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She is again at same place where all it started ,yes the same club,Sanskar and she came for drink that evening! Its been two week she left the job and here she is drinking feeling like miserable!! She knew she fallen for that hot boss of her ,very hard.That she is here trying to removed these memories from her heart ,his memories!!! But nothing happened ,she is here only remembering him.she lost her smile even more worst she stopped eating anything her apatite lost!she is having huge dark circles because of all crying and sleepless on nights.She took new job in Gadodia law firm as a assistant of Arjun Gadodia who is unfortunately is her classmate even worse her enemy of kindergarten!!! And here her luck again make her meet him after fifteen years!!and cherry on top he identify me immediately because of one thing in my school certificate my name is written “SVORA” AND correct is “SWARA” ,again careless behavior of my parents.
My new enemy boss pulled all the pranks and revenge making my life more adventurous!!!
” Mind if I sit here lady?” Swara looked shockingly at Sanskar Mahesgwari who was standing infront of her all perfect hot and the subtle is making him more charming prince.Swara didn’t how to react after literally throwing out your old boss from your apartment with the venom word’s and jealousy.
Swara muttered – yes …

Sanskar sat infront of her looking keenly he can easily guess.she is destroying herself even worse just wanted to killed her !! And then what !!!! She seems lost weight,having puffy eyes with dark circles and her face looked pale ,she is drinking like DEVDAS(A OLD MOVIE’S DRUNKER PLAY BY SRK).He really don’t need to even punished her what she says to him.just looking at her condition.
Sanskar – How are you ?
Swara know that alcohol was taking all her sense – Like hell !!!can’t see.
Sanskar mutter “very well” and then look up at her and handed the lemon water which she gladly sipped it.
After her coming back to sense .
Swara ask hesitate- what are you doing here? Stalking me!!
Sanskar shook his head and snapped – I don’t need to do stalking thing its not my way and last i checked this was public place and i am member of this club and you are entering here just because of my influence Miss i got informed about your coming here gradually.
Swara gulped hard at his tone fear gripped from inside. But she said – What you want ! Look i am leaving this place ! Fine!!.

Sanskar said seriously- Sit silently Miss Bose ! And listen to me.
Swara obeyed cutely which somewhere made Sanskar little amused.
Sanskar – Well if you have care then signing the appointment letter in my company you didn’t read the clause in which written clearly if you leave company before three years then you have to pay 20lakhs rupees to the company or bear court consequence. And you did above it ! You even gone ahead and taken job in other company which made you as cheater on my company. Because you still didn’t paid the amount so you are still part of my company Miss bose.
Swara gasped in shocked from her skin and said aloud – What the hell!! You can’t do this to me !!
Sanskar smirk – I blo*dy can!
Swara started bitting her nails in nervous way making again a beautiful mess picture in front of his eyes.
Swara said adamantly- I didn’t know about this i think you have add this nonsense in my contract after l resigned my job !!
Sanskar shrugged off – I don’t have to do all that and now see you in the court Miss bose.
Swara know he is right and she can’t go to court because her mom and dad will kick her out of their house ! That Arjun will pleasingly kicked out of his office and with pleasure took Sanskar case to send her begin the bars !!! She is trapped!!!
Swara helplessly- please don’t do this if you i will joined your company again ! Please!! I beg you !
Sanskar know his beast is now satisfied but not fully so he finally put the condition- Fine . I will help you out . you will leave your job and shift with me in my penthouses as a housekeeper that will be your job Miss bose and you will do this job until two years completed. Here is the contract sign it now . and yaa after this if you however got 20lakhs rupees it didn’t worth of it .
Swara jaw dropped hitting the floor making Sanskar to smirk totally satisfied and then what Swara agreed showing all hate glarea ,sign it and next day informed her parents everything who throw her out of their house like supposed and now she is standing in front of Arjun Gadodia with resignation letter.
Arjun knew something is wrong at the sudden resignation letter .

