Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 9) BY ZAIMAL


“i told you to wear saree….you are looking my elder sister not mother”sunny said with twitched nose seeing her wearing white shirt and black skirt.

“i don’t have saree and i don’t know how to wear it….first we will go to my friend house,she will help in wearing saree then we will go to my boss’s house to take leave for today then to your school….okay?”swara explained him things while finishing her breakfast.she picks up plates and goes toward kitchen.pari also picks up her plate and goes after her.

“sunny finish breakfast quickly…”swara shouted from kitchen.sunny quickly stuffed bread in his mouth and start chewing it.


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“sit here silently…i will just go and come….don’t come out”swara said to sunny and pari.they nodded very obediently.swara nodded while believing them easily, steps down from taxi,closes the door and goes inside.sunny and pari giggled and sneaks out silently.

“Good morning uncle…”swara greeted ram with smile.

“good morning… are looking beautiful in this saree.”

“thank you…”swara said while blushing.

” breakfast meeting?”

“no uncle…actually i have some urgent work so i came to take leave…”

“sanskar is in his room….”

swara nodded and goes upstairs.she knocks at the door twice but no response from other side.swara opens the door and goes inside.


she hears sound of shower and thanks to God.she tales out application and start finding a place to keep it.she looks at his clothes and her eyes sparkled.

“thank God i don’t have to give this in his hand otherwise he would have asked thousand questions…”swara blabbered while keeping application between his clothes.

“what are doing with my clothes?”sanskar’s sharped voice scared the hell out of her,she quickly turned and slipped in this process.she was going to fall on bed but sanskar holds her arm and pulls her toward him,preventing her from falling down.swara strikes with his chest.sanskar had his hand on her bare waist.

“he is wet…”swara thought while looking in his eyes.

“She is delicate just like a fresh flower…”sanskar thought while staring at her beautiful face.her pink cheeks were matching to her light pink saree.

they shared a long romantic eye lock.both came in their senses when sanskar’s phone beeped with message ringtone.

“thank you…”swara muttered and moved to side.

“no need…i saved you because you were going to ruin my clothes”he said in flat tone while picking his phone.swara gritted her teeth and raised her fist to hit on back of his head but quickly moves it down when he turned.

“what is this?…”sanskar asked unfolding the application.

“application for leave….”swara said meekly while looking here and there because he was in bathrobe.

“today is very important meeting….”

“i know sir but…”

“and you took leave last week therefore this application is not accepted.”sanskar cut her in between with authoritative tone.

“kahroossss!….don’t even let me speak.”swara thought in her mind but smiles outside.

“si i had work for few hours…i will reach office before the meeting will start”swara said with smile.

“reach on time…..Now leave”sanskar said and turned toward his clothes.swara closed her both fist at his rudeness,turned and leave.

“God why did i joined this company……”swara cursed with red face.she greeted uncle while going out and walked toward taxi straight but gets shocked not finding kids.

“oh God!…kids now a days,don’t listen to anyone”swara beats her forehead and start looking for them.

“what are you doing here….didn’t i tell you  to stay inside the taxi…i find you everywhere”swara said while throwing daggers at sunny.he stops for a second, looks at her then again start putting force on a tree with both hands.

“what are doing?….”swara asked confusingly.

“it’s leaves colour is pink,I have never seen such tree therefore I like it ….I will take it home.”sunny said in busy tone.

“Huh!….”swara said,not able to understand his meaning.

“I want to take this tree with me therefore i am pushing it toward taxi….we will keep it in trunk and take it home.”

Swara slapped her palm on forehead and burst out laughing.meanwhile pari comes in front of her.

“see pretty flowers…”pari said showing her different colored flowers from her both hands.swara keeps hand on mouth and looks at her and sits in front of her.

“hmm….they are very pretty but  plucking flowers from others garden is bad manners….. didn’t you hear beauty and beast, one beast lives here also..if he will make you his prisoner then what will i tell your parents? “swara asked while tickling her.

“but i asked from him…”pari giggled and pointed at one side.swara looks at side and her breath got stuck in her lungs,seeing sanskar there.

“he will not think that i was calling him beast….”swara thought and gave him a sheepish smile.

“good girl….”swara pats pari cheeks and gets up,and turns toward sunny and gets up.

“sunny stop this stupidity and let’s go…..we are getting late.’swara said worriedly.sunny ignored her and shouted loudly.

“can i take this tree with me…”sunny shouted while looking at sanskar.he walks toward sunny and stands beside swara at small distance.

“if you can take it then take it…”sanskar said in normal.swara looks at sanskar with opened mouth.

“can i pluck more flowers…’pari asked sweetly.

“hmm….”sanskar nodded his head with smile,pari jumped happily and run toward plants.

“how can you allow him to take a TREE…”swara asked in shocked tone.

“do you want him to think his whole life that he can’t do anything.”sanskar said while looking at sunny’s struggle.

“God i am surrounded with mad people…”swara thought irritatingly but said something else.

“when even after trying he will not able to PUSH A TREE then his whole life he will think he can’t get anything even after trying…..therefore he needs to know what he can do what not.”swara said.sanskar looks at her.they looked in each other eyes for some time.

“i won…’swara thought and smiled when sanskar gave her no answer.she walks toward sunny and slapped on his head.

“what?..”sunny said while rubbing his head.

“you made your clothes dirty…”swara start removing dirt from his clothes.sunny opens his mouth to say something but swara stop him.

“shut up! we are already very late…so silently come with me.”

‘but i want this tree…’

“are you seeing the height of tree…same height of roots are present inside the ground,you need a bulldozer to make it move from its place.”

“really?…then i want a bulldozer’sunny said excitedly.swara looks at him in disbelief.sanskar smiled fully at his stubbornness and swara’s face expressions.

“fine i will arrange a bulldozer for you then…’

“thank you…”sunny happily hugged her without listening fully.swara breaks hug and points finger at him.

“after that i will leave then take this tree for PTM and after that when you will be grounded then cry in front of this tree…okay?”swara said with smile,gets up,looks at sanskar for a second then walks toward pari.sunny freezed with the thought of PTM and he is getting grounded.

“i will take this tree some other day…’sunny said to sanskar and run toward swara,who was taking pari toward taxi.sanskar looked toward them,sunny was pleading swara continuously  but she was shaking her head side to side,looking very cute.sanskar skipped his several heart beats,seeing her naughty side as she was teasing sunny.


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