Hello friends!!

Remember me?? No?? If you couldn’t recognize me, then u don’t need to worry…that’s completely my fault…Of course, why would u need to remember someone who left this place, left writing for almost a whole long year…I’m really sorry for that. To be honest, I’m not competent enough to handle my studies along with my writing for which I had to give up on writing. & one more thing, I’m not going to give any false hope to my dearest TU friends, coz this ‘might be’ my last article here. Phewww…Enough of my melodrama…My chitchatting will continue at the end of the plot😉

Now, coming to the point….the reason for my comeback is….the birthday of my  sweetest, my paagal friend cum sis Priyanshi(my Jinny)….Jinny…it has been a long time since I left writing…hope this OS goes well…A chhotu sa gift for my paglu sis…Hope u would like this…Fingers crossed😊

Let’s get started

A big hall is shown decorated with tulip, orchid, lilies, lights & candles. A big layered cake was placed on a table, right at the centre of the hall.

Location shifts to a room where a girl was being dressed for the occasion. Suddenly her phone rang & she turned towards it. The girl was revealed to be Priyanshi.

(In my OS, Priyanshi is playing the role of a supermodel cum actress who lives in London, but has came to India for two purposes…First, for her upcoming movie project….& second & the most important reason…she was unable to attend her only cousin….her Sanchi dii’s wedding😉, so she has came to celebrate her birthday along with her newly wedded sister & her jiju(Isse kehte hain, ek teer se do shikaar😉)

Priyanshi: Dii, where are you? You know naa, I came back to India just for you. Jiju is coming with you naa? When will you arrive? (on the other side, Sanchi was continuously trying to speak, but was unable to coz of continuous bombarding of question by her chhotu sis😉)(After some time)Dii, why are you silent? Why are you not replying?

Sanchi(giving a sign of relief): Hogaya ya kuch aur bhi baaki hai(Priyanshi, giving a confused look)? Arey, I can speak only when you give me a chance to speak(both sisters laugh)Ok….so about your questions….yes, I’m coming, not alone, I’m coming with your jiju & my devar. Don’t worry, we’re going to reach within 10 minutes. Love you😊

Priyanshi(with a smile): Love you too dii

Time skip

Sanchi arrives at the venue along with her husband & her devar. The trio, without wasting a moment, head towards Priyanshi’s room…Sanchi, enters the room first…while her husband & her devar stood outside the room to give some space to the sisters😉

Sanchi: Happy birthday chhoti😊 & saying this she hugs Priyanshi.

Priyanshi(still hugging her sis): Thanks dii…the sisters share an emotional moment…..(after some time after breaking the hug)Dii, where’s jiju? You said naa, he’s coming with you? Where’s he?

Sanchi(calling out loudly): Kabir…plz come in… too….(what?…afterall, I’m a kanchi fan….so its obvious for me to pair up kanchi)Priyanshi was really excited coz she was finally going to meet her jiju, that too for the first time😊

Both the brothers enter…Priyanshi was hell shocked(want to know why? Don’t worry…I’ll tell u the reason…Coz………Kabir & Ranbir…were in a matching outfit….no no….this one’s not the reason….the reason is….both the brothers were twins😉haha)

Priyanshi(making a puppy face): Dii, you never said that jiju & your devar are twins…Now, how can I identify my jiju among both?(the trio started laughing, while Priyanshi stood there confused)

Sanchi(giving a side hug to Kabir): He’s your jiju, Kabir(Kabir shaking hands with Priyanshi & wishing her Happy Birthday)….& that’s my devar….

Ranbir(coming out of nowhere): Allow me bhabhi….(holding Priyanshi’s hand)…Hey gorgeous, Happy Birthday(he was about to kiss her hand, but Priyanshi, knowing his intensions, immediately pulled her hands back😉)

Priyanshi: Thanks…mere dii k devar😉(The trio…kanchi & priyanshi laughed while Ranbir was giving a fake smile😊haha)

All four headed towards the hall, where Priyanshi was greeted by a lot of guests, which included film makers, different celebrities from the big industry & some of her old college friends namely Mitali, Srishti, Mamta, Bibechana, Anee, Dhruvi, Annie, Ruwani, Mallika, Kittu, Jiya, Sana, Surbhi, Dhruti, Ashnita, Sakash, Vrushti, Rushi, Swetha, Trisha, Amnaa, Aafiya, Niyati, Priya, Pia, Urja, Sanju, Anu & many more😊. The ceremony went on with a lot of fun moments(of course, afterall Priyanshi’s meeting her friends after a long time) & after some time the guests returned to their places.

