Yeshu 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu befriends Neema

Yeshu 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yeshu asking Mary why they didn’t get the result of their prayers immediately. Mary looks at the larvae on the tree. She says if we break the shell then butterfly will come out immediately. Yeshu says no, and realizes that God hears their prayers at the right time. Mary says lets go home. The Soldier tells Herod II that the Soldier who was sent to kill Centurian is unsuccessful and asks if he was wearing our dynasty’s uniform. The soldier says yes. Herod II says you need a special prize and takes his sword and stabs him repeatedly. The soldier dies. Herod II says he will make special arrangements to welcome Centurian.

Leena comes to meet Yeshu at Mary’s house and says she had prayed to God for her daughter and feels that Yeshu is the sign who can help her daughter. Mary says I don’t know how Yeshu will help your daughter. Maria comes there. Yeshu says he wants to talk to Neema alone. Maria says no. Leena says he can talk to Neema. Yeshu tries to talk to Neema. Mary and Leena look at them from far. Yeshu says you are scared. Neema says I am blind and that doesn’t mean that I am afraid to talk. Yeshu says when Rabbi Guru ji challenged me to return your eye sight, then you held her hand tightly. He says if you make God’s house in your heart then everything will be fine. She asks what will happen with your thinking. Yeshu says I feel that you will soon everything with your eye. He says even a feather can fly, it needs the support of the air. He makes the feather fly and says I want to help you, just like air is helping the feather. He says I am sure that you can see the world and you will fly high.

Centurian throws the knife at Herod II and tells that he wants to talk to him. Neema tells that she don’t want his support. He says I want you to become my friend and says friends take care of each other so much. He asks can we be friends. Neema says no, I know that this is your way to show sympathy towards a blind girl. She calls Neema and says she wants to go home. They come downstairs. Neema falls down and gets up, says she is hearing the sound of air. She comes out of the house. Yeshu asks her to come and play with him. She says she will not come for his sympathy and goes. Mary asks him not to feel bad. Yeshu says he will not feel bad. Centurian asks Herod II to kill him, if he wants to kill him. Shaitaan asks Herod II not to kill him and find out about the boy. Herod II makes an excuse and asks him to go and find the boy, then get back to the dynasty. Centurian goes. Herod II looks on. Shaitaan thinks he is waiting for the day, when Centurian brings Yeshu here, and then he will ask him to kill him.

Yeshu closes his eyes and hears the wind chime sound. He closes his eyes and tries to walk hearing the sound and falls down. Joseph comes there and holds him. Yeshu asks him about the sound. Joseph tells that Blind people hears from where the sound is coming. Yeshu says he has found the way and tells that he wants to make something, whose beauty is good to hear rather than to see.

Precap: Rabbi Guru ji says he wants to see how a blind girl plays. Yeshu asks Neema to catch the ball. Neema closes her eyes and hears the sound of the ball as it flies in air. She jumps and catches the ball.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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