Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
LAta tries to give kartik sweet, while he says that he is very busy, and asks not to be disturbed. then khushi comes and finds him engrossed. she tries to get him out to speak, but he resists. then he finally spills out as to how he is arranging swayamvar, and has placed in matrimonial advertisement for survi, with her pic. they are all aghast. khushi rushes and shows this to survi, who is stunned. they wonder what shall they do now. tai comes and says that this wont happen now, since khushi’s father shall select a husband for her mother. she then says that she got the idea of the ad, after she thought maybe she would marry kartik. she says that she would select the most devastating of husbands, and that she promises that her own husband shall lift her palenquin, while marrying her off to a goon. she begins to go, when khushi gets on the bed, and then hollers tai to turn around. she asks tai why is she after them and survi all the time, and that she wont be happy doing this to them. she says that survi isnt alone, and that they are with her, and she is first and foremost. she says that survi shall marry kartik, and they shall not be able to prevent it. tai lifts her up, while survi screamns. she reprimands her for talking to her like that, and asks if she really has the guts to do things what she said. but khushi remains unfazed, and says that whatever she does, survi shall marry kartik. tai takes her face and says that she wont let it happen. lata, hema and aniket, come along with kishore, and are upset. tai turns around and finds them, and forcibly makes her way past them. survi asks khushi if she is hurt. she apologises that she had to talk like this, but she couldnt bear what tai was trying to say. hugging her, survi says that she is proud of her, for standing for the truth, and gives her a lecture. khushi asks how shall they stop tai now. survi says that they shall find out something.

In the lawn, kartik is extremely excited about viewing the prospective suitors. pyare shortlists all the good ones, and then sends one by one, the goons and undeserving ones, to kartik, for them to interview. survi watches all this from the balcony, and gets tensed. pyare himself takes a criminal evicted from tihar jail, to kartik, and professes for him, as being the perfect candidate. tai comes and taunts her as to how her husband is selecting a husband for his own wife. she asks survi to give up as she wont do anything, if she does. she tries to threaten her, into submission, but even that doesnt work out. survi smirks at her. she then says that tai may have had the ace, but she has her and kartik’s love child, and then points to tai, how khushi has come there. she says that she isnt here to play with him, but to help him, in the deserving candidate selection for survi. she intentionally cribs and picks up a fight, when he tries to thwart her away from the process. tai gets tensed and survi taunts her now, that she wont know whats khushi upto, as by the time, tai understands, she would have finished the job. tai leaves angrily. khushi starts interrogating the don, and kartik sides with her too, while survi is amused. the don gets angry and kartik asks the guards to have him thrown out. but then tai comes and asks him, to select the goon, as he is the perfect person. khushi tells tai that she is always good natured and hence doesnt see wrong. he has them thrown out. survi is amused, along with khushi, while tai fumes.

Later, in his room, kartik anxiously prays to the lord, as to how wrong it is, that he isnt able to find a good person for survi. While survi and khushi chatter amongst themsleves, as to how this marriage sham idea worked to their benefit and prevented this marriage from happeneing, tai comes and makes kartik eavesdrop on them and get the wrong idea. she starts lamenting as to how betrayed she feels right now, and how they used him and his simplicity to their advantage. she manages to instigate him, saying that she cant see him like this, and its better she should be dead than see how his son’s trust is being shattered. khushi tries to explain as to how and why they did this, but an angry kartik shuts her up. he gets agitated and rushes upstairs. survi tells lata and others and they all rush up. Kartik locks himself up and then tries to commit suicide by placing a nook around his neck, saying that he cant stand her lies. survi and others are aghast, as she screams at him, not to do so. he then blackmails her to agree to tai then to select a suitor for her. survi complies with swearing to whatever he asks of her, but is stunned when she hears this. but when he continues insisting, she agrees to that too. tai is amused, while lata and others are aghast. he takes off the nook, and says that he befooled survi and had fun. survi and others are boggled, hile he narrates out tai’s plan that they executed. The screen freezes on tai’s evil face.

Precap: As kartik comes dressed as a groom, he enters the room, to find khushi viewing the wedding album of survi and kartik. he comes and notices that his face resembles survi’s husband’s face. she hugs him and hesitatingly approaches that it is indeed him only. he shirks away refusing to believe saying that she is lying. She says that she isnt joking, as she is his daughter, and her mother his wife. he is aghast to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Evil tai I just want to cut her into pieces, I don’t even want to see her face yarr.. if I was in survi’s place I will slap her thousand times. Please don’t let that evil tai to rule over Kartik and let Kartik get back into normal life.

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