Sukor-My love Episode 06

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This ff will be short one and only scene of sukor only
Suraj starts throwing things at her….
Chakor get frustrated and ask him to stop…
Don’t come near to me…please… said with afraid
“Didn’t I say to stop it… then why are you throwing things at me? Your room is already messed” said with frustration in her voice.
Suraj throws pillow at her but chokor catches it… and asking him are you good at fight?
Why are you asking? Asked afraid
Then let’s have a match…. If I win you have to help me….tells him with smile in her lips.

Suraj: I’m good at fighting…What if I win… asked her with confident in his voice
Chakor: If you win I won’t ask you to help me…
Chakor thinks who knows I am good at fighting or not…. Why I am asking him to fight with me… right… what if he win…. Oh my god…. I think I did mistake…
Hey… what are you thinking? Are you afraid to fight with me? teased her….
Don’t think I will go on easy because you are girl…. But one condition, don’t use your power like before you do….
Stop your dreams…. And fight with me…. but she afraid what if he hit me hard….
Chakor: Then deal said confidently

They start their fight….
During fighting chakor thinks oh my god… he is really good at fighting… he didn’t even let me to hit him… I can’t bear pain… what if I lose…. No… no… I can’t lose….
Sorry boy…. Saying that she caught his hair in her hand and starts pulling it…
Hey leave me… it’s paining… my hair will fall….
Suraj catches her hand and pinned her in the wall…. Suraj looks at her eyes…how coward you are?… you caught my hair…. I won’t leave you if my hair falls…
Chakor also sees his eyes and gets shy… hey leave me…

I won’t… promise me you won’t let your hand on my hair….
Chakor blushes and hit his leg with her leg…. He screams in pain
Didn’t I say to leave me… sorry … is it really hurt? Asked with concern….
Hey don’t act and starts their fighting again….
While fighting suraj fell on bed and pulling chakor also… now chakor is in top of suraj… they shares cute eye lock….

Chakor stands up and walk from there….
Hey where are you going? Saying that he held her hand to stop her…chakor pulls her hand from his but suraj runs behind chakor to start fight again with chkor
But chakor moves away…
Suraj fell on sofa and says this is not fair…
Chakor sees this and remembering the scene with imli

Because of remembering her memories she felt pain in her head and faints
Suraj sees this and holds her. He wonders is even ghost faint?

I am deeply sorry…… if I am bore you all
Thanks for reading my ff
I hope you all like this ff
Please comment for me if you want to change anything

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  1. No Mala it’s good and i really loved it yaar.

  2. woww different concept

  3. U know just now I posted in part 5 that” plz update the next part soon but didn’t expect it gets updated so soon?

    Its very nice waiting for next part

  4. Yay it’s amazing.i become a big fan of your ff and its totally different from movie endukante premanta bcz upto interval neither hero nor audience know that heroine is actually a soul and I got “jhor ka jatka ” interval as I went to theatre to watch this movie

  5. Different concept! Different SUKOR!
    Lovely ep!
    Waiting for the next part!

  6. hey plz update the next episode nd make the episode length long…it’s too short…

  7. Hey…this one is really interesting and yes , it’s of a different concept…. I couldn’t keep myself from laughing during their fight…. it’s awesome… keep writing…and try to post everyday since I can’t wait anymore to read your next ff…

  8. sanjana kapoor

    it is somewhat like Korean drama hey ghost lets fight I have seen that drama .

    1. Mala

      That’s right
      Hey ghost let’s fight -base of my story
      But it’s different from that drama

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