First love feels -kaiRa (epi-1)


Its night …A girl is walking alone on a empty street …. Suddenly someone dragged her to him self …in a corner.
She tried to shout but he closed her mouth with his hand.
He have holded her hand near her waist and with second hand he’s closing her mouth.
She’s trying to get rid…but she’s unable ….she saw some goons passing from street…
After some minutes he left him .she turned towards him while saying you… And losted herself in his blue eyes …he’s also lost in her deep eyes.
After 1 minute she broke the eye lock…and started shouting
Naira: Who r u??? Why you dragged like this???
Kartik: Can’t you talk peacefully?? How can you shout without knowing the reason?? And what r u doing at this time on this empty street?? U know it’s not safe at all.
Naira: hey who u r to tell me how should I talk …where I should I go and where shouldn’t.Now give me my answer.
Kartik: Some goons were following me and I was hidden in that corner.i saw u going alone and I thought they can harm you also that’s y I did this.
Naira: umm thankyou!!
Kartik: don’t say thankyou it was my responsibility. I know I don’t have rights to say anything but still its not safe place to go alone.
Naira: I know I got late for home  and taxi got punctured on half way that’s y I took this shortcut.
Kartik: ok. I can come with
Naira: no I can go alone
Kartik: yeah u can …but that goons can be around
Naira:ok. U can come
They r walking together silently.they got home .Naira said thankyou and he gave her smile and left.
Naira is walking in while thinking about him there eyes lock.
Naira’s mom saw her and started asking where were u ? Why r u so late? She’s just lost and going towards her room.
Mom is following her ..and keep saying naira…naira …she got in room her mom also came there and shouted her name …
Naira got shock and said “haa maa …what happened.
Mom: where r u lost I’m asking something since long.
Naira: Nothing I’m just tired I had lots of work in office and then that taxi got punctured . I had to walk till home
Mom: Wait …u came alone at this time.
Naira:I had no other choice. Maa I’m tired can I sleep now.
Mom: Dinner?
Naira: I ate in office
Mom: ok .good night
And naira’s mum left room.
Naira is trying to sleep but she’s still lost in his eyes.
Someone texted her…hey
She took her phone and replied…hey shikha
Shikha: how’s u
Naira: tired
Shikha: you must sleep then
Naira: trying since two hours
Shikha: oh..who stole your sleep
Naira: anything haan
Shikha: haha sorry sorry
Naira: u know what happened today
Shikha: did u tell me
Naira: Arre listen na…I was coming home from office….and my taxi tire got punctured…it was 8 pm…so I took shortcut to my home… street was empty ….I was walking alone and a boy just dragged me to the corner.
Shikha: what ?? Who was he???
Naira: he dragged me and closed my mouth tightly after some minutes he left me….and I shouted on him ..then was like  he was trying to save me from that goons just passed from there.
Shikha: oh ok r u alright.
Naira: yeah I’m he dropped me till my home . U know his blue eyes was just😍
Shikha: I got it
Naira: what???
Shikha: he stole your sleep.
Naira: shut up
Shikha: see u r blushing now
Naira: m not!
Shikha: U r!
Naira: nooo
Shikha: haha..look at yourself…btw m sleepy
Naira: ok good night
Shikha: good night..and don’t smile much
Naira: go and sleep
Shikha: ok ok don’t be angry
Shikha got offline riya also slept.
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