Laut Aao Trisha 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik gets ready and asks maid if breakfast is ready. She asks if he needs scrambled eggs like Trisha. Amrita reminisces Trisha ordering scrambled eggs and Pratik ordering the same. Sanya gets a call and speaks to Trisha. Amrita runs and takes phone from her. She tries to speak to her.

Kabeer sees Vivan on floor and says soon he will arrange bed, shaving cream, etc, for him. Vivan says he told him everything. Kabeer asks if he missed any page, any book, etc and shows him Trisha’s novel. Vivan asks why will he read this kinky novel. Kabeer gives him a scribbler and asks him to write that he is suiciding and Kabeer is not responsible for it.

Amrita hears someone speaking as Trisha and asksing her to save her. A man takes phone and asks Amrita not to worry as her daughter is still safe with him. Pratik takes calls, but caller cuts it. Sanya asks Amrita what happened to Trisha. Pratik says nothing and asks her to have her breakfast first.

Lavanya gets Gaurav’s call who asks her help. Lavanya says with Vivan and Trisha’s relationship news, Pratik is very angry and even she cannot help hi now. Sonali tries to console Gaurav. Nikhil reaches there and asks about Vivan. Sonali says she does not now with whom Kabeer has kept Vivan with and says she is okay with him taking drugs, but not stealing. Gaurav asks her how can she say that. Nikil trties to intervene, but Gaurav asks him to stay away from his family. Sonali asks them stop and leaves from there. Nikhil and Gaurav start a verbal argument.

Pratik and Amrita are on breakfast table. Sonali and Gaurav come and Sonali asks Pratik’s help and to forgive Vivan. Pratik says he cannot and to think of her son now. She asks Amrita to explain Pratik. Amrita says even her decision is same, she cannot forgive Vivan. Pratik asks Gaurav to tell his wife that he does not change his decisions.

Abhay sees Vivan’s handrwriting and asks Kabeer when he knew Vivan has not written on Trisha’s erotic book, then why did he ask him to write. Kabeer says someone from Swayka family is the main culprit.

Pratik asks his secretary to cancel all his appointments. He says Amrita how can Sonali ask him to help Vivan when she knows Vivan is the main suspect now.

Kabeer brings Vivan to court. Sonali with Gaurav and Nikhil come there. Sonali hugs Vivan and asks if he is alright and if Kabeer did not torture him much. Kabeer says Vivan is already produced in court and he gave name of his drug peddler. Nikhil asks case is after 30 minutes. Kabeer asks who is he. Nikhil says he is a family friend. Kabeer says then he is also a suspect now.

Sanya sadly tells her parents that nobody plays with her and takes her out, she wants to attend her friend’s birthday party. Pratik asks her to take maid. She does not agree. Amrita says she will go with her. Sanya thanks her.

Amrita takes Sanya to her friend’s birthday party. Sanya happily enjoys there, and Amrita smiles seeing her. Kabeer reaches there and says Amrita that she did good by coming here. Sanya sees Kabeer and requests him to perform his magic trick. Kabeer performs and all kids happily clap for him. Kabeer sees Amrita smiling at him. He asks why is she smiling at him. She says she can see he loves kids.

Kabeer informs Amrita that he is starting a new investigation and informs about Vivan’s bail. She asks how can he get bail. Kabeer says got bail, but not out of his suspicion. He says someone from her family is the main suspect now.

Precap: Kabeer asks Pratik’s handwriting and says he will take even Amrita and other family member’s handwriting.

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