Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal leaves home

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jyoti comes to Mauli’s house. Mauli walks out of her room crying. Jyoti says she already warned her, she always doubted Nandini’s intentions but her daughter might have got some sense now. Mamma asks Jyoti to sit and speak calmly. Jyoti blames Mamma for supporting Mauli and giving refuge to Nandini in their house. Mamma asks why is she scolding Mauli, she is already distressed. Jyoti says Kunal is a man, he is used to astray whenever his needs aren’t meant at home. Kunal had walked out of the room and hear this conversation. Mauli accepts her mistake, she must have taken care of Kunal more than she did. Kunal asks Jyoti not to scold Mauli, he is at wrong. Mauli was a blessing for this house, and did her best here. Its better she doesn’t blame Mauli, but scold him. Jyoti suggests

Mauli to compromise with Kunal. Dida asks Jyoti to let them understand the matter and resolve the issues. Jyoti takes her bag to leave, suggesting Mauli that she must save her house. Mauli was crying.
Nandini await Kunal’s call and was worried what if his condition had worsened. She wonders what Mauli must be going through. Its all because of her. She comes to the temple corner in her house and prays for help, she can no more bear the pains. Not everyone must be punished for her sins.
Mauli sat on a couch with blank eyes. Mamma bring tea for Dida and Mauli. She goes to get tea for Kunal. Mauli wipes her tears thinking about Jyoti’s suggestion to compromise with Kunal. She asks Mamma to let her take tea for Kunal. Mamma gives her both cups, one for herself as well.
Kunal calls Nandini and asks why she had called. Nandini says she was only worried for him, is he fine? He replies he is good. Nandini asks about Mauli and others? Kunal cuts the call saying he can’t speak much. He turns around to see Mauli stand behind with tea. He stammers… Mauli asks if it was Nandini. Why he cut the call then? She compels him to continue the call. She takes his phone and apply the password Jaana. The phone states it’s a wrong password. She tries the password repeatedly but it doesn’t work. Mauli now applies Nandini, and the phone unlocks. She was taken aback. She runs away from balcony and locks herself into the room. They spot Mauli had hurt herself from a broken glass on her way back.
Mamma shouts at Kunal what he did now. Why he doesn’t let her live in peace. Mauli opens the door with her packed bag. Mauli says she can’t live in the house anymore, she must leave this house forever. Mamma and Kunal stop Mauli. Mamma snatch the bag from Mauli and says she can’t leave anywhere, if someone has to leave the house it must be the one who ruined the sanctity of the house. Kunal agrees it’s his mistake, he should go. Dida was crying.
Rajdeep was drinking, curtly thinking about Nandini and Kunal. The doorbell rings. Rajdeep finds Jyoti standing outside who had brought bangles for him. Rajdeep tells her to leave. Jyoti says Rajdeep has been turned into a drama, his wife is having fun with her son in law. Rajdeep was badly drunk. Jyoti blames Nandini to have ruined her daughter’s house. Rajdeep seems to be a sensible man, but why he doesn’t keep his wife home. Rajdeep joins his hands and tells her to leave.
Kunal comes out with his luggage packed. She touches Dida’s feet silently who cries hugging Kunal. She requests Kunal to save this house. Kunal looks towards Mamma and touch her feet, she doesn’t move instead flinches to avoid. Kunal now walks to Mauli and hands her the keys of clinic, he isn’t worth of. Mauli recalls all her dreaming about clinic. He hands her the keys and leave with his luggage. The family watch him leave the house. Mauli cries falling on the floor. Mamma hugs to console her and cries as well.

PRECAP: Mauli meets Nandini in the temple and says she couldn’t dream Kunal can leave his house, his mother and Dida for Nandini. Nandini says Kunal didn’t come to her, he didn’t even reply to her text since last night. Mauli was now worried where Kunal has gone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pls send mauli to some place can’t see her in this condition, she should stay away from all problem for sometime, how can mauli mom blame mauli instead she should have slapped that man n women left n right

    1. Typical Indian society, Man can’t do any mistake.. because he is man.. his needs shd get satisfy if not he look into another women.. cheap mentality

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Mouli mom blamed mouli, but i am proud on mouli mom in law that she blamed her son, who supported his daughter in law instead of son.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    2. Mouli mother how easily said that its female fault as its males nature, being female and moreover being mother, she is unable to understand mouli pain.😤😤😤😠😠😠😡😡😡

    3. How can a mother suggest her daughter to stay and forgive his cheat husband??😤😤😤😤😡😡😠😠😠

    4. I wonder why situation is getting worse and awakward for everyone, writers instead of dragging take quick step.🤔🤔🤔🤔

    5. It was laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂 secene for me, kunal changed his password after truth came out, until zoya saw pic, it was jaana. Kunal would have changed before, so that way truth would have come early.

