Ladies Special 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar Realizes He Loves Bindu

Ladies Special 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna and Mandar finish their dance rehearsal and ask family how was it. Family says awsome. Goon Raghu informs his aides that he will burn Meghna’s factory tonight. Aide says many employees work there. Raghu says he does not care. They all burn Bindu’s factory. Amar waits for Mota Pappa/MP to wake up, but MP is sound asleep snoring. He then drives car and stopping it at local railway station gets into local train. Chadariya jeeli re in the background. TT asks ticket. Amar says he does not have ticket as he does not travel in train, so TT can fine him. TT asks where did he board train and where he wants to go. Amar says previous station and does not know where he wants to go. TT says he understood his problem, if he fought with his wife. Amar says Bindu

is very nice, but is going away from him. TT says he understood his problem and explaining how he felt when his son went to US for job, he thought how will his son live without them, but the fact is how he will live without his son, so it feels great pain when dear ones go far away; when someone is in love, he sees his lady love everywhere. Amar gets out of train and imagines Bindu in old man, TT, coolie, etc.. and realizes he loves Bindu. He returns home and walks back into MP’s room. MP wakes up and asks if he returned from hospital. Amar cries saying with a long speech and finally accepts that MP’s decision to get him married to Bindu was right and he loves Bindu.

Bindu gets ready in the morning for children’s school meeting. Mandar enters and asks if she slept in gown. Meghna jokes and asks him to get ready soon as they don’t have much time. He goes to change. Ram informs her that there was a fire accident at their factory. Meghna rushes to factory and shatters seeing it burnt into ashes. She reminisces employees working there and her success story from her workshop. Mandar reaches. Meghna cries holding him.

Next morning, Amar walks to Bindu asks if she can prepare upma for him and goes into flashback where MP suggests him that he should respect Bindu’s feelings also and not interfere between Umedh and Bindu. Bindu asks him hat happened. He gets out of flashback and asks her to prepare breakfast soon as he is getting late for hospital.

Precap: Amar tells Kangana that they are just friends and nothing else. Kangana shouts he betrayed her and slits her wrist. MP picks Bindu’s phone and hears Umedh describing about their drama.

Update Credit to: MA

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