Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 11

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Next day,

Raman gets a message from the other teachers in charge that today they can take their band out for a trip….Raman gets excited and informs others….Ruhi gets very happy.

Arnav and Aarav inform Ishu about this…Ishu allows them to go on a condition that she would go with them….Arnav nods unsure and Aarav gets very happy.Khushi accepts to take them to the best places she know.
Ruhi:Have you seen whole london?
Khushi:No….I have heard of the places that’s it.
Ruhi smiles.
Ruhi(to herself): I cant believe staying in London she hasnt seen the best places…Strange!

All head to a Park (PS.Guys I dont know anything in London only to the fact that I have seen in a few films and the london bridge)

The boys find the place boring….Ruhi gets an idea
Ruhi:The Beach?
Boys get excited
Khushita nods…….Khushi takes them to The beach and they enjoy time there.
Khushi sits in a corner alone and Ishu in the other….Raman,Arnav,Aarav,Ruhi were enjoying the wave…

After sometime Ruhi sits in a comfortable place take photos in her mobile….She takes a pen and a sheet and draw the beach view.

Arnav sees Khushi sitting alone and goes and sits near her.
Arnav: Thank you for sharing the chocolate
Khushi:U are welcome
Arnav smiles: So…
Khushi cuts him
Khushi:I don’t know why but I feel like saying this to you….Ahh….once like this (she explains the beach thing) I had told that person a false name also.I have no idea why I am saying this to you.
Arnav gets happy to find Choti and smiles.
Arnav:Do you remember the guys name
Khushi:No….Some Arshit,Akash,Sarath….I don’t remember at all
Arnav(to himself):And finally I have found you…..I will not leave you now and wait nd watch what I do ..
Khushi:Do you have any idea why I was saying this to you?
Khushi:My tongue,mind and body is crazy
Arnav:U dont have control over it?
Khushi:Of course I do…And by the way what did you mean by whether I have control over it?
Arnav:I mean…I am a s*xy,handsome guy….If u loose your control
Arnav runs…Khushi with sand in her hands run behind him…He stops near water and Khushi hits him nd both fall in the sand…Khushi over Arnav in the less wave region….Rabba ve plays as both were lost in eachothera gaze!Arnav remove the hair strands which where disturbing his view….Aarav spill water on them which bring them back to sense.

Ishu was sitting alone…Ruhi went near her
Ruhi:Will you mind if I lay down in your lap and draw?
Ishu:No dear….!
Ruhi smiles
Ishu opens an umbrella as the sun was disturbing Ruhi.Ruhi smiles thankingly at her.Raman sees Ishu and Ruhi together and smiles.He comes near Ruhi and sits next to Ishu.

Ishu:Hi Raman
Ruhi:Hi bhai…Hows this? (Shows drawing)
Raman:Wow…cool dude
Ruhi:After all I did it right
Raman:Ya ya……behn kiski hai (Afterall whose sis are you?)
Ishu smiles
Ruhi:I am talented and not bcuz I am prof.Raman.Bhalla’s sister ?
Raman makes pout face.Ishu enjoys their cute fight.
Ishu:Do you people fight often?
Ishu smiles
Ishu:I used to fight with Arnu and Aarav like this in childhood…..U ppl still fight like kids?
Raman:Yah….Mom has to come with broom to beat us and then we will stop
Ishu laughs
Raman:Will u mind if I ask you something?
Raman:Why did get angry yday?
Raman:At night in the garden
Ishu:Did u get scared?
Raman(smiles): No not at all
Ishu:I was in a bad mood and you came and disturbed me with your stupid talks
Raman:Stupid….And me….Ah….
Ishu cuts him
Ishu:Come lets go
She gets up and gives Raman her hand for getting up…Raman get up.Somebody from behind push Ishu and as a result she gets closer to Raman…Raman holds her from falling….Ishu gets lost in Raman….Raman on the other hand looks for the person behind….Raman’s sound brought Ishu back to her sense
Raman to kid:Why did you push this aunty?
Kid:I misunderstood it to be my mom.
Raman:Do you push your mom like this?
Kid:Yah….Often when we are in a beach break
Raman looks at the kid shocked and let him go….Ishu laughs at his shocked face.

After sometime they all head back home….Arshi find something strange between them and Ishita was surprisingly happy…..Rurav were also happy.Ruhi and Aarav sat at the extreme back of the car and Arnav,Khushi and Ishu in the middle seat and Raman in the front seat accompanied by the driver.
Ruhi takes out her drawings and checks it…Aarav gets impressed by her drawings and stare at her lovingly….Ruhi understands that he is staring at her and gives an angry glare….Aarav turns to other side….Ruhi looks outside…Aarav changes his gaze to Ruhi again and admire her….She slightly smile without her knowledge and gets surprised at herself

*Guys plz comment….I know its boring…If u find it boring plz say guys.

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  1. Arshi

    First f all so sorry for not commenting these days….

    This epi s bang.. wowowo outig in london.. haha i was laughing while ruhi taunts kushi in mind… how she didnt go out in londog….

    And arshi s soo cute…. ishra asusal danakdar…??

  2. Kumud


    1. Veronica

      Thanks dea

  3. Superb episode….totally loved it…

    1. Veronica

      Thanks dea

    1. Veronica

      Thanks dea

  4. loved it…eagerly waiting for next one…

  5. nice update arshi scene was cute ishra scene was nice

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