    6.. Dida eyes👀 and her painful😢 words were expressing my doubt🤔🤔 about kunal’s father.

    6. Now everyone in serial also blaming nandini, why not kunal also because she is female, its so easy to judge female character just by saying one bad word about her and no one will judge male for small to big mistakes.😐😐😐😐😐😐

    7. Its my request🙏 to all comments, if you are not liking Nandini or kunal characters not say any abusive language, infect today in sbs I saw that people are bad mouthing Dhirsti and Shakti in real for all this on different forams and aditi had to stop them by giving statements, guys its my request🙏 even, if you are not liking their character, don’t like but you have no right to say anything to them in real, as they are just playing characters, its not their real life, plz differentiate b/w reel and real.

    1. I do agree with all your points but I think everybody is blaming Nandini more because mauli helped her a lot.Although what you said about blaming women is true in reality.

  3. Kunal must have packed his bag himself.earlier mouli used to pack for him when ever they go out.he even can not find his socks with out her.dida and mama were complaining mouli for pampering him.
    How sad a such a caring wife lost her husband because he found his truelove his solemate while having a beautiful marraige life.
    Really feel sad.I don’t think in reality less than 0.5 percent ladies face such a bad situation.
    Ema is readily available but with out any known difference between couple.
    Nandini is crying from the day show started but I don’t know I never felt so sad.
    But when mouli is crying I too cured with her.

  4. Nandini ,kunal even after knowing they are doing wrong they still contining why ..
    They are behaving like teenagers like teenagers meet and chat ..
    They both are married..
    If they both feel they are true lovers then they should tell the truth infront of everyone
    And get married ..
    But this is cheating and they still continue dis
    Texting , talking in phone , password changing
    Dis is very very hurting ..
    Directors creates one character nandini husband so that every one will feel bichari nandini , and dis nandini overacting caring for kunal, and saving kunal not at all natural
    Simply creating a big negative character raj deep so that nandini,kunal mistakes will become small infront of raj deep

  5. I really don’t understand few things.
    As per the fans comments in web and social media pages majority hates kunal and this expected by makers or actors.
    Is this another way of promoting the show.
    However this show is a low trp show in tv.
    But it is hardly belive this is a planned one because makers wanted to build sympathy towards nandinis character throgh domestic violence which was not happened.

    Also nandinis Saree blouse fashion high makeup jewellery earlier appreciated by fans but later fans turned the same point she does the same to attract men.makers too applied same in moulis mamas dialogue.
    Now nandini wears much simple sarees with highback blouses and without make

    Also nandinis dancing skills too used in the show in several occasions.but audience did not pay much attention to it.

    Nandini and kunal romantic scenes audience really criticised as lust rather true and sweet love which not helped to increase trp rates too.
    Rajdeep character was not given much screen space and people do not feel him as a villian.
    Audience centered around moulis character and lead characters became negative.
    Is that what makers expected up to now.

  6. Nandhini character sucks

  7. That is the mature love of kunal nandini putting each other name on phone password, getting intimate as soon they had occasion, fooling they loved ones around…
    ok nandini understood her sins can’t she now go from everyone’s life. She is saying that she doesn’t want to hurt mauli but knowing its impact still calling kunal and wondering around.
    Glad that kunal is leaving alone if started living with nandini then he would cross another limit of cruelty towards mauli. Hope he goes away and had enough shame to not show his face to either of these women. He betrayed one and took advantage of the emotional broken state of the other to fulfil his lust
    Mauli is being disappointing now kunal deserves no sympathy nor forgiveness he had no consideration for her during his time with nandini why she should care about what happens to him. A husband can go sleep around with his wife’s best friend and the wife is supposed to forgive, be understanding, turn blind eye, surpress her feelings in order to save her house and her relations.Why always wife have to compromise? Why she is given the choice to either accept the cheat or loose the man she gave all those years to another women?
    I just want to ask the writters if the situation was inverse would they be daring enough to show this as pure love, would we viewers accept that? Or even if nandini had a good husband and happy household just like kunal and they by any reason find out they are each other “soulmates” and cheat on their partners, would that be a refreshing idea as soap. Why always women are being tortured, butchered, depriveted , mistreated, turned one agaisnt another. 2 childhood friends instead of being each other’s support are now each other worst nightmare bcz of a men who never truly loved either of them.
    Cheating does happens in real life no agumentation on that but instead of behaving like it is natural or pure they can show how the characters seek redemption and move on. Mauli and nandini can dump kunal and find healthy relation that gives them the respect, love, loyalty they deserve while kunal stays all alone thinking of the old happy times that he will never have again, this will be the perfect ending ( at least for me)

  8. Poor mauli, how can her mother blame her. How can she says something like this. She talks as if kunal is a three year old kid, who lost his way due to mauli’s carelessness. I am proud of mauli’s in laws. How can nandini still call kunal. How can she more worried for kunal and not mauli, after all these. Well, when she didn’t care about her in past, what can be expected now. Kunal behaves like a teenage lover. Really he made her name his password. God this guy!. Poor mauli, can’t see her like this. Of all, she never deserves this.

