Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari invited for Mauli’s Diwali Dinner

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli and Ishaan struggle with Mishti to give him medicine. She complains Mishti got even injections with Kunal. Mishti says he is really smart, and did all his work really playfully. Kunal calls Ishaan asking about Mishti. Ishaan says Mishti isn’t having her medicine. Kunal agrees to solve their problem. He narrates Mishti a story, and Mishti agrees to eat the medicine at once. Mauli was impressed and asks Ishaan to invite this doctor and Pari for Diwali dinner. Ishaan invites Kunal to join them in dinner, and says the mother of this house cooks commendable dishes. Kunal gives up resistance and agrees to be their guest.
Radika was preparing tea in the kitchen. She was disturbed as she thinks it was surely Kunal, he has returned from US. Dida comes there asking for tea. Mauli

also notices Mamma was tensed, but had to leave with Ishaan. Dida spits the tea asking if she mixed salt in the tea cup instead of sugar. Tears fell off Radika’s eyes and says he has returned, Kunal is in the same city. She saw him in the temple. Dida says it must be someone else. Both were emotional. Mamma says he didn’t see her. Dida asks what would happen to Mauli if she finds out about him. Mamma says she has a right to be happy, Kunal is her son after all. Dida takes her promise that she won’t tell Mauli. They shouldn’t ruin Mauli’s life. He would now enter their lives as a storm. Dida insists there is only a ray of hope that Mauli might step ahead in life. They need to show some patience for a few more days.
Kunal and Pari sat on the floor decorating Rangoli. Pari asks Kunal what he is making. She reminds Kunal that they even have to visit Mishti’s house. Kunal thinks about Mauli’s voice over Ishaan’s phone. He tries to ask Pari about Mishti’s mother’s name. Mishti didn’t recall. Kunal looks at the beautiful Rangoli Pari made, just like her mother. Pari cheers up. She then asks Kunal if her mama had a friend like Mishti. She wants to meet her. Kunal thinks Mauli would never want to meet them. He asks Pari to meet her own friend, take a photo of Rangoli and forward it to Mishti. Pari gets a call from Mishti and walks into the room.
Ishaan knocks the door of Mauli’s room. Mauli asks him not be formal. He looks towards Mauli intently. Mauli asks why she is staring like this. Ishaan replies he is her fiancé, and she looks beautiful today. Mauli was excited about Pari and her family. Ishaan holds Mauli’s hand and wish her Diwali, a new year; he wish she begin to love him in this year. He then presents Mauli with a waist band. He says it would suit Mauli. He takes Mauli’s permission who nods. She flinches as Ishaan ties the waist band, wishing her Diwali and hoping her as his wife to be. He then kiss the back of her hand. Dida came inside, whistling. Ishaan complains he was about to come. Dida sends Mauli downstairs and wish her Diwali. Mauli hugs Dida and wish her.
Near the car, Pari was excited to go to Mishti’s place. Kunal asks about the address. Pari calls Ishaan and asks to send the address of his house. In the car, Kunal gives the map to Pari to guide him about the way.
In the Diwali party, Mauli blew the crackers with Ishaan and Mishti. Mamma was thoughtful how Mauli will feel if she knows Kunal was in the city.
Kunal sense that the location was of his house. Pari asks him to stop near the gardens. Kunal tells Pari it seems they have come the wrong way. Pari instead leaves the car as they reached the right spot. Pari runs towards Mishti. Kunal decides to be cautious so as not to confront his own family in the way.

PRECAP: Mauli goes to receive Pari’s parents. Kunal spots Mauli walk towards the parking.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Director San plz dnt brng kamine Kunal into moulis life.let she have her own family with ishaan n be happy forever.she shudnt meet Kunal or else again she turns to be sad

  2. So Ishaan is the fiancee. I thought nothing is official yet and Ishaan is waiting for Mouli’s yes. But who fixed the alliance if Mouli still hasn’t accepted love for Ishaan? And where is Ishaan’s family? Hmm… Ishaan is being given so little backstory that i am almost afraid he wont remain permanent in the show. Does Mouli like Ishaan and she is hesitant because of her past? Or has she said yes to being fiancees just for mishti’s happiness? Please let Mouli find true love and happiness.
    Then Kunal can come back and stay with his mother/granny. They want him back too and Pari will also get grandmothers’ love. I dont have many complains against them either, they supported their daughter in law and are even wishing for her to move on and have further happiness in her life. After Mouli leaves, they can reunite with Kunal as they miss him too. No one does for their DIL as much as they have done and they deserve happiness too.
    But Ishaan and Mouli should start a new life together first. Or at least Mouli should never go back to Kunal. I just cant tolerate even the thought of Mouli and Kunal together anymore.

    1. S….I wish mouli never accept kunal, she marry to ishaan…

  3. Kunal is an ungrateful dog

    1. Dogs are grateful and most faithful….have you ever had a dog or any animal…try one…they are much better than humans…please don’t insult animals by comparing to any human species including yourself..

  4. Just let mauli and ishaan marry and shift to another house. After that kunal can be back with his mother and dadi. Mishti can visit her grandmas house or they can visit her time to time.
    Kinda feel bad for these 2 ladies, kids can forgot their parents, break their hearts, make them loose face, run away from duties towards them, choose others over the ones who gave birth and raised them. But still parents can’t hate their children they still want to forgive and wait for their kid to come back one day.
    It is a parent duty to oppose and stop their child wrongdoings. When they fail they get extremely hurt thinking maybe their love and upbringing was not enough but despite that their heart still love their kid to the end and want only his happiness. I wish one day kunal stop victimising nd justifying himself and genuinely realise what he made his mother, dida and mauli go through. Doing mistakes is human but questioning our deeds, realising, accepting our wrongdoing then try to rectify our mistakes and beg forgiveness is what differentiate self growing humans from jerks!

  5. This leap story is totally waste …. iniatially gotta exited. Now no more intrst to watch this.. stopped…

  6. Hoping mauli and Kunal do not get back together, will be a stupid move for sure. Wake up writer’s, it’s time to show independent Indian women in serials!!!!!!

  7. Fan of YUDKBH

    Writer of this story needs a psychiatrist. I am sure they will again show that for sake of her child Mauli will go back to Kunal. Once they will be together Nandini will come back and Mauli will again be fooled

  8. I just want the timing of this serial to get changed… And just want to see lunar jealousy for mauli

  9. Kunal *

  10. I Heard that this show will be ending on that true??????

  11. They have never showed that kunal missing mauli and felt her value in his life.she did everything but he never realised her value .and never feels that he did wrong with her. Wanted to see nandini negative but they just proved her mahaan. That’s why mauli should marry ishan who loves her but kunal never loved her. I am still surprised how could he left mauli for nandini. Their marital life was perfect. Wanted to see kunal missing mauli and realising her worth.

  12. Now mauli should marry ishan not kunal. That’s a big slap for kunal and he deserves it. Main point he never loved her n respected her though she did everything for him. She deserves ishan’s love.

  13. Kunal must realised his big mistake and how it feels when someone betrays us. And must get lesson that their marital life was perfect but still he fell for nandini that’s his biggest mistake of life. He Already got loving,caring perfect wife who was ready to do anything for him but still he betrayed her. I don’t want to discuss anything about nandini. Kunal was committed to mauli and had good personal professional life. Very happy couple but his one mistake ruined their life. He must realised that his relation with nandini was not right that should be the moral of this serial…extramarital affairs are not good they just ruined your happy life nothing else.

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