Sukor-My love Episode 05

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I really don’t know there is a movie like this story
I think my ff will different from the movie

Suraj feels restless. So he calls his mom.
Suraj: hello, mummy
Tw: yes beta, today match was fabulous. You did a good job…
Suraj: mummy, leave it…. Now tell me are you all okay?
Tw: we are all fine.
Suraj: where is dad, vivaan, ragini?
Tw: what happened beta? Why are you asking about all of us suddenly? Is there any problem?

Suraj: no problem. Please tell me mummy
Tw: dad, ragini is in Home. Vivaan is in Chennai…
Suraj: what is bhai doing in Chennai?
Tw: he went Chennai for business meeting
Suraj: okay…

Suraj calls vivaan
Suraj: are you okay?
Vivaan: I’m okay.
Suraj: thank god… nothing happened to anyone…
Vivaan: what…. suraj?
Suraj: nothing bhai… when will you come home?
Vivaan: I don’t know… (While talking in the phone, he is seeing imli and her tears that are flowing like river in her chin)
Suraj: what… bhai I’m going home tomorrow… so please come home soon…
Vivaan: okay…okay… I will come soon…
Suraj couldn’t understand the feeling even though everyone is safe.

In hospital
Imli cries and says repeatedly it’s all because of me… it’s all because of me…
Bhuvan: it’s not because of you imli… so please don’t blame yourself…if I didn’t ask her to cross the road…. If I would have gone to opposite road….. She wouldn’t meet with this horrible accident… (Saying that he cries…. Imli hugs bhuvan)
Imli: don’t cry appa (father)…. Chakor is strong girl… she will open her eyes tomorrow
Bhuvan: really….
Imli: believe me appa (father)

The goon informs karthik. He gets happy and comes to hospital sees everyone crying from far with smile in his lips… but our vivaan sees his smile… karthik comes to kasturi and asks what happened to our Chakor?(pretend concern)
Kasturi: (cries) see our Chakor….
Karthik sees Chakor through window and smile with smirks…. Our grandma also sees his reaction and started doubted on him… vivvan comes to grandma and ask who is he?
Grandma: he is kathik….kasturi’s brother… why are you asking?
Vivaan explains to grandma what he saw… grandma get shocked… and says if I am correct he is the one who behind Chakor’s accident
Grandma: I’m afraid so…I want your help vivaan to find out is karthik behind this accident or not?
Vivaan: sure but why me?
Grandma: no one believes me if I am saying that karthik is behind this accident… so I want proof against him… they are also emotionally shattered now… so please help me…
Vivaan: okay…. I will help you
Raj: why are you saying like this? (Whispers his ear)…
Vivaan: how can I neglect when someone is asking for help (see imli)
Raj sees this and asks vivaan love at first
Vivaan: I am not sure whether its love or concern…. I’m really hurt seeing imli’s tears
(Looking imli with tear in his eyes)

(White and black are angels who help to unite lovers and help other souls like Chakor)
White: dear… don’t cry…. Look at this picture (suraj’s photo)…you have to be with him to complete your mission
Chakor: who is he? Why I have to stay with him?
Black: why are you asking so many questions? (Asked frustrated)
White: don’t shout at her black
Black: sorry darling…. Just think he is the one key to open your memories
Chakor: I’m sorry… may I know my name? (Poor Chakor asked while weeping)

White: your name is Chakor…dear
Chakor: if you know my name then you known my past also… right?
White: yes dear…
Chakor: then tell me please
Black: it’s against our heaven rules… so you have to gain your memories yourself
White: come with me…
Chakor: but where?
White: you will know when we reach?

In suraj haveli and his room
Chakor sees the photo of suraj and ask white why we are here?
White: wait here… he will come tomorrow morning… so stay here…
Chakor: okay…. How can I contact you both when I needed?
White: just tell “white and black”
While waiting Chakor sleeps in sofa

In morning
Suraj comes home and tejeswini warmly welcomes him…
Tw: go to your room beta…freshen up and come for breakfast…
Suraj: okay mummy…
Suraj goes to his room and sees Chakor sleeping in sofa…. He goes near to her and wakes her up…
Suraj: who are you? What are you doing in my room? Are you a new servant?
Chakor: what… servant… hey I’m not servant (angrily)
Suraj: then who are you? (Asked confusing)
Mean while Girija comes to suraj room with his luggage

Girija: suraj babu whom you are talking to?
Suraj: what… (Asked afraid) don’t you really see her?
Girija: no one is here expect you and me
Suraj gets afraid and shouts….. Chakor tries to explain him…. But he didn’t hear anything… Chakor gets frighten and ask him to stop shouting…. My head is hurt because of your shout…..
Girija sees suraj acting and goes to tejeswini and tells her about Suraj….
Tejeswini comes there and ask suraj are you okay? (asked while holding doors)

Suraj: save me from her (Saying that he points towards Chakor where she stands)
Tejeswini: beta no one is there
Chakor comes to suraj and pinned him to the wall and shuts his mouth with her hand
Chakor: listen to me… don’t shout…. okay… otherwise I will kill you…
Tell them to go out from there…. (Chakor removes her hand from his mouth but holds his hand) suraj gets afraid
Suraj: mummy… I was… just… playing with you…. Go…. Don’t worry…
Tw smiles and tells him don’t play prank and tw goes from there
Chakor: good boy… (Saying that she leaves his hand and sits on bed)
Suraj tries to run from there but Chakor goes to door and closes it…. Suraj gets afraid…
Suraj: how did you come here… you were sitting in bed….
Chakor: Teleport…. (suraj afraid by her action)
Suraj: who the hell are you? What do you want?
Chakor: I want to ask you something….

Suraj: what? What? (Because of fear he says repeatedly)
Chakor: do you know me?
Suraj: I don’t know who you are….
Chakor: really… then did we meet before? (Asked him with disappointment in her eyes)
Suraj: no this is the first time seeing you… please don’t kill me… I’m only 23 years old… I want to live long life….
Chakor: shut up please don’t shout…. I need to think (said angrily)
Suraj: are you GHOST?
Chakor: kind of…..
Suraj: what? (Asked afraid)

Precap: Chakor faints and suraj holds her….

This is full of fiction story…. Anything is possible in fiction story

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  1. Wow awesome…..dying to known what happens next ?. Plz plz update next plan soon

    And its different from movie

  2. *next one

  3. Yes Mala. There is same story in Telugu Movie Endukante premanta. Same means not same but like that. In that movie also heroine went to coma and her soul come outside and hero helps her.

  4. I am eagarly waiting for your next ff.

  5. The story is really different from the film.
    It’s really interesting!

  6. Ya sukanya but in 1st part neither audience nor ram know that shravanti is actually a soul right.but concept is same

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