Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Ayesha to give him sleeping pills. Payal and Sheela argue. Sheela says she is Rubel’s mum and asks Payal to keep her mouth shut. Its morning, Ayesha tells Nani that after doing so much, Adi again slept at 4am. Nani says there is improvement. They joke and laugh. Avantika comes and sees Nani and Ayesha laughing. Sheela plans to send some sweets and fruits to Kaira and tells Anuj. Ayesha asks can she design a dress for Kaira and send it, as she can wear it on her Godh bharai. Nani and Anuj like the idea. Avantika and Sheela oppose it. Anuj says let her do anything, as she is also related to Kaira.

Avantika starts arguing with Anuj asking him to think about others. Anuj asks Ayesha to make the gifts ready and Ayesha smiles. Rubel talks on phone and Payal comes to him. She says I m sorry. He ends the call and says what you did was wrong, just think about it, if anyone knows it, it will be so embarrassing, I can’t face Adi, so don’t expect I will forget this so soon. He leaves. Avantika asks why are these women protesting outside my office, tell them I can’t help them. She says she will go home early as she has dinner with Harish.

Ayesha talks to Harish and says I m leaving now, and will reach in some time. Nani comes and compliments her. She jokes that Adi will lose today watching her. Ayesha says Adi is excited for the game, and I hope their patchup happens. Sheela comes and asks where is she going. Nani says Adi and Ayesha are going out, they are young. Ayesha compliments Sheela on her looks and good pics of the party. Sheela acts sweet to her. Nani smiles.

Harish says its good something good is happening, I should book a table before I come. He sees Adi and says he came before me. He goes to Adi and acts cool whistling. They both hold the water bottle and leave it. Harish orders ice tea and Adi says I don’t want anything. Harish orders cheese pizza and taunts Adi. Adi doubles the order and says ice tea without sugar, as some people forget their age. Ayesha comes and joins them. They ask why is she so late. She looks at them and says so that you both can talk.

They say lets play and taunt each other in a challenging way. Ayesha says good boys don’t fight. Harish’s friends come and asks him when did he start playing poker. Harish introduces Ayesha as his daughter in law and says that’s my…… Adi says I m Aditya Kumar. They ask Harish to team with his son Adi and play against them. Ayesha says yes great. Rubel tells Sheela that we should call Kaira here. Anuj asks Payal why is she upset, and asks about business progress report.

He says you can talk to Rubel too. Rubel says no, I think Payal can handle everything alone. Sheela says leave it, decide about Kaira, shall we go there or call Kaira here. Harish and Adi win and laugh. Ayesha smiles seeing them. Avantika waits for Harish and calls his movie set staff to ask about him. The man says he left a long time back. She says then where did he go. The game continues and Harish plays well. Ayesha sees Avantika’s call coming on Harish’s phone and signs him to see. Harish checks the missed calls and says 20 missed calls. He says I missed my Lord’s call so I will just come.

Ayesha goes after him. Harish says I had dinner planned with her, now she will not leave me, shall I say I m in shooting. Avantika says don’t say you are on shooting, tell me where are you. Harish acts like network is going. He says club. She asks what are you doing in club. He says he came for location hunting, I know we had dinner, can we have tomorrow. She says fine and says he is so irresponsible. He says thanks and ends the call. Avantika says this is why I hate Harish, last minute cancellations.

She gets a call from office and comes to know that ladies are still here. They want their demand to be fulfilled, so she has to go there. Avantika says I will come Meera. Harish and Adi win again and hug. Ayesha smiles. Harish’s friends are glad and says good game, you both are great, congrats. He asks whats the plan now. Harish says nothing, will go home. Adi says Ayesha, I will wait outside. Harish says Romeo and stops Adi. He asks Adi to end this now, as hug him well. Adi says dad don’t create a scene.

Harish asks whats your problem, if a father talks to his son. Everyone come there looking at them. Adi says stop embarrassing me. Harish asks can you punish me whole life for one mistake, come onyou’re your ego more than your father. I m tired of trying. Harish asks him to end it, or else he will be alive, but a father will die, as this is his last try. Adi is shocked. Ayesha cries. Adi hugs him crying. Everyone clap for them. Ayesha smiles. Adi says I have missed you dad, really. Harish says sorry. Adi says no, I should be sorry for hurting you. Adi says I was wrong dad, I m really sorry and cries.

Harish says I hope you did not say yes for getting saved from public embarrassment. Adi smiles and says this was needed in public as my ego was bigger, and had to go. Harish takes a selfie with Ayesha and Adi. Adi hugs him and she smiles.

Avantika and Ayesha argue. Avantika asks why is Ayesha securing Adi. Ayesha says as I love him a lot. Avantika is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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