  9. For how much and how long mauli want to tolerate this stupidness😠…….I am sure lot of happening and again kunal only move to nandhini and doesn’t care 4 mauli…….really sad 4 mauli….becoz she faced a cheating in 2 sides😭😭😭😭

  10. Nandini is a b*t*h, nandini deserves rajdeep aur Kya Kya I saw here. It’s really sad that people can fall to such degrees to insult someone they hate.

    On the other hand, I wish Kunal is not forgiven. Kunal should realise his mistake blah blah. Why is everyone focused on nandini??

    Accusation 1 : always dependent on men : why wouldn’t she be? From what she’s mentioned of her childhood, her parents didn’t care a lot about her or were too strict with her upbringing. She’s always had her dad guide her probably. Then she suffered 7 years of abuse and submission with rajdeep. Even with her newly found freedom, do you think it’s that easy to not depend on anyone after 24 years of your life? (Idk how old she is, just guessing) Mauli didn’t allow nandini to leave when she first heard Kunal talking about it. Ofc, that was kind of her and I’m glad for it.. but while mauli loved nandini, she also didn’t do anything to make her independent.. and I don’t mean letting her start cooking classes or convincing her to start this job. True independence comes from asking someone to go out and get a job out or even learn something. I don’t blame mauli or her family. I’m just saying nandini didn’t have any opportunity

    Accusation 2 : why didn’t nandini leave? Lol, this is the biggest joke of all. Nandini was in the bus station. She was going to go but who stopped her? Kunal. The guy who mauli is apparently ready to forgive. Please, nandini is way more stronger than Kunal. If he hadn’t come that day, I’m 80% sure nandini would have left… But Kunal stopped her and she stayed. If someone offered you your dream job or your dream car, anything, wouldn’t you have stayed? Even the sage viswamitra wasn’t able to resist an apsara, if I’m not wrong.

    Accusation 3 : nandini is shameless! I do agree with this. But think about it. A girl who’s never had love suddenly has it. She was strong enough to try and leave, but he stopped her and confessed that he loved her. The mistake she made was not to remind them of mauli at that point but instead going with him. However, it isn’t her fault that she couldn’t say no. She was weak and she found someone who loved her. She stayed back, not thinking of the consequences.

    There are more accusations such as she is a sl*t who dresses inappropriately ( srsly? )

    Let’s talk about Kunal. When he confessed his love to nandini, he said I know all the truth of our situations. Did he really? He knew his situation. Married to one, loves another. But did he think of what would happen if he got found out? Ofc he didn’t.. did he think of nandini’s position if they found out? She would have no one in the world. He just thought they wouldn’t ever get found out..

    Yesterday, he said he would do anything to earn mauli’s forgiveness and she would have actually forgiven him. She would have told him to forget nandini and who knows, Kunal may have done that to keep his family together leaving her broken hearted.

    I did not like one thing that mauli did. I felt her pain and anger and whatever she said to nandini is absolutely right. But she never questioned Kunal why he came between her and her best friend?

    The truth was and is, Kunal was the weak one who couldn’t let go of nandini and because of him, all 3 pay the price. Nandini is equally guilty once she agreed to stay. But her incentive was too great not to.

    Mauli was ready to give Kunal a second chance which is sad. People can justify that she loves him which affects her decision or that she’s married and made a commitment etc etc. But if such a strong woman can become weak cos of love, why should Kunal and nandini be any different?

    Sorry to go off on a rant, but it was really annoying to see everyone insult nandini but act like Kunal’s fault isn’t greater. I don’t like that you guys bash them here, but since I can’t stop you. At least be fair in who you bash.

    Lastly, I know this may seem like justifying nandini’s betrayal. But it’s not. I hate the fact that her friendship broke and that she couldn’t understand the consequences of what she’s doing. But it’s not her alone who deserves to be hated or bashed. Frankly, seeing yesterday’s comments, I was shocked that you guys, as women, could be so vindictive.

    Seriously, nandini deserves a husband like rajdeep? Nandini is a whore, nandini is a used woman. It’s sad the kind of mentality we have when someone does anything wrong.

    Seeing things in black or white instead of grey.

    Anyone wants to reflect their opinion, please do so. But do not use insults, it is not pleasant or clever. It is just sad.

