

Ragini looks at him disgusted

Tommy:so why you came?

Ragini:i wanted to ask you and sanskar were friends in college

Tommy angrily:sanskar sanskar sanskar..go home…

Ragini threatening:if you didnt tell i will tell immoral trafficking at home..

Tommy smiles:arey Ragu baccha..i was kidding


Tommy:it was the time when me sanskar and she…hum jigri dosth hua karte the

(Sanskar and tommy and a girl were shown roaming around college)

Tommy:Raja ko Rani se pyaar hogaya

Ragini shocked:hein??pyaar

Tommy:haa..their love bloomed everywhere

(Tommy is shown smiling at the girl and sanskar..who was so busy lost in eachother’s eyes)


Tommy:then what? everything gone

Ragini: but…

Tommy:like every gold digger..when America’s proposal..she married happily..and we lost friendship

Ragini:but why is he angry at you?

Tommy:arey it’s not because of me but my father


Tommy: arey that cheater the girl was Shiny Fernandez..my sister your cousin…

Ragini:hein…shiny didi


Ragini:even i had 2 plates of biriyani at the betrayer’s i mean shiny didi’s wedding…

To be continued…..

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