Sanchi(to Priyanshi): Chhoti…it’s too late…I think we should leave

Priyanshi(making a puppy face): Itne dinon ke baad hum mile hain…plz stay with me for some more time.

Sanchi: But chhoti…..(Kabir puts his hand on Sanchi’s shoulder & nods his head…Sanchi reciprocates)…Ok, I’ll stay😊

Priyanshi: Thanks jiju……you’re the best(saying this she gives a side hug to Kabir)

Kabir: Thank you so much saali saheba…But I’ve my meetings piled up tomorrow for which I need to go through my project reports, so I’ve to leave now….you & your sister have a good time

Ranbir(interrupting in the middle of the convo): Hey hey, if u guys have forgotten, let me remind you that I’m also present here…I don’t have any meetings like bhai…infact,  I don’t mind staying back here…afterall, there should be a ‘Real Man’ present here to take care of world’s two most beautiful ladies😉

Kabir(putting his arms around Ranbir’s neck): Oh ho…real man & all huh(haha) Chhote…I think your Bhabhi & Priyanshi are grown up to take care of themselves…right ladies

Sanchi & Priyanshi(together): RIGHT

Ranbir: But bhai……he was interrupted by Kabir

Kabir: Let’s go Ranbir……(moving towards Sanchi)Have a great time(he gave a peck on Sanchi’s forehead before leaving)


Priyanshi(resting her head on Sanchi’s lap, while Sanchi was moving her fingers through Priyanshi’s hairs): Dii, you’ve changed a lot after marriage…at some time, you used to be a fun-loving, carefree girl…but now, you’ve become a very responsible lady I must say(Sanchi smiled)….Dii…you had a love marriage right?(Sanchi nodded her head while smiling😊)(Priyanshi got up in excitement…I want to know about your love story…about how you met jiju, how you both fell in love, how could you identify jiju, among both, when I could’t find a single difference in them, was jiju equally romantic, the way he’s now, your marriage …everything…..plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sanchi: Ok baba….listen….As far as romance is concerned…then, NO…your jiju was never romantic before marriage…infact, he was a theist…a strong believer of Hanuman jee😉

Flashback(6 months back)

It was early morning time. A boy of about 23yrs came out of the washroom chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. He took blessings from Hanuman jee’s idol he had kept on his table & headed to get ready for his work. He was combing his hairs, when suddenly he saw a girl’s reflection in the mirror & he turned immediately…The boy was none other than Kabir, & the girl…who else than, Sanchi😉

Kabir: Sanchi jee, what are you doing here in my room at this time? What will people think if they see you here?(Kabir started uttering…Jai Bajrangbali…Jai Bajrangbali)…Sanchi jee… Plz go before anybody sees you over here with me…Btw, how did you came here?

Sanchi: By climbing the pipe😉

Kabir(shocked look): What?? Does this behaviour suit a girl?

Sanchi(standing in front of Kabir while crossing her arms): What can I do when the love of my life doesn’t do so? (she narrowed her eyes & kept on saying)What is your problem Kabir? I was the one who fell in love with you first & inspite of being a girl, I went down on my knees & proposed you.

Kabir sat on the bed and started recalling how they met(let’s find out what & how Sanchi met & proposed Kabir)


Sanchi: Oh God!! Mother India…. why are you always pushing me to go to the temple? God will accept our prayer from whenever and wherever we pray(Sanchi muttered to her mom irritatingly & then she looked up in sky) Hai naa bhagwan jee?

Jaya: Yes yes, my granny. Now go inside and pray him to give you some sense. I will join you after buying the flowers. Now go(Jaya was continuously trying to control her laugh)

Sanchi stamped her foot in anger & went abruptly. Suddenly she bumped with someone(the bumping resulted in a shower of flowers, which the other person was holding)She turned to see the person. The person was Kabir. Kabir was looking at her disapprovingly and he bent down to pick up his stuffs.

