Hamari Bahu Silk 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi gets Nayan Kataray is Natasha’s plot

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Naksh and Pakhi were working in the kitchen. Naksh asks Pakhi why she sent him through a lie, if she was really looking for that Kataray. Pakhi was offensive and asks if he really thinks she can lie after swearing for her Ayi. Naksh says he only meant she could have worked without a lie as well. Pakhi asks about Naksh’s competition, he replies it’s done. Pakhi was happy and congratulates him, he dryly replies its thanks and no thanks; then leaves the kitchen.
Pakhi hears Nayan Kataray from outside, calling her as ‘Janu (My Dear)’. She comes outside and runs with a stick behind him. Baa and Naksh also came out. Pakhi slips on the road. Nayan stops by and asks if she is still angry, she shouldn’t worry about that old lady at all as he stands with her. He drives the bike away. Pakhi

tries to explain to Baa and Naksh both, they don’t reply at all.

The next morning, Pakhi was working in the kitchen. Baa comes inquiring about Naksh. Pakhi replies he was right here a while ago. Baa asserts that Naksh is her employee, she is the boss and must know where he is. Pakhi calls on Naksh’s number. He was asleep and asks about the problem. Pakhi says alright, it’s good he is washing utensils outside in the yard. Baa was appreciative and says it’s good, she will just check him. Naksh jumps off the bed and through the balcony comes downstairs. Pakhi indulges Baa till Naksh gets his seat outside. Baa appreciates Naksh, while Pakhi hands him a few more pots to wash. Outside the main door, Baa stops Pakhi and says she knew Naksh just came here, else her track pant must have been wet. Still she likes it that Pakhi successfully indulged Naksh is her business, still warning Pakhi that she doesn’t want a drama at home on daily basis.

It was night. Pakhi was tensed and wonders who it can be. She reads a message then goes outside the main door. Nayan Kataray was there on his bike with ‘I love you’ message board for Pakhi. Nayan drives the bike away. Baa had come out for a glass of water and notices the main door open. Pakhi tries to pull off the board and remove the light plug. Meanwhile Baa heard the bike and comes outside. She spots Pakhi locking the main gate and asks what she is doing here at this time. Pakhi lies she felt irritated so she decided to come outside and breathe deep in fresh air. Baa clarifies that girls of their family do not wander outside so late, she may take a medicine. She can breathe fresh air in the morning. Pakhi thinks Natasha is surely behind all this, she will now bear the consequences.

The next morning, Kapadia was angry over Aakash for calling the goons to the sets. He questions Aakash why Pakhi isn’t coming over. Aakash says Pakhi had already clarified that she is busy and can’t come over on daily basis. Kapadia wasn’t convinced. Pakhi comes to the studio. A spot boy informs Kapadia that Pakhi has come to meet him. Kapadia happily invites her inside. Natasha smirks that Pakhi finally had to bend down. Kapadia greets Pakhi. Pakhi fakes a sour throat, then presents Kapadia a note ‘Tonsils’. Kapadia was tensed all at once. He asks Pakhi till when this infection will continue. Pakhi signals 1, Kapadia guess if one hour. She denies. He asks one day? Pakhi signals One week. Kapadia asks what if she tries to speak earlier. Pakhi says she might lose her voice. Kapadia allows her a rest for one week. Pakhi smirks at Natasha. Kapadia packs the set up. Natasha argues that she is fine, then why the shooting must be closed. Kapadia tells Natasha to stay silent, she is a minor star. The real celebrity is Pakhi.

Outside the studio, Natasha stops Pakhi and asks if she has tonsils. Pakhi asks if her producer was afraid. She knows Natasha sent that Nayan Kataray to her place. It was a doubt and she got the shoot closed, what if she gets assurance. Its better Natasha finds a new voice in a week, else she will speak to Kapadia herself. Natasha silently thinks that after tonight, Pakhi will be changed person.

PRECAP: Naksh has a fight with Nayan Kataray. He hurts Naksh with a strike of his dagger. At home Baa tells Pakhi it’s enough, this time her grandson was attacked. Pakhi says she has no connection with that Nayan Kataray. Baa suggests about involving police in the matter then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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