Yes, I am married to his brother (Part 7)

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Veer recognizes his journey.

In Rajawat house
Mehndi artist come for applying mehndi .

They apply on everyone and then reach to apply on rani

Rani – I can’t apply that . Iam a widow . She gets teary eyed.

Vikram comes with Aaryan.
Vikram – Bhabhisa what happened. Don’t cry 😢 please . Aaryan see Mom is crying
Aaryan makes a sad face .

Rani wipes her tears .
Aaryan smiles

Vikram – I have called her .
Rani sa comes from back and asks who
Vikram – designer
Rani laughs

Aaryan smiles

At night Rani Vikram and Aaryan were sitting in the garden and talking .

Rani – You will propose her okay.
Vikram gets shy 🤭
Rani – Common.

Just act like that statue is Kiara and propose that . Take my Ring 💍

Vikram goes to statue and bend down on his knees

Vikram – Kiara , Will you marry me ? I have always loved you since we met in London .

Rani sa comes from behind .

Rani sa says in Rani’s ears – Is he out of of his senses ?
Rani – See he was drinking beer 🍺 ( she pointed towards the glass of beer on the table )

Rani sa coughs
Vikram – Oh mom
Rani sa – I will throw you and your beer out of my house .

Digvijay comes then

Vikram – Dad
Dv – Yes
Vikram- No Nothing

Vikram gives Rani’s ring back to her . Rani Vikram and Aaryan leave .

Rani and Aaryan laugh on the way to Vikram’s Room .

Vikram – Why we are not sleeping
Rani – To cut the cake at 12 am
Vikram- This cute Aaryan will celebrate his birthday .

Precap – Celebrations are started . Vikram buys ring for kiara . Rani and Aaryan have a cute moment with Vikram .

  1. Plse bring veer raani faceoff or aryan veer faceoff ..atleast dono mei se kisi ko toh pta chale that he is alive…

    1. Pari19

      Now celebration will begin and Veer will come

    2. It will be exciting… Waiting for it..

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