Kabir: Sorry ma’am…Saying this he went from there.

Sanchi :  Awww….he’s so cute

Jaya(hitting Sanchi’s head): Sanchi…you’re still here!! stop daydreaming & let’s go inside.(Sanchi rolled her eyes & went inside) Sanchi took blessings of God & went outside.

Jaya: Matarani, plz take care of this brainless girl & help me in finding a suitable boy for her

Next day Sanchi was jogging in a park having earphones in her ears. As usual she got bumped with someone & fell down. 

Sanchi(yelling): Ouch! Don’t you have eyes, you idiot? (She lifted her head & was shocked to see Kabir)

Kabir(narrowed his eyes): Devi jee, I think you should get your eyes checked(saying this he forwarded his hand for her help. She too gave in with an amused face😊 He pulled her strongly as a result she fell into his arms. Sanchi shyly looked into his eyes who was looking at her in shock)

Sanchi(whispered in Kabir’s ears): I love you & ran away from there(Kabir stood there shocked, while looking at her run from there)   

Flashback ends

Kabir: Sanchi jee, plz…..I request you….plz go from here.

Sanchi(in a frustrated tone): Kabir, why don’t you understand I love you… Even our families had agreed. What’s the problem then?

Kabir: Sanchi jee, plz try to understand, I don’t believe in love. Now plz go from here.

Sanchi(in a frowned tone): I’m done with you Kabir. From today, this Sanchi will not bother you any more…But…mark my words Kabir…One day you’ll realize your love for me & you would come to me & express your feelings for me…& one more thing I can say, since we’ve broke up, you’re Mr.SK4

Kabir(confused): Now what is this SK4?

Sanchi: It’s Sadu Kadwa Karela Kabir Kapoor(saying this she showed her tongue to Kabir, & then left the place)

Kabir: Hey Bajrangbali, plz give some brain to this girl. She’s completely mad…Jai Hanuman gyaan gunn saagar….saying this, as usual, he started doing his puja arrangements😉


Like every other day, Sanchi was jogging in the park. She was resting on a bench when suddenly, a puppy came & started licking her feet😊Sanchi took it in her arms & started caressing it. A man came & sat beside her & uttered, “Beautiful!! You’re so beautiful”…Sanchi found the voice to be familiar, so she looked towards him & was shocked.

Sanchi: You!??(she immediately stood up in shock) Are you in your senses? What happened to you all of a sudden?

Man: Miss beautiful, you’re right…After seeing you, I lost all my senses. It’s something like, love at first sight😉 So….Will you be my girlfriend? (Sanchi gave a shocked look without blinking)

Sanchi’s pov…So now, you’ve changed, but this time, it’s not going to be easy. You made me chase after you everytime, but now this is payback time. Now you’ll have to face all my tantrums(while thinking, she gave a smirk)

Sanchi: Sorry, but I’m not interested(saying this she was about to leave when the man held her hand inorder to stop her)

Man: Plz…don’t break my heart….I can’t….(suddenly his phone rang…& he received the call) So sorry Miss Beautiful, but I’ve to leave right now for some work. But, can you do me a favour? Will you come to this place tomorrow also(Sanchi nodded her head in approval & went from there)

Sanchi(amused): Kabir Kabir Kabir….I really love you….& now you too…you love me too(she turned on the music loud & started dancing with her pillow😉)

Next day….since she had promised, she went to  that particular place, at the said time…to receive the biggest shock…she saw Kabir with another girl. Without saying a word, she left the place.

Next day, as per her routine, Sanchi, after jogging, was sitting on a bench, for resting purpose…Suddenly Kabir came & stood in front of her. She was about to leave, but he stopped her.

Sanchi(mumbling with her eyes already brimmed up with tears): I don’t want to talk to you.. just go away from here

Man(confused): But what did I do?

Sanchi: What did you do!! Who was the one flirting with that stupid brainless girl??(jealousy could be felt in every word she said😉)

Man: Kabir…

Sanchi(narrowed her eyes): See how proudly you are saying!!

Man: But it was Kabir…

Sanchi: Ohh!! I see….So, who are you??

