Yes, I am married to his brother (Part 17)

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Epi starts ….

Rani goes and brings Aaryan.

Veer holds his ears and apologizes to Aaryan.

Rani smiles seeing them.

Rani hugs them

The trio play .

Meanwhile vikram….

He was sitting in his room doing some work when Rani Sa entered.

Rani sa – What are you doing?

Vikram – Some work

Rani sa – Whats that work work work . Come leave that all .

Vikram- Mom please. I am busy now .

Rani sa – So busy that you can’t even listen to your mom .

Vikram – But

Vikram gets a call and leaves for court.

At the night 🌙….

Veer was sleeping beside Rani and Aaryan was looking at them from this baby bed .

Aaryan – Papa

Veer – Hmm

Aaryan – Maa

Rani – What happened cutie

They all sleep

Next day ….

Veer was getting ready . Aaryan was sitting on the bed

Rani comes with Coffee

Veer – Oh my coffee is here

Rani – Yes

Veer – Thankyou

Aaryan – Maa to ….to… toy

Precap – Veer Rani have a romantic moment. Kiara meets Vikram and a lady tells Rajeshwari about Vikram’s affair

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