Pyaar aur Parivaar- balance b/w love and family (Part 15)

The episode starts with Akshara coming near the Operation theatre, only to see Dr. Harshvardhan and another man, Mr. Virk, arguing over something…

Mr. Virk: ….and talking about your hospital… Everything you say about yourself is just a lie!!!! You people have no manners of how to talk to the patient’s family and no expertise… Everything about you is nothing more than a big Lie!!!

Harsh: Hold your tongue Mr. Virk!!! This is a hospital… not your home that you are shouting…. please maintain some peace…

Mr.Virk: Peace???? What peace are you talking about Harshvardhan ji??? On one hand, My brother is in the operation theatre, fighting for his life and on the other hand it’s been literally an hour and we don’t know anything about my brother’s condition…. So how can you expect me to sit quiet??? If anything happens to brother, then mind it Doctor saheb….I’ll see your hospital’s end….

Harsh: Are you threatening me Mr.Virk??? Do whatever you want!!!! We are never afraid of anyone like you….

And they go on…

Just then, Akshara hears some mischief makers saying that they have informed the media about this scandal…and media is on the way!!!

Akshara: (to herself) Media?? Oh no!! If the media gets to know about this scandal, then the hospital will have to face dire consequences…I’ll have to do something…. (to Mr.Virk and Harsh) Please!! Calm down… Nurse! Please take Dr. Harshvardhan aside….. Mr. virk…Please calm down and sit here….(takes him away)

Harsh: (inside) Akshara Goenka! Oh.. today she has an interview here… That’s why she has come…

Akshara takes Mr.Virk aside… She makes him sit and gives him a glass of water… Then she sits beside him and…

Akshara: Are you feeling better now Uncle?

Mr.Virk: Yes Beti… Thank you… but who are you….?

Akshara: I’m Akshara… You called me beti, so consider me as one… I’ve heard your tiff with the doctor… I won’t say that you are wrong…because you are worried for you brother,right?

Mr.Virk: Yes beti….But these doctors don’t understand our feelings at all!!! Don’t know how they can be so stone- hearted!!!!

Akshara: Hmm… Uncle…Do you believe in god??

Mr.Virk: (a bit confused) Yes beti… But why do you ask?

Akshara: If really believe in god, you must be knowing that whenever we ask something from god, at first, we get silence as the answer… but we don’t just fight with god or we don’t blame the god for being stone hearted…right? We just show some patience and silently pray to the god to listen our prayers…. In the same way, Doctors also listen and understand your pain but they will update you about the patient when it is the right time…. so in this case also, all we have to do is….

Mr.Virk: Show some patience and have faith in them… right beti?

Akshara: (surprised) Yes uncle…

Mr. Virk: (smiles) Thank you beti!!! I’ve known my mistake…. May the god bless you….

Akshara smile and takes his blessings…. Harsh sees her from the other side and smiles…

Harsh: (to himself) Wow! How calmly and brilliantly she has handled the situation!!!

Just then, they hear a commotion outside the hospital… Akshara, Harsh and other staff members peek from the window to see that the Media has reached the hospital and Harsh notices that live telecast reporter, Indira gets down her car….

Harsh: (worried) Oh no!! Why did she come here??? If she gets to know about what happened here, then she’ll ruin us for sure…

Akshara: (turns to him) Sir… Don’t worry! I’ve an idea with which not only that we’ll be saved but all the people will start blaming the media instead… You can trust me on this…

Harsh: (thinks) Hmm… Okay…. But be careful with this woman…. Go…

Akshara nods…

Reporter Indira, who has some rivalry with the Birlas, has got a good chance to take revenge on them… She comes inside with her cameraman…

Indira: (to the camera) Hello people! You are watching the show, ‘ Live with Indira’… Today, the shoot won’t be in the studio, but at the live location and it is the Birla hospital…. According to our sources, we ‘ve got an information that a big scandal was taking place between one of the top businessman Mr.Virk and the Birla hospitals M.D, Dr. Harshvardhan Birla…. The patients’ relatives claim the Birla hospital to be a fraud who just play with the feelings of the people for their profits and….

Akshara: (from behind) One minute Ms. Indira!!!!

Everyone’s eyes turn to see Akshara, standing in the middle of the hall….

Precap: Indira tries all her ways to defame the Birla hospital…. She goes to Mr. Virk and asks him to say it all out…. Mr. Virk and Harsh give serious looks to each other….

  1. GoldenEye

    Yes ! So finally akshara has a gud image in front of Harshvardhan Birla. Can’t wait to see next episode

    1. Finally… Harsh ko Akshu pasand aa jayegi… Koi negativity nai chahiye..

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      Thank you so much… I’ve uploaded the next episode… will be published shortly….

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