Man: Ranbir…I’m Ranbir(& he smiled)

Sanchi(uttered in shock): Ranbir?? You’re fine right? Are you suffering from multiple personality disorder??

Ranbir(laughing out loudly): God had given you beauty but unfortunately, missed to give you brain(he continued laughing)

Sanchi(in a frustrated tone): Don’t laugh at me you stupid. You’re confusing me

Ranbir: He’s my twin bro sweetie.

(Sanchi’s pov…Kabir & Ranbir are twins!! How come I didn’t know about this before?

Ranbir(in a proud tone): I’m Ranbir….the good boy…..I’m not like my flirtatious bro Kabir

Sanchi(shocked): What did you just say? Kabir….& that too flirt….I think you’re highly mistaken

Ranbir: That’s true. He pretends to be cultured & a very traditional boy, but in reality, he’s completely different. You very well know that…You only saw him yesterday naa, flirting with a girl?

Sanchi: But I love him(she said innocently)

Ranbir: Ouch…(he screamed holding his chest)

Sanchi(giving a concerned look): What happened?

Ranbir: That hurts….Now I’ve to look for another girl(he winked😉while giving a mischiveous smile)

Sanchi(glared him & playfully hit his arm): Shut up you jerk

Ranbir: Correction…..A handsome jerk😉(both started laughing)

After some time, Ranbir returned to his house while whistling and twirling the keys around his finger. He was about to enter his room but someone blocked his way. He looked up and saw his twin bro standing before him with a stern face, arms crossed on his chest. With his look, Ranbir could guess that he was going to ask something regarding his activities. So he put on a charming smile and greeted him😊

Ranbir: What’s up bro…(& in return, he received a death glare from the opposite side😉)

Kabir(with a stern voice): I am not here to greet you Ranbir. What are you doing with Sanchi jee?

Ranbir: Ohh….Miss Beautiful…..I was just….(he paused for a moment)…..Wait a minute….Why should I tell you…It’s none of your business. Now move away.

Kabir(in a serious tone): Sanchi jee is an innocent and pure hearted girl. Don’t you dare to play with her emotions, & break her heart…I am warning you Ranbir.

Ranbir: Why are you suddenly advising me about heart break? Wait a sec! Is she the one who is in love with you bro? Ohh wait…….OK OK! I understood… I won’t mess with her

Kabir: What do you mean by I understood?

Ranbir: Arey Bhai…I can understand, you love her…So you’re being protective for her.

Kabir: What did you say? Love? No Ranbir…You’re mistaken…I don’t love her. Actually Sanchi jee is an innocent girl & I don’t want that she would be hurt by my brother.

Ranbir: You said that you don’t love her…So be it…You stay out of my matters….Don’t try to come between me & my miss beautiful(he winked at Kabir & Kabir gave him a death glare & started walking from there)

Ranbir(dialled Sanchi’s number & started talking in a loud tone): Hello Miss Beautiful(Kabir stopped in middle to listen to their convo…Ranbir smirked & started talking in a mischievious tone😉)Let’s meet tomorrow at the park & spend some good time together(he went inside his room leaving Kabir burn in anger….or should we say…..jealousy😉)

Next day, at the park, both were roaming holding each other’s hand. Sanchi was continuously blabbering. He was looking at her with an admiring face & small smile. (Time skip)…It was already evening…Both were sitting on a bench quietly

Sanchi(thought to herself): Strange….He didn’t speak a word nor did he flirt with me since morning! It’s so weird!..(She was about to ask the reason when suddenly her eyes fell on an icecream stall…Sanchi immediately rushed there followed by him. He got a call, so he excused himself for a while to receive the call)

Two men were standing at a distance & were looking at Sanchi with lustful eyes. They started passing comments on Sanchi. One of them was about to hold Sanchi’s hand when he suddenly received a punch on his face. Both of them were beaten to black & blue, until Sanchi interrupted. They both immediately ran away from that place for their life.

He immediately ran towards Sanchi hugged her & enquired if she was fine

Sanchi(smiling): I’m fine Ranbir, don’t worry.

