Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#36)

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____Twinkle’s POV____

I returned back to d apartment at around 5 in d evening. I entered in but couldn’t find Kunj anywhere in d living room. I kept my handbag on d couch and found a greeting card placed on d centre table I picked it up to have a look at it. It was a simple red and white card I read d lines written on it which stated

“I thought I would be better off alone but i am nothing without you time has shown
Better off apart I thought we would be but that is what my heart refuses to believe
I am sorry I took your love for granted But trust me This is not what I really wanted.”

With those tiny droplets coming out of them my eyes started to wander around d whole house in search of Kunj.

Finally I found him standing in d balcony gazzing at d seting sun. I walked towards him nd probably he sensed my presence so he turned around to face me. I moved forward decreasing d proximity between us. I stood a few centimeters away from him.

K- I am sorry Twinkle I know I have been really stupid. But please forgive me and give me second chance. I will do everything I can and I wont let you down.

I could sense the guilt he posessed in his eyes….I could sense his want for me to be back in his life….but I still wonder did he realise d amount of pain I had undergone….did he realise how much I wanted for him in d past days.

Me- Kunj Sorry is just a word which has no value….Kabhi bhi kahin bhi koi bhi sorry bol sakta hai….Just one sorry cant get back those 2years which could have been way too much better than what they were….Your family cant get back d happiness that they deserved….d grief they got just cant be forgotten with just a sorry.

I almost screamed. Tears were endlessly gushing out from my eyes.

K- I know Twinkle I cant get back those 2years which were the most sorrowful ones….I know I cant set everything alright just by saying a sorry.No amount of apology would do. I hurt everyone nd I have hurt you the most. Take your time dont worry I’ll wait forever if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me.

Me- What about everyone else….Usha maa, Bebe, Uv, Manohar uncle….???

K- Once you are by my side….nothing can stop me from making this small destroyed world of our back to a flourishing one.

A small grin crept over my face amidst those tears. I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him as tight as I could….I couldn’t stop bursting out into tears.

Me- I missed u soo much Kunj….pls dont ever leave me….pls dont ever let any misunderstanding overpower your trust on me….bcoz I can never think of hurting you or leaving u….pls dont leave me

I could feel my shoulder getting wet. He broke d hug after a few minutes cupped my face and wipped of d tears

K- Come what may I will always be by your side until death do us apart

I nodded my head in negative when I heared d word death from his mouth. He smiled back at me. We touched our foreheads against eachother’s and stood there in silence feeling d pain that we had gone through.

After a few minutes we stood back staring at eachother.I stared at him as he gazed back at me.

“Twinkle,” he whispered, his face only inches away from mine and the warmth of his breath lit me up like a candle. A rush of heat started to slowly spread throughout my body. He leaned forward slowly, his hand brushing the hair out of my face and in an instant his lips were on mine. I let his soft lips tangle with mine, and his arms wrap strongly around my waist. Protectively holding me close to him. My heart is speeding with adrenaline. My mind lost in the arms of the man I love.


A perfect setup for a movie date at home….dim lights….a romantic bollywood movie….a bowl of popcorn….and the two of us sitting on the couch under a blanket with his arm around my shoulder nd my arms wrapping his waist nd head resting on his chest. I must say Delhi’s temperature has been frosty this winter.

The movie ends on a happy note as d love birds unite inspite of all hurdles. As d romantic melody played at the end we(twinj) gave a eachother a cute stare. He whispered ‘I love u’ nd kissed my temple. I responded back and soon we slept in eachother’s embrace on d couch itself.


The next day we freshened up nd made our way to d office as I still had lots of work to do on their fashion house. We reached office nd met Neil…he was glad to know that everything has been sorted between us. Kunj wanted me to meet Neil’s family so it was decided that we would go to Neil’s place after our work at office was done.


I met Neil’s mother nd his Sister Ashima. They were too sweet. They were very happy for Kunj. We youngsters shared a few time pass moments. With every silly PJ created we were laughing like maniacs.

Neil and Ashima said that the happiness they found on Kunj’s face now was a realistic one nd they were happy to see him get out of his fake happy world.

We enjoyed the delicious dinner prepared by Neil’s mother nd drove back to d apartment but not before sharing a couple of moments over a Double fudge brownie at a nearby icecream parlour.


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