Arjun- What’s wrong lioness ? This resignation? I don’t think my pranks can make you running the hills.
Swara signed – no its just …I got my old job back and all misunderstanding cleared.
Arjun – Swaea you know whatever i do playing pranks or taunting you ,I am your friend woman and if you are in trouble just tell me . if are in need of money that’s not problem ok i am here to support you .
Swara eyes went wide !!! What’s wrong with her !!! How horrible she thought about Arjun and here he was being a great friend!! I am idiot!!! Stupid ! Sorry Arjun but if you have said this one day before I wouldn’t be here but getting trapped in your pranks which was too good from this coming horrible job.
Swara smile- thanks Arjun and Can i get a hug ?
Arjun smilingly hugged her and then pulled her hair saying- stay in touch and please don’t lost again SVORA!!!
And they both laughed while an intense pair of look at het from far away with lips curled into smirk.

Swara is here in his penthouses past five days nothing special he would be more in office and she do all the work from cleaning to maintaining the accounts on the necessary things even become a laundary girl too by Washing his cloth in washing machine to see every need of from food to medicine of his asthma. She don’t why but she love this work of her.
It was weekend midnight Swara still in kitchen drinking uneventful waiting for Sanskar he is late due to some official party and asked her to eat her dinner not to wait for him.he always have his dinner in his room he never talk to her unnecessary and didn’t bother her much but she was feeling alone now.She heard door opening sound smilingly she walked towards the living room only to be shocked.
Sanskar was laughing whereas a beautiful and very much s*xy women was clutching him kissing him on his cheek.
Swara saw red and she walk with rage towards them and in a second that women was thrown away from Sanskar.
Women – How dare you!!!

Swara stood nose to nose saying angrily – How you dare to clutch Sanskar or even kiss him you blo*dy b*t*h !!!
Women – Who the f**k are you to say something to me !! I am his date for tonight and asked him to spend night with me .We are mature enough to know what we are doing!!!Sanskar please tell who the hell is she !!!
Sanskar said silently- my housekeeper liza .
Liza – What!!! A simple housekeeper and this much ego !!!
Swara grabbed her wrist saying angrily – What i am or not i can see myself but now garbage like would be throw outside the this house.
And then liza was thrown out from the house who was shouting out loud then cursing swara .she left angrily.
Swara closed the door with signed of relief.
” What was that Miss Bose? “Sanskar said with surprise and totally blown out by the way Swara attended that clinging liza he seriously hate her and her perfume.

Swara turn towards him angrily grabbed his collar – I would like to ask this to you Sanskar !! What is this bringing that b*t*h here !giving her right to touch you or make you laugh!!!how could you !!its hurting damm much !!
Sanskar jerked off her hand – Why you are bothering Swara ? I am not taking you on bed how i supposed to planned all these months faking with you as friend and nor even giving you any signed or coming close to you !! And about coming with Liza you forgotten that weeks ago you called me WOMANIZER that’s what i am doing ! Was going to sleep with liza ! Spend a lusty night in my bedroom in my bed as a womanizer!

Swara stumbled realizing her mistake and the hurt which she given him ! He was the one who make her out from the hurting life and here she hurt him this much that he hates her now or even disgusted with her !
Sanskar finally said emotionally – What you said me !! You didn’t realized but the word ” WOMANIZER ” is something i will never tried to become i hate that word and i hate those who are like this. Even my own father!! And about being with Models they spend night because they wanted me and the same way i too attract to them .even i never uses but tried to make relationship which however never lasted because my work or their career . and what you saw in party was nothing but Kavitha apologizing me about not being able to girlfriend of mine.Now as i have said i don’t want to see your face get the hell out of here , you don’t need to do anything understand.
Swara was shattered and she can see how deeply she given him wound by just the mere of words and she need to apologized to him anyhow!!.

Sanskar turned to go in his bedroom but next second soft body crushing from behind hugging him tightly whispering- i am sorry …i am sorry…please forgive me..i am sorry ..i am sorry ..give me any punishment but don’t leave me…i am sorry.. I beg you please.
Sanskar pulled her infront of holding her firmly where her face was covered with tears and repentance he said – You will do anything.
Swara nodded immediately – yes please don’t leave me!! I am sorry.
Sanskar smirk – spend a night with me as a one night stand ! Will you do this every night ,every morning become my mistress .
Swara looked shocked at his words .
Sanskar pushed her said – just get the hell out of this place by Morning Miss bose ! You are not needed now!and he started walking away from her .

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