Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Amma to take Rajjo and Vimlesh’s test

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The Episode starts with Amma appreciating her samdhi ji. Happu says you can drink openly when he comes. Rajjo and Vimlesh come there and bring some stuff for Amma. Gabbar tells Amma that they are taking care of her well, but don’t care about him. He asks Amma if she is happy with his daughters, and asks who is her favorite? Rajesh or Vimlesh. Amma says they are like my two eyes. Happu asks her to tell which sight is sharp. Amma asks him to think that they are her hands. Beni asks her to tell which hand is stronger. Rajjo says we don’t care. Gabbar asks Amma to take one week’s time and tell him. Amma says I will take their test and let you know. Happu says lets see, who wins. Rajjo and Vimlesh gets worried. Gabbar asks Rajjo where he shall sleep? Rajjo asks him to go and sleep in vimlesh’s room. He says Vimlesh is a careless girl and is just married now. Rajjo says she is a good housewife now and asks him to go to her house and give her a chance to take care of you. Gabbar says ok and says it is good to have two daughters. Rajjo says it is good to have good relations with both daughters and goes.

Vimlesh tells Beni that she is very angry today and asks him to maintain distance with her. beni gets up and goes. Gabbar comes there. Vimlesh asks if he is not getting sleep. Gabbar says Rajjo asked me to sleep here. Vimlesh says I have no problem and asks him to sleep with Beni. Beni says how can I sleep with my sasur ji. Gabbar asks if I have thorns in me. Vimlesh tells that she don’t have any arrangements here, and asks him to go and sleep in Rajjo’s house. He goes. Beni says she has not done right. Vimlesh asks him not to interfere, and asks him to sleep on sofa.

Amma and Dada ji are romancing and kissing in air. Gabbar comes there and sees Amma kissing in air. He too kisses in air and thinks if samdhan ji is mad about me. He calls her. Amma opens her eyes and says you. Dada ji asks from where he came? Gabbar asks what are you doing? He says I enjoyed seeing it. Amma tells that she was exercising for face to get young and good. He says I thought something else and laughs. Amma asks what? He says I want to ask you something and asks can I sleep with you. Dada ji asks what nonsense? Amma asks what nonsense? Gabbar says you are thinking me wrong and says can I sleep on sofa. Amma says there is no sofa. He asks can I sleep on the table and tells that Rajjo and Vimlesh ask him to sleep in each other house, so I came here. Amma asks him to go to lawn and sleep on the cradle. Gabbar says good night and goes. Dada ji says I don’t like him. Amma laughs seeing him jealous.

In the night, Rajjo is restless and gets up. She asks Happu to tell who is best bahu between Vimlesh and me. Happu asks what is this question? Vimlesh asks Beni what is he doing on the floor. Beni says he couldn’t get sleep there and thought to see her sacred face and sleep. She says you will not get what you want. He asks why are you angry? She says I can be fine if you want and asks him to answer her. Beni says I can give 100 answers. Vimlesh asks who is best bahu, Rajjo or me. Beni finds himself stuck and gargles. He says you, there is no doubt. Happu says world knows, you are dutiful bahu and wife. Beni says you are the best, but it doesn’t affect. Vimlesh asks what is not in me? Beni praises her for handling 9 kids, handling Happu and Amma. He says she is water cum tea infront of you. Vimlesh says I am the best. Beni thinks she didn’t understand.

Rajjo tells that Vimlesh doesn’t know anything rather than applying lipstick and praises herself. Happu asks her to sleep.

Kat asks Malaika what is she reading? Malaika says this book is based on life’s bitter truth. She says it is written how to test a true friend. Kat says good. Malaika says you will know if the friend is real or fake. She gives her an idea and goes. Kat thinks to test the idea on Kamlesh. Kamlesh comes there. Kat says dead rat smell is coming from you. She goes on badmouthing about him, and says you are dirty, third class boy etc. She asks if he is angry. Kamlesh says he is going to sleep now. Kat asks him not to come with the bad smell again. Kamlesh goes.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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