YHM Yeh pyaar Na Hoga Kam episode 5

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Recap-Aliya traps Adi to become his friend
Adi gets locked in lab there is lot of smoke he notices Aliya n saves her life
Aliya asks forgiveness for her past behavior, Adi n Aliya go for coffee
Adi overhears n makes out that It was all Aliya’s plan
He gets angry n ask her to stay away from him

Aliya is in her room
She remembers Adi’s words
Her eyes gets watery
She starts to cough
Simmi comes rushing
She makes her have water
Aliya hugs her tight
Aliya-mom u love me so much am so sorry I have hurt u so very much always sorry sorry mom
Simmi gets tear eyed
Simmi-Aliya beta enough dnt cry please dnt cry what happened dear
Aliya-I love u love u alot please please make me sleep in ur lap please
simmi gladly does so

Adi is studing Ishita brings milk for him she caresses his hair lovingly
Adi remembers about Aliya

”Tujhe sabh hain pta meri ma”plays n simmi wd Aliya n Adi with ishu r shown

Next Morning
Aliya takes out kurti legging n dresses properly

Aliya asks driver to park in empty space n not next to.Adi’s car
She enters class everybody is shocked to see her dressed so simple

A Boy To Adi-Hey Adi look what has happened to Aliya
Adi looks
Adi-Maybe a new drama, new master plan some ppl can never improve

Aliya focuses on All lecs
She goes to lib
All students in lib r shocked
A boy to Adi-I guess Aliya has gone nuts miss Aliya Bhalla in lib
Adi-leave her yaar lets solve this equation
Boy-But Adi its been 4 long weeks since she is acting so weird
she doesn’t even look at u
she maintains safe distance from u

Adi gets thinking
Adi’s pov-He is right how can somebody pretend for so long, whats wrong with her

Days pass by
Adi is shown studing hard
Adi takes up part time job of teaching his classmates
Aliya focuses on studies
Aliya n simmi r shown bonding well
Adi keeps noticing Aliya’s behavior n finds it strange n disturbing

In library
Adi sits next to Aliya
she gets going
Adi-Aliya please can we talk please

They go in lawn
Aliya avoids eye contact
Adi-Aliya sudden change in ur behavior is bothering me alot Aliya wat……..
Aliya-y r u bothered u wanted me to be away am away from u do u want me to leave this college too
Adi-No Aliya, Aliya actually
It starts raining
Aliya-I must leave
Adi-u have nt yet answered my question
Aliya I didn’t want to hurt u I mean I said n u changed y how I mean
Aliya-u willnot understand
Adi- Am trying to understand from past 3 n half years(yes frnds 3 n half yrs have passed since adi made out about Aliya’s plan)Aliya just around six months r left n we will leave this college I want to know Aliya
Aliya (tear eyed)-what u want to know Mr Aditya that I feel madly in love with u on first day I saw u n this increased n only increased
what u want to know
dat I changed because first time ever somebody found faults in me first time somebody whom I gave so much attention ignored me hated me
I used feel am best somebody told me am most disgusting
I was trying just trying to be best but maybe u may feel
all of this is plan so let it be
Aliya leaves crying
Adi is shocked
Aee Dil Hain Mushkil plays

Vjti Farewell
Board is shown

A male voice is heard-My aim was to study, to get degree, job from this college but I have got one more thing True love

Its Adi speaking
Adi-somebody who changed herself completely for me Miss Aliya Bhalla I love u will u please be mine forever

Aliya goes rushing to him
They hug eachother
Aee dil hain mushkil plays
All clap

Frnds am speeding up so that I can come to main plot soon I hope u all will like it

  1. so nice dear update soon

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  4. Nice but I had a doubt if ISHRA are also there?? Can u pls tell if they are a part??

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    No need to say….it was simply awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. Baby Lisa loved it…baby Lisa wants to know something ….should I ask…OK baby Lisa is asking …when will ishra come??…???

  7. nice one yaar….story moving past i like that idea…waiting to ishra soon…

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