1st Epi – Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit hides her secret identity

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The Episode starts with the girl telling about the division of Lahore. She says it will be our last Basant Panchami this time, we won’t be able to meet everyone again, my Bau ji Lala Kishora Sahani is so happy and meeting his best friend Iqbal Baig. Lala hugs Baig and says you didn’t come yesterday. Baig says Zaheda came in the morning, Bhabhi and she were making some khichdi. The ladies come and say we got yellow rice. He asks them to taste the sweetdish and say who had made it. Baig asks Lala not to fail in this age, just call his daughter. Lala calls his daughter Amrit. Amrit is seen playing dhol and dancing with some girls. A guy comes and calls her out. Her dream ends. She is still in her house balcony. She sees the men dancing on the dhol beats. Vashma comes and teases her for day dreaming. Amrit gets shy. She is called by Lala.

Lala asks her to just keep their respect and not lose. Amrit smells both the sweetdish. She then mixes the rice. She says the rice is tasting well when mixed together, it will lose the taste when they are separated, they are prepared in both the homes. Lala asks her to take anything she wants, she has given the answer so well. She gets a bangle as gift from his side. Aunt comes and asks will you give away everything to Amrit. Lala praises his daughter who is equal to a diamond. Aunt goes away and makes a face. Lala says the entire country has seen the dream of freedom, how can they divide us, we celebrate Diwali and Eid together, we will celebrate freedom together. Baig says we will celebrate next Basant Panchami together. Lala says I will decorate the locality and dance in such a way that the entire world will see. Vashma sees some horoscope. Amrit goes to pray. Vashwa shows the newspaper to her. Amrit gets happy. Amrit asks how will we go today. She goes to Uday Kishore Sahni. He jokes on her dreams. Amrit says dreams aren’t different for guys and girls. She gets sentimental. She says we both don’t want to go, we have imp work. He says I can’t help, Taya ji is also at home today. Vashma says we want your help, we want to go out. He pulls their ears and says you think I will help you every day. Vashma asks Amrit not to tie rakhi to her brother this time. He asks her where does she want to go. Vashma says I can’t tell that. Amrit asks him to just handle it. She goes. He asks them to come soon.

Amrit and Vashma wear burqas and leave from their house. Saira shuts the door. They reach the post office. They ask for the letter. They stop in the market and see a statue. They read the message, when the country gets free, will the girls get freedom to dance on the dhol. Amrit says I see this dream. Vashma asks her to come fast. Amrit’s letter falls down.

Uday helps his dad in taking a bath. His dad scolds him. Uday hears the call for Amrit and Vashma. Kiran thinks where did the girls go. Uday worries. Amrit goes to pick the letter. She looks at the statue. The guy winks to her. She gets shocked. Bua ji calls out Amrit. Uday asks her to go, he will get the girls downstairs. Bua ji says I have got special thread for the kites. She creates a scene and calls everyone. Uday’s dad comes there and gets angry on him seeing the hockey stick. He angrily breaks the stick. He says be thankful that I didn’t break his bones. He asks him to open the door. Uday cries and gets aside. Lala looks on.

Amrit says that’s not a statue, but a human. Vashma says it means he is cheating others. Amrit says maybe he has a dream like me. She sees the guy. Vashwa takes her home. Lala and everyone look for Amrit. Bua starts crying and says Amrit isn’t in the room. Amrit and Vashma run on the road. Amrit says who was he…. The guy who posed as the statue, Randhir washes his face. He smiles. Amrit asks why was he standing there. Randhir says we have to present the matter in an unusual way to make people remember it, I have learnt it from London. Bua ji says where did Amrit go. She says if a young girl lies and runs out of the house, then the matter is fishy, your love has made her fearless. She reminds Lala when he got her married by the fear that she can get spoilt by his pampering. She says Amrit is 16 years old now, think about it. Amrit says the guy would have learnt about Ranjhan. Randhir says I will find out about Ranjhan, that burqa girl was amazing, if I saw her face, maybe I would have fallen in love with her. He does shayari and recalls Amrit. Saira opens the door and Amrit and Vashma. She says Kiran Bala has ignited this fire.

Amrit and Vashma come to the family. Bua asks Amrit to see her dad’s state, where did she go. Lala asks Amrit to swear on him and say that she isn’t in love with anyone. She says no, its nothing like that. He gets relieved. He asks where did you go by lying. Vashma asks her to tell everyone. She says we went to get something for you, Amrit wanted to get this bowl for you. Bua says you got this Katora/bowl for your dad. Amrit warns Kiran. Vashwa says Amrit didn’t tell anyone that Kiran broke that bowl, she wanted to save Kiran, she got the bowl before anyone got to know about it. Kiran says yes, the bowl broke by my hands by mistake, I had told Amrit not to tell anyone. Lala asks Amrit not to lie and go out. He hugs Amrit. Bua asks Kiran to come with her for a talk. Uday cries for his broken hockey stick. He stops Vashma from help. Amrit stops Kiran and warns her again. She asks her not to invite problems for herself. Kiran goes. Amrit sees the letter.

A man gets his daughter to Lala. He says I found a nice guy for her, but she is refusing to marry because of this love Guru article coming in the newspaper. He shows the articles by Ranjhan. Amrit reads the letter and smiles. She reads… you have written the love stories which inspire young girls, its not a sin, its love, why did you hide your identity. The man says my daughter is saying that she won’t marry without seeing the groom, she wants her freedom, tell me, if girls read such stories, then they will lose their minds. Lala gets angry.

Amrit reads…. you narrate these stories on the radio, I have already spoken to someone in Lahore radio station. She reads his name Randhir Raizada. Vashma asks her to tell her name and identity to Randhir. She says the girls are dying to see Randhir and meet him, you got his 11th letter, what does your heart say. Amrit says I want to write stories by my name, the city should know about me, dad should be proud of me, I want to tell the truth to Bau ji that the columnist Ranjhan is Amrit. Lala asks the girl not to lose her mind by reading shameless posts. He says girls can get respect, but not the decision making rights. He asks the man to take his daughter home and not scold her. He sees the newspaper. He gets angry and crushes it. Vashma says he may feel a little bad, but he will be happy, we will show him Randhir’s letter. Lala says if I get this Ranjhan, I will beat Ranjhan, shame on such a writer, who is spreading this shameless things and making the girls lose their values. Amrit and Vashma look on shocked. Amrit burns the letters and says I will never tell dad that I m that Ranjhan.

Amrit is on the way. Randhir looks on and smiles. Uday sees his dad and gets scared. Amrit tells her dreams to Lala. She says I have got my stories published in the newspaper by Ranjhan’s name. Lala gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Loved the beginning. Everything looked so pleasing and realistic. Hoping to see more of Radha’s story…

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    Love it……but where is Radha(Pranali Rathod)

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    Fresh start and amazing cast…. Looking forward to the story

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