Tapish~ Riansh TS by Tanya

Life was never a bed of roses for her, it was always a bed of thrones, from which she had to go through no matter what and it was the thing that had broke her to no extent.

Life was indeed full of surprises for her, everything that happened in her life was utter surprise for her. From paying the price of her love for Kabir to paying the price of her love for Vansh, everything was surprise for her, everything was pain for her.

Life had changed so much for her, everything had changed in her life, her own husband whom she had loved from all her heart and soul refused to recognize her, he refused to accept her as his wife and humiliated her in front of whole world. His family whom she had considered as her’s and kept her life on risk to save that ungrateful and toxic people was calling her with names, and her husband Mr. Vansh Raisinghania who had promised her protect her forever and ever was standing there enjoying her vulnerable state with a tint of satisfaction in her heart.

If it was not Siya because of whom she was staying in this toxic family even after so much insult she would have left this home…. opss noo Mansion that day only when everyone were refusing to recognize her and called her whore and what not.

The girl who was introduced as her husband’s wife, asked her for kite flying competition and if anyone of them loose that competition will leaving this Mansion there only making riddhima smile sadly.

She looked at Vansh in the hope that he will break the silence between them but nothing of that sought happen rather he again ignored her making her eyes moist.

OK let’s begin.’ Ahana spoke looking at Riddhima with a smirk playing on her face, riddhima looked at him and smiled sadly and nodded. They took kites from table while Riddhima wrote something on it, and it was his name, Vansh’s name.

The competition began, everything was going good, riddhima was winning when Ishani played her evil game and kept the thread of the kite on floor so that Riddhima’s feet got tangled with that causing her to loose her balance and Ahana cunningly cut her kite.

And I won woahhhh!!’ Shouted Ahana in excitement while Riddhima looked at him with a small smile, she knew it was coming. She looked Vansh with tears while he turned his face to other side the thread of their love was so weak that got cut in a reflex than this thread of kite was nothing in front their thread of love which got cut off because of the villains of their love story.

‘Ishani as per the deal, riddhima loose the competition that’s why she need to leave this house.’

She had done so many things for him, even took two bullets for him without thinking about herself but it was so small thing in front of her non existing betray for him and it was the punishment for the betrayal she had to leave him forever and for the first time in her life that she was feeling happy with this decision of hers of leaving him and never looking back.

She had gone through so many things, she had got so much pain in her life that now what she want was to protect her self-respect, some peace and alone time without any pain, betrayal and cries.

But before that she need to give some piece of mind to this snake family and show them her worst side along with her worth.

She turned towards dadi and cleaned her tears harshly which managed to escape from her eyes. Going closer to dadi she stood in front of her and looked in to her eyes.

‘Dadi aapko pata hai mujhe lagta tha ki koi mera saath de yaa naa de, meri dadi mera Hamesha saath degi, mujhe kabhi rone nhi degi, mujhe kabhi dard nhi degi, isse hope se to kal main aapke paas aayi thi ki aap sach kaa saath dengi aur logo ki bataeyengi ki aapki bahu Kon hai par aapne to mujhe hi jhootha sabit kardiyaa, mujhe hi bhula diyaa aapne, mere sacrifices I did for this family, aapne sab bhula diyaa. Vese Theek hi to hai Main to bass Ek stranger thi, outsider thi aapki life mein beti thodi thi. Aapka khoon nhi hun naa main issi liye to mera haath chhod kar aapne pote kaa haath pakad liye. Aap Indrani Raisinghania aapne sabit kar diyaa ki mein aapke liye kabhi aapki beti thi hi nhi, Main to bass ek ladki thi jo aapke pote ko satisfy karti thi Aapna jism usse saump kar, jese kal log mujhe bula rhe the that names, they were right I was only a mistress for your grandson that’s why after he got bore  from me, from my body he threw me away from his life like a used tissue. Aapka to pata nhi par main iss incident ko zindagi bhar bhul nhi paungi, his marks of touches will always remind me of his betrayal.’ She said with utmost hatred while dadi looked at her with tears and nodded in no while she passed her a sad smile. Vansh looked at her and a lone tear rolled down from his eyes.

Turning towards Ishani she looked at her with red eyes which made her scared for a second but she composed her self.

Walking towards Angrey she stood right in front of him and looked at him with mysterious glint in her eyes while he simply bowed his head down.

‘You know Angrey you were a brotherly figure to me, but what you did? You participated in Vansh’s revenge plan and in this process you forgot out brother sister bond, I didn’t have any brother until I met you and considered you as my brother. I thought no matter what you will always stand for me, with me but you also proved me wrong and helped your boss in his dirty game. The day on raksha Bandhan you promised me write that you will protect me then why didn’t you did that when I needed you the most?’ She shouted at her last line making him shiver, he failed as a brother, he failed to protect his sister from his own boss, he failed to keep his promises, he thought to him self and cried.

Sighing, riddhima head towards him, The Vansh Raisinghania and looked at him with fire in her eyes while he averted his gaze not wanting to look into her eyes.

‘Are you satisfied Mr. Raisinghania, or something more is left in this revenge game of yours??’ She asked in a calm yet dangerous voice making look at her in instant.


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It’s a TS, so hopefully I will try to complete it in 1 or 2 more parts❤✨.

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