TERE SANG MERE JEEVAN (raglak,swaragini) PROMO (1)

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tere sang mere jeevan (raglak,swaragini) promo (1).

sorry guys i couldn’t update chapter 4 part 2. so i give you all a short promo. please forgive me guys. i busy with my school because my school got start. that why i couldn’t update. if i get time to update i will guys. here your promo. here guys my previous chapters links. happy republic day friends. please avoid my grammatical mistakes and typos. lets enjoy the promo friends.


chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 3 part 1


a beautiful day.that day was pournami (full moon). a special day for our lovely sweet romantic couple which a sepical gift from angles. that place was full of beautiful trees and beautiful flowers. that place sourrounded by chill wind which made our couple more romantic.

starts with laksh hugs ragini from back

laksh: what magic you did to me jaan. i can’t take off my eyes from you. you looking so hot and se*y dear.

ragini blushes and broke the hug and ran from there stand beside a bed. laksh looking at ragini and come to ragini and touch her cheeks and rub her lips with his thumb. ragini gets shy and bend her head and closed her eyes, laksh gets more closer to ragini he cups her face and bring her face close to his. he tucks her hair behind her ear, and bring his lips close to her ear. ragini is fully mesmerized by his presence.

she lost into his passionate touch. she went to dressing table and stands besides that. and she closed her eyes because of shy. laksh whispers in husky voice still how long you going to remain with eyes closed, open your eyes and look at me jaan, by telling this laksh again caresses her face, ragini slowly open her eyes and looks at laksh, both looking into each other eyes, the situation turns more romantic as it start to rain. ragini runs to terrace.laksh also runs behind her.

they hug each others and both of them lost with each other. laksh eyes moves down to her lips and stays there, ragini feels shy she tries to go but laksh holds her hand and pulls her to him. her wet hair caresses his face, laksh lifts up her chin to make her look at him. he pulls her body more closer to his, and holds her waist tightly. that touch turn to sensual. ragini tries to escape from him but couldn’t. her hand is still holding his shirt tightly. laksh hand moves up from her waist to her hair, he clutch her hair tight, he bring his lips close to hers, ragini close her eyes, laksh lips is nearing ragini..

laksh get closed to ragini and he bends his head to ragini’s lips. finally our romantic love birds had their first lip lock. both were drenched completely wet in rain yet though they continue their starting session. gerua song from dilwale movie in background.

laksh’s room

laksh sitting on his bed and keep thinking of something. due to stress he took cigarettes and lights that. his eyes are red due he took many cigarettes and something keeps reminds in his mind.

you cheated both of them and not only them you cheated yourself also lucky. you chested a pure innocent heart ragini. you just loved swara only.what happened to you what made you to marry ragini. you can’t give ragini the rights of a wife and you can’t love her moreover you can’t take your marriage to next level lakshya durga prasad maheshwari. you can’t keep ragini happy better you give her divorce and marry swara lucky.
your life will awesome.only swara can made your life happy. only she have that rights lucky.

laksh gets frustrated and hits his hand in mirror. his hand started to bleed. at the same time ragini came to room ask him to join dinner.

ragini: laksh what happened to you? laksh why you took some many cigar and ow came your hand start to bleed. is that paining?

saying this ragini took laksh’s hand to see but laksh stops her and shouts at her.

laksh: stop it stop it ragini. just stop it. don’t ask me that kind of question. even though my ma didn’t ask me this kind of question. i can’t tolerate anymore just get out from my side. please leave me alone. i want to live my life with peace so just get out from my side. please.

saying this laksh went from his room. ragini stands there like a statues. tears rolling down from ragini’s eyes. after some time ragini went down.

mm garden

swara drag laksh with her. start to beat him.

swara: how dare you laksh. how dare you. to scold my ragini.

laksh: what the hell swara. why you yell at me swara. and ragini she is my wife not yours okay. only i have the rights to scold her even though i can beat her.

swara: oh sir can beat her. you have that kind of dream also. i will never allow you to beat or scold her okay. even though in your dream also you can’t beat or scold my ragini. did you get it.

saying this swara started to go but suddenly laksh holds her wrist and pull her to him.

laksh: what happen to you swara. how can you forgot your love. only you have the rights of my wife in my life. only you can love me. i will accept only you as my love till my last breath. so for that you have to became as my wife and i have to divorce ragini. so be ready to become as wife of lakshya durga prasad maheshwari.

saying this laksh kiss swara cheek lightly. swara remove his grip from her wrist. swara’s eyes become red. she have some tears in her eyes. she rubs her cheek with her palm. laksh went away from there. this all witnessed by someone. that person cried and her/his eyes became red due of her/his angry.
who that person? why laksh scold ragini? who that person and why he/she tell that swara is laksh’s love? is that laksh still love swara and didn’t forget swara? but why laksh marry ragini if still love swara?

friends if you all want your answer stay stunned with me. friends is that the promo seems too interesting. friends i will upload my chapter 4 part 2 as soon. please wait for that because i’m busy with some works that why i can’t upload my ff. i have more twist and suspense in my ff. so don’t forget to read and to give all your supports to me. thank you. waiting for your kind supports. lets enjoy the promo. please avoid my grammatical mistakes and typos.

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