    1. yaa.. kunal is more guilty here.. and seems like promoting women against women more.. nandani has definitely hard life so much struggles bt kunal ki life toh ekdm sahi thi.. kunal was 1st joh attract hua tha.. srsly ppl don’t blame nandani.. it’s all reel life.. real life me I don’t think best frn cn do such things..

    2. atleast one intellectual comment…everybody is showing their own frustration in this story… anjali u really have very nice thinking👍

      1. Thank you Pooja. So sweet of you xD

    3. Hi Anjali. Whatever u said is true. But I guess Mouli still didnt know that they both had S**. May be she is still thinking that they are together and having affair. because of that she might want to give him a chance. if you see in yesterdays episode when she saw password change. she was so hurt and immideatley said that she will no longer live here.Just imagine if she knows that these both cheaters went far ahead of her imagination she will never ever forgive KUNAL. becuase in society everyone tries to mend there relationship instead of directly jumping into divorce.

      Nandini, even i dont agree people blaming only Nandini. but the thing here is in society everyone will sy men are like that. people wont be shocked or surprised if men had affairs. but when it come sto nandini being best friend of mouli , she didnt think about mouli for once no guilt nothing. may b because of that people are more angry on Nandini. I dont think nandini tries 100% before there proposal too. because for me she has always given Kunal hints to stop her or propse her. because if you notice a scene where after she moved to her new house when kunal gifted her a gift she would have stayed calm but no she said lot of things which actually created a softcorner for kunal, and then she was moving. Why dint she leave the city befor emoving to another house. it would have been even more good na. And at busstop she instantly agreed to Kunal.

      she herself went through lot of pain in her marrie dlife., did she want her bestfirend also go through the same? who thinks in that way. If not at that moment, atleast after coming home when Mouli came to her house she should have thought about her know, but no she was so ignorant towards Mouli from the moment when Kunal propsed her. What does that mean?

      So may b beacuase of so many reasons people are more aggressive towards Nandini.

      1. Yes, I know she doesn’t know that yet. But it was very annoying to see her still listen to Kunal and his apologies.. it’s not fair, in my opinion.

        Ik it makes sense to save your relationship.. but so soon?

        What you said about nandini is true.. but my inference isn’t wrong too… That’s what I feel 😅

    4. are you anjali didi? the author of mmai??

      1. Yes I am. XD

    5. Hi didi.. this is ur cutie😄😄 how are you didi??? Glad to know that you are also watching silsila..
      Its been so long that i talked to any tu friend and you are bestest friend in tu.. u know that.. i am waiting for ur lovely stories especially mmai 2

  11. As I commented yesterday kunal did not go to nandinis place but he will be landing at her place after getting injured.nandini will be take caring him.
    Let me guess the rest they will be living together without getting divorced from their partnrers.they will justify it marraige dose not one in paper but pure true love the two share.kunal will definitely come out with his professional talks like love respect sharing etc.but surely not talk about trust which both of them have already broken.
    They will struggle to get the divorces and they will face lot of problems created by rajdéep and moulis mother.
    Our innocent pure love birds will force to every problem lovingly and happily together.
    Once nandini got pregnant mouli will give the divorce to make the child legitimate .

    But I could not guess what will rajdeep do.

    Even though the audiance centered around moulis character her charcter will give less importance in future as we can guess after seeing high promotions given to nandini and kunal by the channel.

  12. Oh Nandini stop crying and try to talk to Mauli come on, she is your best friend. You are always after Kunal Calling him and sending him messages. And makers i understand you guys are promoting extra marital affair through a show which is happening in societies and reality but did you realize that you are promoting in such way that Kunal and Nandini are meant to be together. Oh my god, seriously? I’m really keeping hope to see Kunal and Nandini getting punished for their affair. Mauli😢 Please stay strong we all support you.

  13. Yes, we want maulis journey, but upcoming episodes are giving me vibes that makers are going to show both how these two cheaters go through so much pain, insult and bla bla and at last show their so called love will win, overcoming all difficulties,

  14. I just read one spoiler that mauli will bring nandini home for kunal’s happiness. I was just shocked .I don’t understand what they want to show and what they want to prove. How come mauli forgive both and bring nandini home?Can’t digest it. I thought after mauli’s reaction show would be better but now I don’t think so that story will take turn as per our expectations. They don’t want to prove kunal nandini wrong so all these drama.

  15. I think they want to gjve more imp to nandini and kunal not mauli. I read somewhere nandini will sacrifice for mauli. She is other woman and mauli is wife so how come she will sacrifice. They just want to show nandini mahaan .

  16. Kunal and Nandini start to live together.. people started taunting them.. Mauli comes to Nandini home and says why don’t you both get married & arranges mandap…
    shockingly.. makers of this story… hate you soo much man.. what you want to show… what will happen to mauli.. how come she forgive them..
    Nandini role sucks…

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