YRKKH – Fresh Story -Episode 4

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Guys, please comment o my ff, i request all the readers to comment, i am getting only 1 or 2 comments, you guys can give me feedback and can give me some ideas also if you want.
alright lets not waste time and start the episode

Today’s update starts with,
Naksh saying i will fresh up and come, bua dadi says ok and asks mishti and gayu to upstairs too, once after he goes, bhabhima asks her what’s this, so fast, bua dadi smiles, akshara asks why are you smiling dadi, bua dadi did you hear what karthik said, he has a sister, they ask so what, she says see, karthik is so good and matured and his sister will be good too so i want to get his sister married to our naksh, bhabhima says what, they worry, bua dadi says nothing to worry, naira will be safe if she goes to that house as their daughter will be in our house and smiles, and you people have seen her picture also she is so beautiful and looks good with naksh,
akshara says but, bua dadi says now don’t argue with and get ready to go to their house tomorrow and goes. Hey all worry.

Next day, bua dadi asks everyone to hurry and sits in car, gayu says i will also come, they say yes, you can come. Naksh says i am not going to come, naitik says it’s ok, you can be here, bua dadi signals him and says how can you be here, we are talking about your sister’s proposal and you should come and makes him agree.
Naksh says why should I come, I will meet them later,
bua dadi asks naira to convince naksh if you want to settle your brother’s life.
naira acts, she says bhai, they are going to become your family,
naksh says WHAT?
naira says mera matlab hai, they are going to become my family, so please come and see them, if they ask about you then what will i say and cries fakely.

Naksh hits on her head, he says dramebaaz, come lets go,, naira smiles and shows thumbsup to bua dadi. Naksh goes inside the car but he doesn’t have place to sit, he says i will come in oher car. Akshara says no naksh you come and sit in this car, me and naitik will sit in the other car, we will buy some sweets to give to kartik’s family,
naksh says i will buy maa, you can sit here.
Naira says oofo bhai, kitne buddhu ho aap, papa and mumma wants some specail time so why don’t you come and sit here, naksh smiles, akshara says shaitaan, she asks naitik to come and sit in the other car. Everyone looks happy and start the car but karthik worries.

The car that kartik is driving is going first and the aksharas car is following them. While they are in the middle of the road, akshara asks the driver to stop the car and says i will buy sweets and come, karthik reduces the speed of the car,
naitik says no no my queen, you order me and i will bring them for you, akshara says but why, i will buy them, you sit here, naitik says no, he gives her the head phones and asks her to listen to songs and goes, akshara smiles.

While akshara is listening to songs, and naitik is buying the sweets, a car from behind comes fast and smashes akshara’s car and the car takes turns, ( guys, same like as the serail).

Naitik, Karthik and the others gets shocked witnessing this, naitik gets shocked and runs towards the car, just then a girl comes running and breaks the glass with a rod and takes akshara out, she asks her to breathe and gives her the asthma pump, she sees karthik and says
Karthik, go and catch that man who had hit aunty’s car, karthik and naksh goes and catches that man, hey beat him up, the girl makes akshara drinks some water, naitik catches akshara and hugs her.
The girl goes the man and beats him, the man pushes her, she gets hurt on her hand, she shouts and asks him to get lost. She then goes near akshara and asks are you ok aunty.

Everyone look at her in amazement. Naksh thinks i have seen her somewhere and wonders but where did I see her, the girl also sees him and wonders the same
Gayu shouts, she says aap Miss Ayesha Mehra hai na,
The girl says yes, but who are you i don’t know you, gayu says i am a great fan of you and your designing clothes, accessories etc, actually after seeing you on the tv, i started changing my clothing style from pajamas to shorts and middies. Ayesha says awww, so sweet of you and hugs her. Bua dadi says so this is the reason behind our gayu’s change.

Kartik hugs the girl and says thank you so much ayesha. Mishti says she is your twin sister right bff, karthik smiles, he says YES. everyone thank her, she says chill guys, karthik told me about you people that you are going to come to our house, by the way i like your choice karthik looking at gayu, kartik says no, she is not naira, she is gayu, naira’s sister and introduces naira to her, ayesha says oh, i am sorry, i got mistaken and says well naira, i like her too and hugs her. But she talks with gayu and naira gets sad witnessing this, karthik says let’s go to our house guys and they all proceed.

Precap: guys, it is the same precap as the last update’s. Akshara comes to kartik’s house and gets shocked seeing karthik’s mom.

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  1. Vrushy

    Add some kaira scenes please.

  2. Hales

    Nyc one yr! Continue just maybe increase the lenght a bit!☺

  3. Sethidisha002

    wat yaar pls open the suspence pls

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