Kabir(breaking the hug & with a confused look): What did you just say? Ranbir!!? No Sanchi jee…it’s me…Kabir

Sanchi(laughing out loud): What? Stop trying to make a fool out of me Ranbir…I know you’re not Kabir

Kabir: Sanchi jee…I’m not joking, I’m Kabir

Sanchi: That means you’re really Kabir(she asked bewildered…& Kabir nodded in approval)(Sanchi became very happy. She was about to hug Kabir, but all of a sudden, she was recalled of the past events…as to how Kabir broke up with her)

Sanchi: Why?(Kabir looked confused) I mean to say, why did you save me from them? You could have let them do whatever they wanted to do with me(Sanchi bawled out at Kabir) Why did you risk your life for me?

Kabir(holding Sanchi’s arms tightly): Because I love you Sanchi jee(Sanchi was bewildered)I’m really sorry for what I did to you in the past, but believe me… I don’t know, when & how…but yes…I have fallen for you…& moreover, how can I tolerate when someone tries to misbehave with my love?

Sanchi eyes were filled with tears of happiness…She immediately ran towards Kabir & hugged him

Sanchi: I love you Kabir

Kabir: I love you too Sanchi jee(both were still hugging each other)…(bg music…Tere Liye from the movie Namaste England)😊

Flasback end

Priyanshi: Wow dii…Your love story is really interesting I must say(Sanchi smiled)….But I still have one question in my mind…Where has Ranbir been all through this time? He tried to create misunderstandings between you & jiju…Wasn’t he punished for his behaviour?

Sanchi(smiling): Had not Ranbir been there, me & Kabir would have never come together(Priyanshi looked confused)


After their confession, Sanchi & Kabir decided to convince each of their families for letting them get married…So they decided to convince Kabir’s mom, followed by Sanchi’s mom….So…as per plan, they returned to Kapoor Mansion…but they were shocked to see Jaya already present there. They composed themselves & moved to their respective moms😉(Arey baba, I mean to say…Kabir went towards Kusum while Sanchi went towards Jaya)Both of them tried their level best to convince their mom…but there was no expression on Kusum & Jaya’s face

Ranbir(From nowhere jumped on Kabir’s back & started shouting): Congratulations bro!…(Kabir was surprised with this)….Finally my stupid brother fell in love..yippee…I’m so happy….finally I succeeded😊 Mom, Jaya Aunty…I challenged you….see, I won….My brother has finally confessed his love(Jaya, Kusum & Ranbir were smiling while Kabir & Sanchi stood there confused)

Kabir: What do you mean by you succeeded?

Ranbir: You know what bro…When I returned from US, I came to know about what all have taken place between you & Sanchi from mom & Jaya Aunty, we decided to make you confess your love, coz somewhere down your heart, we knew that you truly love Sanchi, but you were not ready to accept that. So…here is the result….you have confessed your love & I have got the official right to call Sanchi as my Bhabhi(he winked😉)

Kabir(hugging Ranbir): Thanks bro(Kusum, Jaya & Sanchi were smiling)

Flashback end

Priyanshi: Ohh I see(putting her arms around Sanchi’s shoulder)…That means, Mr.Flirt played the role of a cupid in my dii & jiju’s love story…Not bad(both sisters smiled😊)Dii(coming in front of Sanchi & taking Sanchi’s hand in her hands)…Since I was not there during your marriage, I want to know about it from you.


A mansion with beautiful decorations is shown…Two left feet in similar shoes were tapping on the ground…Slowly, similar sherwani of both persons is shown… They both had crossed arms on their chest…They both were having a sly smile on their face😉Obviously they both were…The great Kapoor bros😊 Opposite to them, a beautiful bride looking like an angel, of course… our Sanchi…is shown😊But she was having a confused look on her face…Of course it’s because of the twins…haha😉

Twin 1: Come on Sanchi….Now guess, who your groom is…but remember, the one whom you select now will be your life partner for all the seven births(He said with a devilish smile)

Twin 2: Yes Sanchi….Identify among us, who’s your Kabir(He said while winking at her😉)

Sanchi scowled angrily…but after thinking for a moment…suddenly smiled naughtily…She started chanting Hanuman Chalisa(but how??…have a look😉)(& sorry Hanuman jee in advance…but I had to do this for my story)

