YRKKH And logic these days

Already when you have made kaira’s divorce a big joke, them thinking of eloping and marrying frames them as selfish. God knows what the writer exactly wants to portray through all this. According to kaira’s logic right now, its like ” WANNA TAKE A BREAK, HAVE A KIT KAT ” and ” WANNA REKINDLE LOVE, TAKE A DIVORCE “. Fuck, relationships are not a joke dude. Marriage as an institution involves two families and not just two individuals. One day before their divorce they fight like mad people and the next day, they yearn to see each other. Is it some fun going on here??

After a really long time, actually both the families were in their senses. Kaira really needed their dose of reality check. Divorce is not a small thing, first they took divorce going against everyone in the family. Even dadi who was not in good terms with her asked her to think again about her relationship. And nevertheless to mention keerti always wanted them to be together. She knew she was against her husband but even then she put in her share of efforts to bring them closer. Manish and naitik literally jumped in joy when the two ran off from the court once. Knowing everything when you took a decision you must have guts to stay on that decision through thick and thin.

The biggest problem of these two characters is that from the time they have been introduced till date which ever wedding has happened they never let them happen peacefully. Be it yash and rose wedding or naksh and keerti’s wedding or mansi and anmol’s wedding. They create all the hell possible and in the end they will be framed as if they made the marriage occur. For god’s sake show them as two human beings and not celestial beings. Especially naira, she needs a temple to be built for her. The most adamant character indian television has ever witnessed. Even if its her fault she expects an apology in the end. She is the embodiment of problems on the show. But the fact being she herself invites problems for herself and in the end plays the victim card by shedding tears.

And one thing that really needs explanation is naira’s leg. She can’t actually dance and when she does it hurts her. This is what we have seen. But how the hell can she run and climb up people standing in a pyramid on janmashtami and break the pot that is hung up. Now this is what is called LOGIC.

Anyways, no grudges against the actors. They are all perfect with what they are asked to do. Just hope some day YRKKH becomes as logical and good to watch as it was before.



  1. You know even after the divorce track I was like there might be some hope, but dear god the ” let’s run away and get married again” and then naira being the self sacrificing devi track makes me want to put a dent in the wall. Like what on earth are the writers doing?? Like kuch bhi for TRP? I have seen yo yo’s doing less aage piche then these two. Like whatever adorableness the actors manage to get, is spoilt by their characters. Someone needs to tell the writers to buck up before they start being universally hated.

  2. stopped watching now.. it was a serial about the beauty of relationships but now even this has got bitter people.. fights.. bla bla.. just making it complicated.. it was a hit as akshara n naitiks life was shown.. although dramatic but simple ..kaira has gone a longway.. such an idiotic track.. lost interest.. the writer is just playing around n being a spoilsport.. would watch once this bloody track ends ..

  3. Wish to see akshara and nations yrkkh this one is too boring . Stopped watching but wonder how their trps are shooting. Many have stopped watching

  4. @vinee Finally there is someone who share same thoughts ..most of the people treat them as OTP or couple goals or whatever ..but I feel they are childish seriously ..,how can a person fall from something while waiting for the person and no one knows except her family ? the guy who was like alcohol addict for 2years can change so suddenly ? the way naira acted in Mumbai to be with Karthik and the way she decided to take divorce just thinking about her mil how can she change her decision now and expects her mil to accept her ? When she can think about her mil during divorce why can’t she now think about her father ,brother and rest of family who stood by her ? How they realised about their love just after 5 mins of being divorced like missing part of their life .. didn’t they haven’t thought about this in past 2years or few days after shubham’s death ? How can a fire incident can sort out everything ? And they haven’t seen each other face for so called 2or 3 years and now they act all mushy and cling *yuckkkk*… seriously don’t they feel guilty at least seeing those so called family ? I just hope this goes off air or at least new characters as leads … “Kaira” is so immature , irritating and childish …Sacchi mein “unka rishta kya kehlata hai?”

    1. Vinee

      exactly dude. Everything seems so out of position. Neither there is some logic nor there is something relatable. One scene totally differs from the other. If once they fight next moment they’ll be madly in love. Fed up of this drama now. Basically the husand and wife don’t trust each other.

    2. your first words were even mine “finally!somebody has the same thoughts!”

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