Tree Heaven (Episode 4)

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And here we go:
Ishani was looking at sky and at that time ritika was looking at ranveer and ranveer was looking at ishani… ranveer was saying ishani…ishani and then ritika looked at ishani … ishani still couldnt hear but then ishani looked at ranveer and then she run to ranveer and hugged him ritika was surprised and jealous at the same time .. Ritika called ishani to make ranveer pay attention to her ishani said oh ritika actually i will be home late today and smiled to her….(at the day of wedding ritika was so angry cause her mom was marrying to another men thats why she didnt realized ranveer that time)ritika was so angry she started walking with her friends to home showing how popular she is to ranveer but she was so angry…..ranveer and ishani went to park to ride bike ranveer bringed her lots of presents ishani asked why did he came he said that his mom came to work her so theyre going to stay here for a while….
Ritika at home was writing at her diary and was drawing ranveer slaping ishani she was so angry that she throwed her diary to vase and it breaked
ritika opened ishanis closet and then got her beautiful dress and then painted it with non washable paint….

At the same tima ishani and ranveer was riding a bike and it was getting darker then ishani said oh ranveer actually i have to go home ranveer said ishani wait dont hurry urself are u serious i just met u and ur already leaving ishani was saying ok but for only like 10 min ranveer was happy cause ishani was alteast staying with him for 10 min ranveer and ishani talked and eated ice cream and after ishani came home in ranveers car ( He cant ride car hes only 13 its his guard who rides car) ranveer gave her a gift…. ishani said thanks.. and opened the gift there was recorder ishani was surprised cause she thought it was toy or something ranveer said u didnt like he said looking at her reaction ishani said no no its just i dont know if iam going to use it she said ranveer smiled and said dont worry u will… ritika at that time was looking from window ishani said thanks once again and she went inside home…..
She came in and Harshad smlied and said did u enjoyed ur time ishani said oh yeah Falguni was smiling and said to ishani sweetly to take bath and come for dinner and call ritika and sharman on her way to diner…ishani said ok and went upstairs….

And there ritika was in bad mood and didnnt talked with ishani ishani said her to take bath and go downstairs ritika really fast said i dont want to eat diner tell mom i will sleep u can take bath and go downstairs ishani was saying but…. ritika said theres no but or anything like this just leave me alone………Please…..
Ishani was kind of confused and just went to take bath while she was taking bath she was thinking whats wrong with ritika ………

And here our story ends ..

Guys i will continune the story maybe after 2 dayzzz..
Hope u will enjoy it
Comment below what u think
Hope its long if u want much longer tell me…. 🙂
Love u guys
Bye 🙂 🙂

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i really liked the bond of ishveer and ritika’s jealousy and all and it is long and enough . And i will be waiting for ur ff so update it soon after 2 days . Till then bye dear ?????

    1. Nonosh2525

      Thank u Nandana !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 keep reading ….

  2. Duva

    Loved it so much I hate that rithika to core but ishveer r so sweet and ya I want long epi please how r u

    1. Nonosh2525

      Iam good thanks 🙂 thanks for reading,,,:)

  3. Hi dear Nonosh how r u the episode was sooo good I liked it ?

    1. Nonosh2525

      Thank you very much Neelam…. 🙂

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