You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 28

RECAP : The family have a talk. ReThik and Tamil see each other’s childhood photos. Karthik loses the bet to Revathi Jr. Pooja’s excited for ReThik’s marriage. ReThik share a moment.

Scene 1 :

Karthik : I’ll go Revathi, it’s time. Have a good sleep.

Revathi Jr : Bye Karthik. Good night, sweet dreams.

Karthik : Yeah, you are my sweet dream.

Revathi smiles.

He goes.

Revathi Jr : Karthik!

Karthik turns to her.

Revathi Jr gives a flying kiss to Karthik.

Karthik takes it happily and leaves her backyard.

They are in their respective houses.

ReThik coincidentelly hear the song ‘Neethane Neethane’ in their phones through earphones. They smile thinking of each other and sleep.

Scene 2 :

The next morning,

The family is together in Azhagar’s house.

Andal : Where is Tamil?

Revathi Sn : She went to meet her school friends. I insisted her to come, but she said she had a big plan with her friends.

Andal : Oh okay.

Shakthivel : Revathi, sing a song for us. It’s been a long time since I’d heard your beautiful voice.

Revathi Jr sings ‘Oru deivam thandha poove’.

Everyone get mesmerised by her voice. Karthik looks contantly at her and smiles.

They clap for her.

Karthik : I love Revathi’s voice a lot. It’s so beautiful.

Everyone smile.

Revathi Sn : She’s going to be my daughter-in-law.

Azhagar : Akka, I want you to dance next time.

Revathi Sn : I will. When did I disobey my brother’s words?

He smiles.

Shakthivel : Both my Revathies are so talented.

Andal : It’s so nice when we are like this, together.

Shakthivel : Yes da. After Revathi and Karthik’s marriage, we will be together forever.

Everyone get confused.

Azhagar : Mama, what are you saying? Together forever?

Shakthivel : I’ll tell you later. It’s a surprise for you all.

They wonder.

Scene 3 :

Revathi Jr in her room.

Revathi Jr : I don’t know what Mama is talking about. Surprise? I’m waiting.

She comes downstairs and overhears everyone having a talk in the hall.

Karthik : From the day I met Revathi, my life is very peaceful without any disturbance.

Azhagar : Why not? She’s my daughter.

Karthik : Yes Mama. I have to tell this. I still didn’t open Revathi’s gift she gave to me on my birthday.

Revathi Jr hears this and goes to her room.

Andal : Why Karthik?

Karthik : Because I have to prove that she’s very special for me.

They all smile.

Scene 4 :

Karthik goes to Revathi’s room and sees her upset.

Karthik : Revathi? Are you sad?

Revathi Jr : You know why I’m sad.

Karthik : Aiyo, I don’t understand.

Revathi Jr : You needn’t. Leave me alone.

Karthik : At least tell me why are you sad.

Revathi Jr : You still haven’t opened my gift. Isn’t it?

Karthik : Yes. So what?

Revathi Jr : You don’t love me. That’s the truth.

Karthik : Rev, don’t be silly. There’s a reason why I did this.

Revathi Jr : Don’t tell any lame reasons.

Karthik : It’s not lame. Before getting sad, did you think why I opened everyone’s gift except you? Because you are so special to me that I will open my gift in a best day ever.

Revathi Jr : Really?

Karthik : Yeah. You used to tell me not to misunderstand each other. Now you are doing this.

Revathi Jr laughs.

Karthik : Hey why are you laughing?

Revathi Jr : Did you think I was really mad at you? I was acting to be sad.

Karthik : Adippavi! How many times you fool me?

Revathi Jr : I was just confirming how would you react. I understand why you did this.

Karthik : I promise that I will open your special gift in a special day.

Revathi Jr smiles.

Karthik : You were acting, but I’m really mad at you for scaring me.

Revathi Jr : What?

Karthik : I’m madly in love with you Revathi. Deeply waiting to tie the knot.

Revathi Jr : That day will come, wait. I love you. (Pulls his cheek)

She goes downstairs.

Karthik smiles.

Karthik : My biggest dream is to marry Revathi. Once that gets fulfilled, I will dream a lot for my future, career, etc.

Next episode promo : A week later, the family get set for going to Canada. Amruth’s girlfriend plans to take revenge from ReThik. She is also going to Canada.
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