Yeh Vaada Raha 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tai says to Pratap you were fainting right? You start this breakfast. Abeer says in heart dad shouldn’t eat this. I have to do something. Abeer says dad can’t eat this. Tai syas you were his BP is low. If he dies with my hands that would be okay if he starves that wouldn’t be. Abeer says there is salt in this food. He can’t eat it. I will cook again for him. Tai says he won’t die if he eats salt one day. Abeer says he can’t. Kamini says abeer is right. He can’t eat salt. Tai says you start then. Eat it first. Kamini says what you mean? Tai says ask your son. Tell your mom what you mixed in this food sleeping pills or poison? Abeer says not at all. tai says don’t lie. I used to do all this in childhood. Now I will tell you. Pratap says this was my idea leave him please. Tai says you are old and you do these things? Well one has to be punished. He gives pratap knife and says kill your son. Pratap says I won’t do that even if you kill me. Tai says why should I kill you? I will kill this abeer. Abeer says hit me come on. Tai says this father son love. she laughs. To save each other they are risking their lives. My son never loved me like this you are lucky you have a son like him.

Khushi breaks a glass by mistake. One guard says I heard something. Other says it would be rats. He says no we have to check otherwise we would risk our jobs. They come in and see the broken glass. Khushi is hidden beneath the desk. He says how it broke? Other guard says rat must have. That guard says you stay here I will check the back door there is something.

Tai says ask your dad to kill you I will kill him for sure this time. Abeer says dad please do what she is saying. You know she is mad, she can do anything. hit me please. He slaps Abeer lightly. Tai says what is this? Hit him hard and take his blood out. I will count till 3. Abeer says dad please hit me harder. Pratap punches abeer. Tai says hit him more. Pratap says I can’t do this. Abeer says please do that. Tai says if you don’t I will and no one can stop me. Abeer says I know you love me dad, but you have to do this. We can’t lose each other. Come on dad hit me please. Pratap hits abeer with a rod repeatedly. Tai laughs. Kamini says please stop this. He is my son. Tai says he tried to kill me. I told you I have nothing to do with anyone then why he tried this?Pratap stops. Abeer is injured. Tai says hit more it is fun.

In bank, one guard shows other a rat and says see I told you. Now let’s go out. They go out and locks the back door. Khushi says please God help me and show me a way.
She comes in the CCTV room. Someone is coming in. He opens his locker Khushi says I can’t see his code completely. What should I do now? I can’t see the fourth digit. She says if i enter wrong digit alarms will blare. Please help me God. She guesses and enters a digit.

Scene 2
Kamini says I don’t anything. Please stop all this. Leave my son. Tai says you brought me here to kill your daughter in law. You asked me to kill the girl your son loves now you are doing all this drama. He will die the day his wife dies, he loves her that much and you wanted to ruin his life. Now let me do my work otherwise you will be first to die. Kamini throttles her and says enough i won’t let this happen. I will kill you. Abeer stops Kamini. Kamini says you didn’t do good. You hit tai? I will kill you before all them. She shoots Abeer shoves Kamnin and saves her. Kamini says why did you save my life? Your risked your life to save mine? You should hate me I don’t deserve you. Abeer says you are my mom I can be mad at you but i can’t hate you. She hugs him. Tai says enough of this mother daughter love. I will kill her before anyone. Pratap hits on tai’s hand with the rod and her gun falls. Pratap and abeer hit the men. She takes her gun back and fires in the air. tai says enough. If anyone tries to be clever I will kill this kamini, she points at Kamini. Kamini says don’t listen go and save Khushi. Tai says I will kill you first the moment Khushi comes here.
Tai says where is her location? The thug says she is in bank. Tai says why is she taking so long? Kill all these three when Khushi comes back and I will kill her myself. Kamini says I am very sorry. This all is happening because of me. I don’t deserve this. Pratop says you should have learned when Khushi forgave you. You did all this and it’s too late now. Abeer says leave it dad. Even if we all die I won’t care. We would all be together.

The door opens. Khushi comes in locker room and says I have to find the one papa told me. The guard are busy listening to cricket. One says I think I forgot my phone inside. He comes to check.
Khushi says God everything is in your hands. Please save my family. The Guard hear the alarm. Khushi runs from there. She goes her home. Guards call police. Khushi I hope police chases me and save us, I know tai even if she gets everything she will kill us all.

Tai asks the man where is she? he says she has left the bank. Tao says her car is stop. Ask where did she stop and why? Khushi comes in and says because I am here tai. Tai says give me the bag. Kamini says don’t. Tai says you will only get this bag if you leave my family. Tai says I will take this bag and kill you all as well. They hear police’s siren.

Precap-Kartik says Khushi go from here there is a bomb. Abeer says enough of this game where will you go now. Tai says who said that I will shoot you and go from here. She points gun at him. Inspector shoots her hand the gun falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    Kal last episode hai or itnnnnna sara suspense bhara drama hoga…. ????????????????
    Plzzzzzzzz show that tai die and everyone survive…

  2. Wow…finally something good is going to happen in the serial…I am happy aftr reading the precap

  3. Yvr fan(kartik,survi,khushi,tsi,bindu,hema,lata,aniket,pyaare)

    We really want the show to continue instead of giving up n ending…The show trps were so much good with ankush arora n other daily co-actors of the show but after their exit n entry of other actors made da fans upset n trp started falling down…plz,makers of the show yeh vaada raha,it’s an earnest request to continue the show as like daily with lead ankush arora,sonal,lil harbandana as khushi,pyare ji,hema,bindu,tai,lata,shanti,kishore ji…we want the show to continue with those daily lead n supporting actors in that same daily shooting locations with that daily co-actors who exited the show ..plz,continue yvr…you still have long journey to make like kum kum bhagya..we want the makers to try out different ways to bring back the exited actors in their daily role n bid goodbyes to replaced actors..we request the makers to bring our daily lead n co-actors back on the show,in their own daily role so dat the show will continue in its own pace N the trp of da show will increase as like before….we want to see the exit of those replacement actors n want back our daily actors who exited the show in their own daily role.we want to see our daily actors kartik,lil daughter khushi,lata,bindu,hema,aniket,shanti,kishore back in the show n of course we want to see the show continue with them making its own journey like other show which has been n still run in its own pace …Bring our exited actors back in theor own role n continue the show with them in dat same location,with a new story line.

    Plz,makers bring dem back n continue the show as like always with them…

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