Sanchi: Jai Hanuman prem ke sagar(One of the twin wanted to interrupt, but was stopped by the other in the middle)…Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar….Ram doot atulit Sudama…Anjaani-putra something something nama

He couldn’t take it any more, so… interrupted Sanchi in the middle…

Twin 2: Stop it Sanchi…what are you chanting…It goes like(he folded his hands)

Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar, Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar
Ram doot atulit bal dhama, Anjaani-putra Pavan sut nama

Mahabir Vikram Bajrangi, Kumati nivar sumati Ke sangi
Kanchan varan viraj subesa, Kanan Kundal Kunchit Kesha
Hath Vajra Aur Dhuvaje Viraje, Kaandhe moonj janehu sajai
Sankar suvan keshari Nandan, Tej prataap maha jag vandan

Sanchi(smiled): Thanks for your help Kabir(Ranbir glared at Kabir for spoiling his plan)…I knew that you couldn’t bear Hanuman Chalisa to be chanted in a wrong way

Kabir: That means, you did all this purposefully?(Sanchi nodded in agreement)….But this’s not fair…It’s cheating

Sanchi(giving a side hug to Kabir): But someone has said, Everything is fair in love & war…& this involved both love & war…So technically, it’s not at all cheating(Jaya, Kusum, Ranbir smiled while Kabir was smiling sheepishly😊)

Kanchi’s(Kabir & Sanchi) wedding took place, & the trio(Kabir, Sanchi & Ranbir)had a group hug

Flashback end

Priyanshi(making a puppy face): I missed the chance of witnessing so many interesting happenings…But now, until I’m here, I’m gonna make every moment count(both sisters had a tight hug😊)

Timeskip(4 months)

Like Priyanshi said, she would make every moment count, she had already made a lot of beautiful memories in this short span of time…No need to say regarding Jaya & Sanchi, bcoz, Priyanshi was already the apple of their eye from the beginning…As far as the Kapoor family is concerned, she was now like a part of the Kapoor family…Kabir treated her like his small sis…& Ranbir…no no…he can never accept such a beautiful lady as his sis😉..haha…they had now become besties, while Ranbir still hasn’t missed any chance to flirt with her(haha)

Now that Priyanshi’s project has been completed, she’s all set to return to London. Jaya, Kusum, Kabir, Sanchi & Ranbir had came to the airport to see her off…Priyanshi hugged them & bidding goodbye to all, left for London…

The End😊

Priyu…my Jinny…At times I wonder, what makes you special…The smile, the trust, or the way you care. At times, I wonder, what makes you fun…The bond, the memories, or the way you share…A beautiful day & a sparkling occasion…Today, being miles apart, I wonder what will I gift you?? All I can say is…You always have all my support, care & love. So I gather deep emotions to greet you….Happy Birthday my Jinny😊

So friends, I just hope it was worth reading, & sorry if this couldn’t meet your expectation level😊. I’m really thankful to those who read this story, thanks a lot friends. Plz do share your views regarding this plot through your comments & of course, if you didn’t like it, or found any flaws in this, feel free to share…& a very big thanks as well for bearing all my blabbering…haha…


With lots & lots of Love,
Priyanka(aka Riyarocks)

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    1. Riyarocks

      Good girl…ab tere liye nhi likhoongi toh kya padosiyon k liye likhoongi :):) shukar hai tujhe pasand aa gaya…..ab jaldi se hame hamara return gift bhej dena…arey bhai, VS se konsa asaani se kisiko b’day wish naseeb hoti hai….issi baat pe double treat toh banta hai boss…haha:):) luv u jinny….bohut bohut bohut saara:):)

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      You’re absolutely right Anika….To be honest, I had alwz longed for a sister & my wish got fulfilled the day I joined here, in TU….here, I made a number of frnds, some of them are now more than “just frnds” for me….somewhat like soulsis:):) Jinny is one among them. & thanks for your wishes sweetie….keep smiling…lots of luv:):)

      1. Anika9114

        I too understand the value of a sister and have also longed for a sister … But not now because I got 2 sisters who are the best and I love them more than myself…😊😊

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  3. Hey Priyanka
    The os was amazing
    @Anika9114 said it right that the best thing in the world is sisters love
    Take care
    A Very Happy Birthday To Your SIS…….

