Doli Armaanon Ki 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
All the ladies including urmi, do the puja of the goddess one by one, and perform the rituals. The ladies then start to begin with the Jhoola ritual. The servant comes in announcing another gift from Samrat, while she is teased by kanchan and annu, and shashi fumes. Urmi is very happy. she opens it to find a mangalsutra,and she is overwhelmed, while all others are happy for urmi. She also reads the loving, romantic note attached alongwith. She is happy, while saroj blesses her to be always happy like this. granny asks her to keep it near the puja venue, and wear it later. urmi complies. Diwaker’s arrival thrills kanchan, who was waiting for him for the jhoola ritual. but asha resists that gaurav and devi havent come yet. but the ladies ask to get on with the ritual. anu asks to call up samrat, but kanchan teases that he would come asap. Shashi fumes in frustration.

As the Jhoola ritual begins, and kanchan and diwaker lovingly do it, all smile, and gaurav and devi too enter, urmi goes in a daze of her own, realising her dream of the jhoola ritual with samrat. Soon she is brought back to the present reality, as asha forces gaurav to do it for her too. aditi longingly comments that it would have been wonderful had samrat been here to do this ritual with urmi. Shashi gets irritated, saying that this ritual isnt necessary and asks why would he come, as he has lots of work to do in the office. moreover he doesnt care at all about rituals and adds that he hasnt ever come in all these years, then why would he do so now. Urmi is saddened while all others are tensed. samrat enters saying that what has never happened before would happen today. all are shocked, while urmi is unable to believe that he actually is here. she screams with happiness from within, and makes a mad dash for him. He says that he had promised that he would make this teej the most valuable teej for her, and would do so. He takes her hand performs the jhoola ritual with her, while all smile. urmi is in the seventh heaven. Rudra compliments samrat for this act, and samrat says that now he would give no more chance to complain. urmi excuses herself, while shashi fumes with frustration. Urmi gives samrat sweets, after which he excuses again to go to the office. she gets tensed, and he explains why its important for him to attend. She agrees and also asks him to pick up natasha from the hotel on his way back. Samrat instantly asks her to talke the car and get her herself, and asks where is she staying. Before she can tell the name of the hotel, annu teases samrat to ask for her gift, and he in return teases her to take it from the person for whom she has kept this gift. annu shyly smiles. All are amused. Shashi finds asha getting ready to eat, and comes to her with concern taking her away to eat. Finally samrat takes his leave, while urmi thanks him for doing all of this. samrat smiles and rudra asks if its very important, and samrat says that he actually cant postpone it. urmi silently agrees to let him go for work. samrat says that there cant be a better wife than her for him, and that he loves her immensely. He leaves, while she longingly sees him go.

In the room, shashi tries to take some food stealthily, but asha’s continuous chattering irritates shashi. She finally doses off. Asha jerks her out of the sleep. Rudra is amused while shashi is frustrated with asha and her nonsense. Just then, asha’s eyes fixate on a pic, and shashi finds her chance to steal the rest of the food. after that she hastily sends off asha. After she leaves, shashi hungrily eyes the food, but before she can eat, asha’s mother comes in asking her to come for the puja. She excuses herself for nature’s call. Asha’s mother start surfing through the things and steals that which is possible. Meanwhile, shashi happily gorges on food inside the bathroom

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Samrat finally enters and is escorted to the room, along with the girl. Urmi arrives too, oblivious that samrat is there. As samrat and the girl get romantic and take the lift, urmi doesnt notice it. she misses the lift just as samrat closes the door. She takes the opposite lift. They both come on the same floor, but on other ends. She misses him at every corner, turning just when he passes out of sight. Finally samrat enters the room, without urmi seeing him with the girl. urmi finds her friend finally, and then natasha gets her husband’s phone, and she excuses herself to talk to that him. Urmi comes to the window side, and exclaims at the wonderful weather. As urmi glances at the other end, she catches a silhouette of samrat, just as he drapes the curtains so as to have privacy with his new candidate for secretary, right in the room across the corridor. urmi is shocked and wonders whats samrat doing here. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: As urmi rings the bell, and the girl in a bathrobe opens the door, urmi walkls in dazed and in a stance, teary yeed, with uncontrollable stream of tears from both eyes, while the girl is baffled. Urmi catches samrat, red handed and guilty, as he lies naked in the bed. Urmi’s world is shattered, while samrat is stunned at having been caught in his infidel act.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Firstttttttt

  2. Samrat is so very dead today 😛

  3. Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!!

    1. That makes two of us I cant wait either

    2. That’s 3 of us lol

  4. Finally!!!!

  5. Finally this time I hope she does not take him back

  6. SO EXCITED FOR TOM!!! I swear i will stop watching if Urmi takes him back again!

  7. Urmi should grab Shaurya and walk out of the house taking all his money! serves him right!

  8. kill him urmi, he deserves it. 1st f ol he never luvd u bt u still luvd him, he olwas dominated u n never cared 4 u bt still u 4gave him, he insulted u n beat u lyk an animal bt still u tuk d case back, n nw he hs crossed ol his limits. dis tym he deserves d harshest punishmnt.

  9. he already crossed his limits when he beat hr lyk an animal. she shudn hv taken bak d case. she shud hv punished him then nly.

  10. he will again play with her emotions and get forgiven, urmi wont do anything against him. that is why women are being harassed always. whatever he does the family will support him and urmi will have to forgive him

  11. urmi’s annoying father n granny will b on his side

    1. it’s true ! read this article :

      he happiness of Urmi (Neha Marda), the protagonist of Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions) has come crashing down after she caught her husband Samrat (Mohit Malik) in bed with another woman in a hotel room.

      If you have missed yesterday’s episode, here is a preview to the incidents. Urmi who had landed in the same hotel where Samrat had come to make merry with his new secretary got to know of Samrat being in the same hotel. On enquiring, she got his room number, and went and knocked at the room door. And to her astonishment, a lady opened the door, and on going in, Urmi got shocked to see a shirtless Samrat sharing bed with the girl.

      Tonight’s episode will see huge drama wherein Urmi will come home weeping her heart out. Samrat would have no excuse to give after being caught in the act. Urmi would reveal about Samrat’s adultery to the family members. She would humiliate Samrat with her stinging words, and would ultimately slap him for cheating on her.

      A source states, “Urmi’s inner strength will come out when she will learn of her husband’s flirtatious nature. She will not only slap him for his deeds, but will also take the major step of leaving her husband’s home.”

      Urmi will barge out of the house, leaving Samrat in a state of shock. She will go with her son to her parents place. However, Urmi will face rejection at her parents’ doorstep when her father would refuse to take his daughter in, as she has left her husband’s home for good.

      How will Urmi’s life shape up from now?

  12. i m not surprised the father was like that too so he wont see anything wrong in what samrat did to his daughter

  13. Thank u that finally Samrat is going to get caught for all his liesand Urmi will stop praising Samrat and get over her crying love u Asha u too good give her more parts

  14. what a louse her dad is….. oh how i love my dad coz if ever anything like that shud happen to any of his girls , he wud welcome them bac with open arms ….ladies remember – no man is worth your tears adn heartache…

  15. Shashie onlty like good for her and her daughter. Such a fake person.

  16. Shashie is ab*t*h

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