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The episode starts with Ajju reaching hospital and trying to console Taruni. Taruni tells him that someone shot Jeet from very near. She says Jeet was about to close Gautam Dev’s enquire and says she should have listened to him and cries hugging him. YS reaches hospital and tries to speak to Taruni. Taruni asks him to leave her alone and go from there. He tries to go towards Gauri, but Taruni stops him and says even mamma does not want to talk to you. YS says he is her father. Taruni says her father is dead and asks him to leave. YS sadly leaves from there.

YS come out of hospital and sees doctor and wardboys alleging a kid for stealing. He sees clown between them. He reminisces his childhood where his father used to take him to a mela and he used to see clown performing there. He sees the same clown performing ricks and stealing wallets from people. Clown catches YS and instead alleges him for stealing. YS’s father tries to rescue him, but clown alleges him also of stealing. YS at the present day is traveling in his car. He sees clown and says his father was alleged because of him. Clown says after that incident, he did not do anything that people could allege him, but even then, he is alleged. YS then sees song being played on FM…

Dharmendra and Ashish reach Anand’s home and asks if they disturbed him. Anand says he slept his son himself today after somanhy days and says he does not want to be part of them. Dharmendra says you did a lot for YS, but he threw you out like a fly from milk and says they together can take revenge from YS. Anand asks if he disconnected net during Nayan’s operation. Dharmendra says yes and says he wanted to take revenge, but Rishi saved YS. Anand says he knows they both have another partner and asks who is the third one. Dharmendra says one one is there. Anand says he is not a fool and says he has already spoke to him, says he is out of it anyways.

Rishi meets Dabra and asks him to find out about the man and inform him.

Anand takes his son and wife out on shopping. He sees Dharmendra and Ashish following him and asks why are they following him. Dharmendra asks him to think about his son and says he cannot forget his son’s death and cannot see YS’s son alive. He says your hard work is behind YS’s company’s success. Anand agrees to help them, but wll speak to their third partner directly.

Rishi meets Manju and asks her about Mona’s arrest. Manju says it is her mistake. Dabra calls Rishi and informs her that man’s phone is traced in a house. Rishi reaches a house and sees Singh’s body. He sees inspector outside and inspector catches him. He sees Singh’s dead body and asks why he did that. Rishi says someone killed him, not he. Inspector asks who is he. He says he is Rishi, YS’s son. Inspector says this man tried to kill your mom and you shot him to take revenge, but then says he knows he must have not killed him and asks him to go from there while he handles the case. Rishi thanks him and leaves from there.

Nayan asks YS about Rishi. YS says he went back. She asks why did not he inform her. Rishi comes back and smiles. Nayan smiles and asks son and father to stop joking with her.

Anand calls YS and informs that Dharmendra has agreed to take him to his third partner. YS asks him to be careful.

Ajju meets Dharmendra and Ashish. Dharmendra asks Ajju to tell about him as they are partners now. Ajju asks how can they take decision without asking him. Dharmendra asks who made him boss and says when he will meet Anand, he will know everything. Ajju says he works hard to keep his plans secret and he is ruining his hard work. Ashish says he spoke to Anand and Anand has changed. Ajju says his tiff with YS is a drama. Asish asks what tiff he has with YS. Ajju kills Dharmendra with knife and says it was the only way to get Anand out from his way.

Gauri gives media statement that her husband was investigating on Gautam Dev and his old business partners and YS is one among them. She asks if she is alleging YS and Gautam dev for her husband’s murder. She says even police is thinking the same and she wants the truth to come out. Taruni suggests if they can move somewhere else for sometime. She asks what if YS is not behind all this. Gauri asks her to go and stay with YS then and gets into her room. Taruni starts crying vigorously. YS is stunned to watch the news.

Ashish asks Ajju why did he kill Dharmendra. He says he took wrong decision by involving Anand and asks him to shut up and be with him. Anand reaches there and sees Dharmendra dead. He identifies Ajju as Taruni’s friend. Ajju says he has a sharp memory. Anand asks why is he helping them. Ajju says he wants to finish YS like him and asks him to reach police station and inform that he killed Malik on YS’s behalf. Anand asks if he is joking. Ajju says no. Anand asks if Taruni is fine. Ajju asks why is he still worried about YS’s family. Anand asks why should we harm his family. Ajju says even he is thinking the same and shows him clip where Anand’s son is holding gun and Preeti is tied on chair. Anand asks why is he blackmailing him. Ajju says he should confess killing Malik on YS’s insistence. Anand agrees hesitantly.

YS reaches Gauri’s home and rings door bell. Gauri opens door, sees YS and tries to close the door. YS forcefully opens the door and says he did not kill Jeet and to believe him. She asks why should she believe him. YS says by point him, she is letting a real culprit escape and says if she is thinking he will take away Taruni from her, she is wrong, he will not do that, he just wants to hold the things which he is losing. Gauri says her husband is dead and she has only her daughter and asks him to keep away from them and go from there, shutting the door on him. YS sadly leaves from there.

Precap: Comminsioner says YS he is happy seeing him going to jail. Ajju asks Anand to accept kiling Malik or lose his son. YS informs Gauri that Taurni’s life is in danger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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