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  4. Kya bolu iss os k baare mai..aap koi b kasar nai chodte ho mera muh band krne mai..hayeeee kitna pyaara os h ye mjhe kitna pasand aaya mai bayaan nahi kr sktii hu..jab mjhe itna pasand aaya h to jinnu ko kitna pasana aaya hoga..padhai ne TU ki galliyan chodne pr majboor krdiya…pr ye os na lajawaab h ri..maza uh loadsss rii n happy bday meri jaan🎂tu hamesha khush reh ar salaamat b❤

    1. Riyarocks

      hehe….tu bohut nautanki karne lagi hai aaj kal….itna bhi kuch khaas nhi hai jo tujhe mere itneeeeee tareef karni pade…..but phir bhi, I’m soooooooooooooo happy ki tujhe achha laga…………luv u dherrrrrrrrrrr saara meri shona :):)

  5. Finally I got the chance to read your article😁 But I am really disappointed, not bcz of this, but bcz you left your writings in the middle & yeah…. A very happy birthday to Priyanshi. Priyanshi dear, my hindi is like a gone case, so I will use English. Actually you might not be knowing me but I know you. Priyanka didi keeps us telling about you, Mitali didi & many more, sorry I knew only this much names bcz I am bad at remembering so many names😌. You know what, she is a sweetheart. She cares for anyone & everyone around her without demanding anything in return. You are lucky to have her as your friend. Dear, may the universe shower its blessings on you & you could fulfil all your dreams🤗

    1. Riyarocks

      Shriyu… far as wishing Priyanshi is concerned, that’s fine…Thanks for that….but what’s this….Priyanshi ko mera character certificate kyun de rahi hai tu….dumbo…bhale hi tu mujhe uss se pehle jaanti hai, but ye jinny mere baare mein sab kuch jaanti hai…& one more thing…tu khud bohut sweet hai, tabhi tujhe sab log achhe lagte hain, meri koi bhi boori aadat tujhe nhi dikhti….anywz…tujhse baad mein baat karoongi….luv u shriyu :):)

  6. Anuradha123

    Sorry sorry yaar…. Tera msg aaj subah hi dekha… Aajkal tu pe aane ka time hi nahi milta…. Ab teri story ki baat karu… Itni achi ideas laati Kaha se hai tu? You are just amazing, wonderful etc and etc… Yaar teri story jabarjast hai…. Main toh pehle se hi teri fan hu ab toh aur jyada ho gayee hu…well done… Love you cutie pie 😍 😍

    1. Riyarocks

      Dramebaaz Anu🤣😆😆yaar, agar tu meri fan hai, toh phir mein teri AC…etc etc.sab hoon😁😁kitna time hogya tujhse baat kiye hue…finally ab jaake chance mila😄btw, I’m glad ki tujhe ye os achha laga😁luv u dherrrrrrr saara meri Anu😚😚😚

  7. Anee

    Sorry yaar bohat busy thii issi liye tera massage late dekha aur ab jaake mauka mila hai isse read karne ka…………………… but yaar kiya zardassttt os likha tha………… kitne ache the woh din jab hum sab TU pe kanchi kii stories read karte aur write karte the…….. but now pata nahii kahann sab gayab hogaye hain………………. tu bhi toh yahan ka raasta bhul gayii hai……………… aur Priyu ka b’day kab tha yaar I missed to wish her……………… happy belated B’day priyu dear…………… may god fulfill your all wishes…….. you get success in your life………….. always be happy dear……… lots’ of love too you My Mita dear…………. and Priyu love you.

    1. Riyarocks

      haha….tujhe ab mujhse koi nhi bacha sakta….tune mujhe sorry kehne ki himmat bhi kaise ki…….ruk beta, jiyu se kehke achhe se teri khaatirdaari karwaati hoon 😉 waise jinny ka b’day 13th ko tha….but koi nhi, wo tujhse naraaz nhi hogi….aur hogi bhi kaise, tu itni pyaari jo hai 🙂 but mere case mein alag hai, tu sirf meri dost nhi, meri behen jaisi hai… formality ka keeda ko bohut dur rakhti hoon jab teri baat aati hai……..haha……….luv u bohut bohut bohut saara meri anee:):)

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